Want to replace Skype?

Gone are the days when people used telephones that were glued to the wall. So are the days with the cell phones that can call friends overseas. We have come to the times when we call loved ones over the internet; for free. Technology has doubled up so much that you can even video call online. But today’s kids are bored of Skype, the most famous online calling product, once upon a time. They are looking out for more than just the usual texting and calling. Their greed for better technology hasn’t been dying down.

Here are some of those greed-feeding tech products that are replacing Skype. They offer much more than what Skype usually offers and are better in terms of access, speed, options and expenses. These are the top 6:


Google Hangouts 

Google Hangouts offers free user-to-user calls and is Skype’s competitor at the highest. It has a special offer of free calls within the U.S. and Canada. It has been “stealing” Skype’s number of existing users and proves to be as good or even better than Skype in terms of call quality. Up to 10 members can participate in a voice or video call simultaneously. It is supported on web, iOS and Android.


The user can communicate with contacts from both the phone contacts as well as e-mail contacts. If the any of these contacts are also users of Hangouts, calls between the two users are free of charge. Landlines can also be called to. For other calls a small amount of currency is charged which is not heavy on the pocket.



Calling can never get this easier and convenient. This app doesn’t require any user to “sign up” or download the app. You can just create a “room” link to make a voice or video call. Then share that link with anyone you want to talk to (up to eight people) and start off.  To maintain privacy, you can set a “lock” to the room link so that nobody else can intrude in case your link has been leaked out. This app is supported by web and iOS. However, international calls are not possible.



Viber goes a notch higher by not only offering free calls and chats, but games, public chats, calls to landlines and mobiles as well. Also text chat, voice and video calls are free for the user. A maximum of 40 callers can engage in calls at once and a minimum charge is applied for domestic and international calls.


That’s not all. Viber raises the notch a little higher. The user can send across documents, texts, images and video messages that are all encrypted. To keep the communication fun and going, the users can also have a duel in an array of games, with their friends as well as public chats that will keep you updated on discussions regarding a variety of topics.



Another app that helps you enjoy a group video chat with no downloads. Just create a room with a unique link with up to 15 people.  You can set privacy settings on and enjoy your conversation. Another feature of Talky is that, once you are live on the call you can switch on or off your microphone or webcam and get on with text chat. But this app doesn’t allow international or domestic calls. It supports web and iOS.



If you want a good deal to make international calls, Voca is the ideal choice for you. You can make free user-to-user calls. International calls can be made across 230 countries at affordable rates. If the user’s contacts also have the app, then texts, voice and video calls are all free. You can b assured that the messages and calls are encrypted. Android and iOS are supported.



Like all the other apps, Oovoo offers free calls between the app users. Domestic and international calls are also allowed. Calls to landlines and mobiles are charged though. There is no sign ups or downloads required. The group calls are of high quality. The group chats on the web is free and up to 12 members can chat with a unique link. The calls can share screens and be recorded.

It can be used as a messaging app that allows recorded text and video messages to be sent across. Calls to landlines web-based calls are allowed even to non-users of the app.



All these apps provide services that are more or less similar to each other. Making free voice or video calls, group video calls and chats and of course international calls at a minimum rate are some of their striking features. But there is one other app that deserves our attention although it is not as appealing as the rest. Here it is…



Free voice and video calls are possible between WhatsApp users via mobile along with messaging. Images, videos and voice texts are also allowed. However, the user can call just one other user through this app and group calls are not available. Those who are not users of WhatsApp can be sent an invite by a user.


Although this app is not as flexible as the others mentioned, it has strangely become one of the most used app of communication all over the world. Using these apps has strengthened relationships world over and one can say how far humanity has taken technology to.