Retrieve Files from Mimoco USB Flash Drive

Have you ever come across data loss from Mimoco USB flash drive? Well, losing important files is really a worrisome situation as lost data may be your memorable photo, video file or some important document. In such situation, make sure whether you have backup of important files on other storage device. If not, don’t worry; when files are deleted or lost from Mimoco USB flash drive they are not erased completely from it. It’s the Only the address pointer of the files that are removed and hence OS cannot recognize it. But, the data still remains in the drive so you can easily restore files from Mimoco USB flash drive. Now, the question, that arises in your mind is which is the best recovery tool to restore files from Mimoco USB flash drive securely? In this regard, Remo USB drive comes handy to restore files from Mimoco USB flash drive by keeping all the files intact even after recovery.


  • But, before recovery, you need to remember one thing that is not to save any new file on the Mimoco USB flash drive
  • Always have an updated copy of important files on other storage devices
  • Make use of safe removal option while terminating USB flash drive from your PC
  • Before performing any operation on flash drive like formatting, reformatting make sure there are no importnat files in it.

Easy way to restore files from Mimoco USB Flash Drive 

Remo Recover Software embedded with advanced scanning algorithms scans the entire Mimoco USB drive to locate and recovers various types of files. Whether its documents, spreadsheets, ZIP archives, etc. this software provides easy solution to recover data from Mimoco USB flash drive in few simple steps. Not just Mimoco USB drive, this tool even supports recovery of data from other USB flash drive brands such as Kingston, Transcend, HP, Sony, Samsung, etc.

Any user can perform recovery with ease as the tool comes with user-friendly interface which guides you throughout the recovery process thus ensuring comfortable recovery. After recovery, the files can be sorted according to the file attributes like file name, size, type and date of modification. Besides, it facilitates free trial version which allows you to view the recovered files and then you can save all recovered files. Also, well-trained technical assistance is provided round the clock to solve queries related to the product.

Remo Recover tool can also be used in the following scenarios:

Deletion: At times, you may accidentally delete files from the flash drive while clearing some unwanted ones.

Format: You might mistakenly format USB flash drive rather than formatting some other drive and end up with data loss.

Interruptions: At times, when you may connect USB flash drive to the system to copy or move some files, if you abruptly pull out the flash drive or if the shut down the system then there are possibilities of data loss from USB flash drive.

Yet, the list doesn’t end here; there are various other reasons responsible for the loss of files from USB drive. Yet, no matter whatever might be the reason for data loss from USB flash drive just download Remo Recover tool, install and follow the recovery process to get back files in short span of time.

Why Remo Recover tool preferred?

  • View before Saving Files: With Remo Recover tool, it is possible to view recovered files before saving them on a particular location with the help of Preview option.
  • Customized Options: The recovered files can be viewed using Data View option which displays recovered file based on its hierarchical form or File Type View to view restored files based on file extension.
  • Find tool: With this feature, you can locate particular file from the huge list of recovered files easily.
  • Compress Recovered Files: In case, if the recovered files are large then you can compress it to a ZIP format to save disk storage space.