Repairing Corrupt GoPro Videos

GoPro is one of the leading brand which manufactures camera and camcorders. They are often used to capture extreme action videos. They capture high definition videos even on sky, underwater as these cameras are shock proof and water proof. It also provides other features like low light performance, automatic white balance, image sensor, full HD quality video recording and also option for sharing videos using in-built Wi-Fi facility and many more. Thus GoPro cameras are widely for shooting adventurous actions, base jumping, sports, mountain dragging and more.

The video files recorded with GoPro camera are saved in .mp4 format either in SD flash card or in camera’s internal memory. In some unfortunate situations GoPro files may refuse to play in camera or in any multimedia video players. Due to corruption of video files they are inaccessible or get truncated causing loss of precious videos. When users can’t find another copy of required GoPro files they may go frustrated.

However, there is an inbuit repair tool with GoPro camera to repair any issues regarding a damaged video. The feature is called as SOS functionality. When your video files are corrupted, the GoPro camera displays SOS on the screen. Press any button to repair corrupt video. If the video doesn’t get repaired, then the final option to regain your valuable GoPro video files is by using Remo Repair MOV utility.

Helpful features of Remo Repair MOV utility in repairing corrupt GoPro video files:

Remo Repair MOV is a video file repairing software that has been analyzed, reviewed and certified by industry experts for fixing corruptions of GoPro MP4 video. The tool extracts audio and video streams of MP4 file separately and fix corruptions with the help of specialized algorithms. After fixing, adjoins both audio and video streams thus generating a healthy playable video.

The software can fix GoPro MP4 files on Macintosh operating systems like Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard. Even Windows users can also use the app to perform GoPro corrupt video repair. Supported latest Windows operating systems are Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003.

In very short span of time the tool can fix broken GoPro videos stored on digital camera or SD card. You can view repaired GoPro files after repairing. The tool provides free preview facility by choosing demo version of the tool. If you feel satisfied by viewing repaired GoPro MP4 videos, then you can go for full version of the tool. Moreover, this software does not harm original source video files of GoPro HD camera during repairing. It is free form all kinds of malicious contents and operates only in read mode thus it guarantees for secure video fixing. In addition to these features, the tool is self explanatory with its wizard like interface. You will be guided for each step to ease MP4 video repairing operation. Also you can make use of free live chat benefit with experts for any queries regarding GoPro video file repairing process.

In case if GoPro videos stored in any internal drive of PC or laptop, external hard drive, USB drive, flsh memory card or any multimedia player, etc. not considering the storage device the software is capable to repair. Other than GoPro cameras, the software also supports variety of HD camera brands like Nikon, Panasonic, Kodak, Olympus, Fujifilm, Samsung, Contour, Sony, Canon and many more.

Now, let’s see what all scenarios that causes corruption of GoPro files that are supported for repairing using Remo Repair MOV program.

 GoPro Videos might get corrupted due to below explained scenarios:

  • Many of the times users may try to compress large sized GoPro files to reduce storage drive space. If they follow improper steps while compressing or while extracting then the videos can get damaged.
  • You may transfer captured GoPro videos to your laptop or PC. During video transfer process, if sudden system shutdown happens or USB cable is removed then the process gets interrupted and video may not play properly or even it may become inaccessible.
  • Some multimedia players will not support GoPro MP4 videos format. To make them playable on such media player, users might convert its file format resulting in corruption of video files.
  • Other important reasons like camera shut down by low battery, mishandling of GoPro camera’s SD card, virus attacks, etc. may also cause corrupt video which displays SOS errors when accessed on GoPro camera, also improper synchronization between audio and video and also refuses to play on any multimedia player.

Follow some important measures that are useful in preventing corruption of GoPro videos in future:

  • Disconnect GoPro HD camera connection using “safely remove hardware” option from PC/ laptop
  • Do not record videos when GoPro camera’s battery is low
  • It is better to have additional copies of GoPro videos