Repair Outlook 2010 Corrupt PST File

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email application which is commonly used in workplace. Other than emailing, it provides features like calendar, contacts, notes, tasks, journals, RSS feeds, etc. which allows users to manage their time and information more effectively. Microsoft has released several Outlook application versions like Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, and Outlook 2013. Although Outlook has released its latest version 2013, many users prefer using Outlook 2010 application.

Many of the times users may encounter errors while using Outlook 2010 which further does not allows them to access its information. When it exhibits such unusual behavior, you can run safe mode to know issue behind it. If you cannot recognize the issue then it might be PST file corruption.

Outlook 2010 .pst (Personal Storage Table) file is a data file that stores emails, contacts, RSS feeds, notes, tasks, and other items of Outlook 2010. Once this PST file gets corrupted, you cannot access emails and other features of Outlook 2010 application. To fix this issue, two methods are available. That is, first use Inbox Repair Tool Scanpst.exe which is the built in tool provided by Microsoft. Sometimes, when the corruption rate is high it might fail to fix the issue.

Have you used Scanpst.exe tool and failed to repair corrupt PST file?  Then don’t worry on how to repair corrupt PST file Outlook 2010? Make use of second method, which is fixing corrupt PST file using Remo Repair (PST) application.

Features of Remo Repair (PST) utility that helps in fixing corrupt PST file:

Remo Repair (PST) utility is designed with advanced repairing method that can repair a corrupt PST file and restores emails, notes, tasks, calendar events, contacts, RSS feeds, and other items of  Outlook 2010. Even this application is able to repair email attachments that is infected from viruses and successfully restores email attachment’s contents like text, embedded text, hyperlinks, images and OLE objects. Even the application can repair oversized or large sized corrupt PST files. Also it fixes a corrupt PST file which is secured with password.

This software is non-destructive that is free from all malicious contents that cause damage to source Outlook PST data file. Also it operates only in read mode so it ensures safe and secure PST repairing. In addition the tool is user friendly and also comes with simple instructions, so that you can easily repair Outlook 2010 corrupted PST file without facing difficulty. Any quires regarding software functionalities, you can avail expert technician help freely at any time.

Scenarios that cause PST file corruption that is supported by Remo Repair (PST) application:

Exceeded Outlook 2010 .pst file size: Outlook 2010 application supports larger PST file. But it is better to keep PST file within limited size. Over the period PST file size may exceed resulting in corruption.

Compacting Outlook 2010 PST file: You may compact PST file size when it is about to exceed its size limit. If you improperly compact Outlook 2010 PST file then it might get corrupted.

External threats: PST file is stored inside computer drives so as other files they too get easily affected from external threats like viruses and malicious software. When user download files from untrusted website and when users copy files from unknown removable drives to computer there is the probability of PST folder corruption of Outlook 2010.

Add-ins: Sometimes using faulty add-ins or installing unnecessary add-ins on your computer may cause MS Outlook 2010 stability issues. This may leads to corruption of Outlook 2010 PST file.

Apart from above reasons, hard disk drive conflicts, OS re-installation errors, improper termination of Outlook 2010 application due to power failure are also accountable for corrupting PST file. However, no matter what has caused PST file corruption you can resolve the issue with the help of Remo Repair (PST) tool by repairing corrupt Outlook 2010 PST file.

Other notable features of Remo Repair (PST) utility:

  • When user is not able to locate exact PST file location, the tool helps to find its location and repairs the corrupt PST file
  • It is compatible to fix corrupted PST file Outlook 2010 on different Windows OS versions such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003.
  • Other than Outlook 2010 PST file repair, it supports repairing PST file of different Outlook versions such as Outlook 2007, 2003, and 2000.
  • Free trail version is provided by which the tool allows to check its efficiency in repairing PST file.
  • Moreover, the tool comes with an option called “Preview” which helps users to view fixed PST contents in Outlook style browser view.

Suggestions that can be implemented to avoid Outlook 2010 PST file corruption in future:

  • Have additional backup copy of PST file in other storage drive
  • Avoid abrupt closing of MS Outlook 2010 application while it is in use