Repair MP4 Header File


MP4 file also known as MPEG – 4 is a digital multimedia file format which is popular all across the globe. It is mainly used to save both audio and video files along with subtitles and still images. Such type of file allows streaming over the internet, high picture quality, good performances, etc. Despite having many advantages over other video file formats such files are prone to corruption due to various factors.

There are possibilities that user may come across situation where header file of MP4 is corrupted or damaged. Due to this one cannot enjoy playing MP4 file. Header file is a vital part of any file as it contains many important details of that particular file. Similarly, header file in MP4 file play very important role in playing video. It contains various digital information of MP4 file. It’s quite obvious that due to various reasons there are possibilities for MP4 header file corruption. Some of them are explained below:

  • Abrupt System Termination: MP4 header file may get damaged or corrupted due to abrupt system termination. Due to some logical errors, software-hardware conflicts, etc can lead to sudden system shutdown. If this action happens, when any MP4 file is played then it may cause MP4 file corruption.
  • Virus Attack: Sometime, severe virus attack is also responsible for MP4 header file corruption. If the system drive in which MP4 video files are saved is infected by virus then it is possible that MP4 file is corrupted. This leads to unplayable MP4 file.
  • Editing MP4 File: When any unreliable third party application is used to edit or modify MP4 file then it may cause damage to header file of MP4 video. Hence due to MP4 header file corruption, user may be unable to play MP4 file in any media player.
  • Other Reasons: Other specific reasons that contribute to header file corruption are download error, interruption while copying, bad sectors and many other common factors.

During above mentioned scenarios, user think that once MP4 file is corrupted then it is corrupted forever. In this technology world, with the help of some better MP4 repairing software one can easily repair MP4 video header file. So now onwards user need not worry about MP4 file corruption. Such tools have the ability of repairing any sort of issues associated with MP4 file corruption.

One such excellent utility is Remo Repair MOV which can easily fix corrupted MP4 header file. It also has the ability to repair corrupted, broken or damaged MP4 files within few minutes. Along with MP4 file format, it also support MOV file format with ease. Those video files which cannot be played in QuickTime can also be repaired without any complications. It supports fixing of large size MOV and MP4 files.

This MOV repairing software has the ability to repair MOV files that are created using camera and camcorder. It supports all brands of cameras and camcorder like Sony, Panasonic, Kodak, Cannon, Fujifilm, Casio, Nikon and many more. It has the ability to repair MOV and MP4 file that are corrupted due to camera faulty firmware. This software is compatible with all latest versions of Windows and Mac Operating System. It facilitates user to fix Mov file that are saved on any external storage devices.

Working Mechanism of Remo Repair MOV:

Remo Repair MOV software works on read only mode mechanism. When repairing process is carried out this software will read the content of file keeping actual file intact and create new file which is exact replica of original file. Then it will start repairing MP4 file by separating out both audio and video data frames. Once repairing process is done it will adjoin it together to form healthy and playable Mp4 file. This utility facilitates user to save repaired MP4 file in any accessible storage devices.

Tips to avoid MP4 file corruption:

  • Have extra copy of favorite Mp4 files in order to escape corruption.
  • Secure MP4 file from virus infection by using superior’s antivirus software.
  • Follow proper procedure while changing file format.
  • Make use of good third party application to edit MP4 file.
  • Do not interrupt while copying or downloading MP4 file.