Repair Corrupted MP4 Video

“I am not able to play MP4 files on my Windows 8 system. Can anyone help me? Recently I captured MP4 video from my brand new Camcorder and later transferred it to my computer system. When I tried to play it, audio of the file was working fine but no video would see.  Is there any software to fix this issue?”

Don’t be sad, as there is way to fix your favorite MP4 video with great ease. As you know MP4 file is the video file format developed by Apple Inc. It consist of both audio data frames and video data frames along with subtitles and still images. It is one of the widely used video file formats available over the network as it facilitates easy streaming of video files. There are many small electronic gadgets that create MP4 video files like camera, camcorder, Smartphone and many more.  This type of video formats can be played on both Windows and Mac Platforms.

Unluckily, MP4 videos are more prone to data corruption situations like any other file. User may come across many various types of scenarios which cause severe corruption situation. There are many common causes that lead to corruption of MP4 video files. Are you one of them whose favorite or important MP4 file is corrupted? Then you might be wondering how to fix corrupted MP4 video file? Then do not panic, just be relaxed and calm down. Users can easily repair corrupted by using some secure third party software like Remo Repair MOV application.

Remo Repair MOV Software:

Remo Repair MOV tool is the best software to repair corrupted or damaged MP4 file. It has well inbuilt advanced algorithm that will easily scan entire file to fix MP4 video file related issues with ease.  This MP4 repairing software easily fixes MP4 files that are partially playable or not at all playable on any media players like Windows Media player, VLC player, GOM player, and many more.

This software is also capable of fixing video file that are not able to play on QuickTime Player. Apart from MP4 file it also repairs MOV files easily on both Windows and Mac Operating systems. It supports repairing of MOV and MP4 files that are large in size.  This software supports repairing of MOV and MP4 files from all storage drives like hard drives, pen drives, iPods, SD cards and many more.

Additionally, this tool provides user to check repaired video file using “Preview” option. User can save fixed video files in any accessible storage location. It utility supports fixing of all MOV and MP4 video files that are  created by all popular brands of camera and camcorder like Sony, Panasonic, Kodak, Canon, Fujifilm, Olympus, and many more. This tool is compatible with latest versions of Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

Working Mechanism of Remo Repair MOV software:

Remo Repair MOV software works on read only mode thus while repairing original file is not altered. It has the ability to create exact replica of original file and then repair accordingly.  First it will separate both audio and video frames and then fix them separately. Once the repairing process is done, it will adjoin together to form healthy playable video file. These repaired files can be played on both Window sand Mac systems.

Various Factors causing MP4 File Corruption:

  • Header file of MP4 player plays an important role in playing the video file on any media player. If header file of MP4 is corrupted or damaged due to some reasons then MP4 file becomes unplayable indicating MP4 file corruption.
  • Sometimes, user may use some unreliable and unsecure third party tool to edit or modify MP4 files. Then there are high possibilities that this tool may damage MP4 video file causing video file corruption. Thus it becomes unplayable on media player.
  • If your system is highly infected with harmful viruses or malware then there is chance that these viruses may infect Mp4 video file causing severe MP4 video file corruption.
  • Other scenarios that can cause MP4 file corruption are camera faulty firmware, codec issues, transfer error, power surge, incompatibility, bad sectors and many more.