Repair Corrupt MP4 File on Mac


MP4 file is the video file format developed by Apple Inc. This video file format is extension of MPEG-4 video file. It is commonly used to store both audio data and video data and also has the ability to save other data files like subtitles and still images. This file is widely used over the network as it allows easy streaming of video files over internet. Today there are many small electronic gadgets that create video files in MP4 file formats like camcorder and cameras. This file can be played on both Mac and Windows platforms.

Despite offering unique features over other video file format, like any other files MP4 files are prone to corruption.  Mac Users dealing with MP4 files may come across situation where it might not be playable or may give some sort of issues when tried to play it in any media player. Many unpredictable reasons can lead to MP4 file corruption on Mac system.

Various Factors causing MP4 File Corruption on Mac Systems:

Codec Issue: Codec is a set of small programs that are required to play a video file on media player. If the codec is not supported by the media player and if user tries to play it forcefully then there are chances that MP4 file on Mac system may get corrupted.

Header File Corruption: Header file of MP4 player plays an important role in playing the video file. If this file is corrupted or damaged due to some reasons then MP4 file becomes unplayable which indicates MP4 file corruption on Mac system.

Editing Tool: If Mac user utilize some third party editing software that is unreliable to edit MP4 file then it may cause damage to MP4 file. Thus, such files cannot be played in any of the media player on Mac system.

Other Scenarios: Other scenarios that can cause MP4 file corruption on Mac are application faults, camera faulty firmware, transfer error, power surge, bad sectors and many more.

If you too are experiencing the same situations as mentioned above related to MP4 file then don’t worry because you can easily repair corrupt mp4 file on Mac by using some good video file repairing software. This software is reliable to use and come in your budget which is easily available.

The Best Solution to Fix MP4 file

One of the fabulous software to repair corrupted or damaged MP4 file on Mac system is Remo Repair MOV software. This software is specially designed to fix MP4 on Mac platforms. It has completed automated algorithm which will identify the issues and solve accordingly. This repairing software easily fixes MP4 files that are partially playable or not at all playable.

Apart from fixing MP4 files it also repairs MOV files with great ease. It supports fixing of video files created by all brands of camera and camcorder. It has the ability to fix video files by separately fixing audio and video data frames and then adjoins together to form healthy playable video file.

This video repairing software supports repairing of MOV and MP4 file that are not able to play on QuickTime Player. It supports repairing of large size video files that are severely corrupted or damaged. This tool supports repairing of MOV and MP4 files from all storage drives that are recognized on Mac Operating Systems like hard drives, pen drives, iPods, SD cards and many more. Additionally, this tool provides user to check repaired video file using “Preview” option. User can save fixed video files in any accessible storage location.

Why Remo Repair MOV Utility?

Attractive User Interface: This product is very simple and easy to execute so that non-professional users can also use it with great ease. In cases, novice users are finding any difficulties then can contact technical support team.

Demo Version: User can make use of free demo version before buying licensed version so that to check software repairing ability.

Supported Mac OS versions: It supports all latest versions of Mac Operating System like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite

Supported Codec:  Codec for Video frame is mjpeg , avc1, mp4v and for Audio frame is mp4a, sowt, RAW