Meet Mohu BeBox! High Sound And Android Tablet In One Portable Box

mohu-beboxThe makers of over the air TV antenna recently introduced a wireless audio system named as Mohu BeBox. This wireless audio system is small and has loud sound which can be best used for doing party as it is flexible to be a streaming stereo or a Bluetooth-controlled boombox; this Bebox is powered by a built-in Android Tablet.

Mohu BeBox is somewhat expensive as Mohu is selling it for $500. But right now, they are selling only on their website so don’t expect any kind of discounts. Mohu also planning about the broader availability of device through retailers next year.

Talking about some technical aspects, it was observed that Mohu Bebox is an all in one stereo with 7 inch Android Tablet which includes quad-core ARM Cortex A7, running on Android 4.4 OS. Further it can easily connect your home network via Wi-Fi as well as to other devices via Bluetooth. In terms of battery, Bebox is good as it has massive internal battery so that you can unplug it and take wherever you want. Mohu Bebox weighs around 15 pounds and when we check entire specification we come to know that it is really portable.

For setting up the Bebox, you need to sign in to Google Play and download Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify or whatever you want to listen. Now start listening through its internal speakers. Process of connecting Bebox to an external device is also easy, you can switch inputs by simply pressing a touch-sensitive button on top. Another important thing that you would find interesting is that, it has micro SD card slot and a USB port for music on your hard drive, mobile phone or any device you want to play.

Stage where it Excel

  • It has 6.5” long woofer with two soft dome tweeters and two 3” midrange drivers
  • It has amazing sound quality and it can be fitted well for moderately sized space without any distortion
  • Good enough for backyard party or you can get clear enough background music while you hang out with friends
  • Default settings are accurate no need of any modifications as heavy bass which makes sound more clear and crisp
  • Maximum battery without batting an eye. Like if you start Bebox at 9 am and listen Pandora entire day and directly pause at 8pm or 9pm then also you don’t need to charge
  • Audio quality is amazing and Android stereo is also great with exceptional battery life with HDMI output
  • BeBox is having best part of Bluetooth speaker, combined with a wireless internet connected audio system

Some Shortcomings of BeBox

BeBox is having many good features including better sound quality and wonderfully designed cabinet. So according to that, BeBox price should stand distinct but unfortunately it doesn’t do well for people who are really into music and expecting a lot. If you are getting Sonos quality sound, think for a while as its better than any Bluetooth speaker. There is no remote control so you have to control playback from BeBox itself; unless you get an app that supports remote management or streaming via Bluetooth.

Don’t think that it will guide you to setup, Bebox is just like getting a new Tablet and you have to go through Google setup. Sign in to your Google account and download the required apps from Google Play. Sometimes you’ll be annoyed with something that you don’t want like when you are happily streaming Spotify or Pandora and in between your speaker start beeping about Hangout message or may be an email. For avoiding such pop up notifications you go to Settings > Accounts and disable sync, after that go to Settings > Apps and disable Hangouts. Since nobody is interested to check hangout messages email or other kind of notifications on audio system.


So bottom line is Mohu BeBox is good option for partying in a smaller space which may include bedroom or even a dorm room. But when it comes to pricing one will surely pause for a sec thinking that is it worth spending $500. It is true that one is willing to spend money and having Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Android powered, going to carry these bass sounds anywhere then you will be happy buying BeBox.