how to disable show desktop option

Disable “Show Desktop” option on your system on Windows 10

Windows 10 has come up with the latest options and preferences off late. But not all users find convenience in some of these options. To make it easier to view the desktop behind multiple numbers of open Windows, there is an option that is placed on the Taskbar (the bottom-most bar of a Window or Desktop). Hovering your cursor over this little silver square icon will make all the open windows disappear revealing the backdrop or your desktop. Let us discuss more how to disable show desktop option on your computer.

This option was first introduced in Windows 7 and has been part of the package hence. This feature helps you avoid the trouble of minimizing all the windows every time you want to visit your desktop. This is true if you want to do some quick glancing between windows as well.

This feature, called the Desktop Peek is used to minimize all the open windows at once to view the desktop or to reopen minimized windows. It is disabled by default and can be enabled or disabled as per the user’s preference. To either enable or disable this feature, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Start button located at the bottom-lefty corner of the desktop
  • On the left side of the pop-up menu, you will find a Settings icon; click on it
  • Select the Personalization option followed by the Taskbar option
  • Switch on or off, the Use Peek to preview the desktop… button

Using these steps can help you learn to use this option that can be used in a Nano second.

An alternative procedure to customize your Taskbar settings, you can also download and install the 7+ Taskbar Tweaker tool. This tool allows you to add functionalities to your taskbar. The Desktop Peek feature can be accessed through this tool as well. Choose the option Hide the ‘Show Desktop” button to make the Peek transparent.

You can use similar options as well; like changing the view of the taskbar, hiding necessary icons or pinning or unpinning certain program, icons. Also, other taskbar settings can also be tweaked to personalize your desktop functions and make the experience of Windows 10 better.