Intuitive Utility to Unzip Corrupted ZIP Files

Most of the users one or other day receive an error message while unzipping files like “cannot open file, it does not appear to be valid archive”, “error reading ZIP file” or “ZIP file is missing”, etc. In such cases, users get depressed and think that files have gone permanently. But few some people at least try to find solution to this problem and some of them get succeed in that. However, what happens when you receive error messages while unzipping Zip files? Isn’t it scary? It is difficult to imagine the situation. In fact, these error messages are the indication of ZIP files corruption.

When you come across error messages while trying to unzip corrupt ZIP file, then you cannot access such files until you perform repair operation. However, you can fix these errors using Windows built-in option. Actually, Windows built-in repair tool fixes damaged ZIP file in case there are minor errors in it, otherwise you need to go with third party tool. Remo Repair ZIP one such tool which is especially designed to unzip corrupted ZIP files. This utility will guide you how to unzip corrupted ZIP files with the help of onscreen instructions on Windows machine. It has the strong ability to repair damaged ZIP files of size 4G or more.

Most common causes behind ZIP files corruption:

Virus invasion: Sometimes, due to transferring files from virus infected storage devices viruses enter your computer. If your PC does not have updated antivirus tool to avoid virus infection then there are possibilities of ZIP file corruption.

Interrupted ZIP files transfer process: While copying ZIP files from any storage device to computer, if you encounter any interruptions like sudden system shutdown, software conflicts, etc. then it result in ZIP files corruption.

Use of unreliable third party tool: Making use of unreliable third part tool to access ZIP files then there are possibilities of ZIP file getting corrupted as a result of file association problems and other issues.

Few more scenarios like improper compression, CRC errors, ZIP file header corruption, download process interruption, etc. results in ZIP files corruption.

It is capable of unzipping corrupt ZIP files without altering original ZIP files. You can make use of this brilliant utility to fix damaged ZIP, ZIPX and RAR files on memory sticks, pen drives, external hard disk, Thumb drive, etc. It offers fully automated wizard based interface to repair password protected ZIP files. Even a non-technical user can fix damaged ZIP files and unzip them without taking assistance from others due to its intuitive interface. It has in depth scanning engine to scan and fix severely corrupted ZIP files. It ensures safe and secure method for unzipping corrupt ZIP files and permits you to access any file of your choice. By means of its trial edition, you can test how well it unzips corrupt ZIP files.

Safety measures:

Don’t perform decompression or compression of ZIP files without proper knowledge

Use updated antivirus tool to kill dangerous viruses

Stop storing ZIP files in virus infected storage devices