How to Open Corrupt ZIP File


ZIP is a popular archive format widely used to compress one or more files. The compressed files requires less storage space compared to uncompressed files on the system drive. As email attachment is limited up to 50MB. In order to transfer large file of exceeding limit you can compress the files to a ZIP file and it can be sent easily. Thus, compression of files increases disk space in the system, security to data, preserves energy etc. Even though, ZIP file possess lot of advantages, they are many things which results in corruption and hence makes ZIP file corrupt.

Are you facing problem to access ZIP file? Is it displaying error message like “The compressed ZIP folder ‘D: \Path\to\file.ZIP’ is invalid?’, “, “No files to extract” and many other errors? Cool, don’t panic. All your files from ZIP file can be extracted smoothly and comfortably without damaging the original contents of file in a quicker way by using Remo Repair ZIP application.

About Remo Repair ZIP:

Remo Repair ZIP is a wonderful utility that has been designed with advanced scanning algorithm that can scan entire ZIP file and extract every single bit of your file efficiently. This tool works perfectly and restores all your data without editing or causing damage to any of your original files as it works on read-only tool. Some of the best features of Remo Repair ZIP are as given below.

  • Provides easy and fast repairing of corrupt ZIP files
  • Capable of repairing 32-bit and 64-bit ZIP files and ZIPx files
  • Repairs large ZIP files up to 4GB or more in size
  • Fixes corrupt ZIP files stored on any storage device
  • “Preview” option, to view the corrupted ZIP file before saving them
  • All repaired data of corrupt ZIP file can be saved on any accessible storage location

Why Remo Repair ZIP preferred?

  • Application is secure with user–friendly GUI.
  • Free demo version is provided for the benefit of customers to evaluate the functionality of tool.
  • Tool is free from virus and digitally signed.
  • 24×7 technical support is provided to help customers to solve their queries related to product.

How Remo Repair ZIP supports fixing of corrupt ZIP file?

  • Transfer Error: While transferring ZIP files, if any interruptions like power failure or abrupt system shutdown occurs, it leads to the corruption of ZIP files and hence it becomes inaccessible.
  • Corruption due to Virus: If your system is infected by virus, it replicates itself and it can damage the file structure and content, other files stored on the drive and also damage the ZIP archive. Thus you cannot access ZIP file.
  • Changing the File Extension Frequently: If file extension is often changed from one format to another format, files get corrupted and hence it cannot be accessed.
  • Header Corruption: Header part is the most important part of any file as it contains file name, type, etc. which is required to access file content. If header part is corrupted due to some reason ZIP file refuses to open.
  • Other Reasons: This includes downloading ZIP folder from unreliable sites, presence of bad sector on drive, where ZIP file is saved, improper termination of WinZip application while extracting files, CRC errors etc.

In all the above explained situations, you cannot access ZIP file. But, there is nothing to worry as you have Remo Repair ZIP tool to fix all your corrupt data back from your ZIP files. Whatever might be the reason for the corruption, Remo Repair ZIP software is the perfect solution for your question how to open corrupt ZIP folder.

Some important steps to follow

  • Update your system with good antivirus software as virus are also a reason behind ZIP file corruption.
  • Stop using unreliable application to compress or extract ZIP files.
  • Always have backup of important ZIP files on regular basis.
  • Avoid interruptions which are created while downloading ZIP files.

Superior Utility to Repair Corrupted 7Zip Files

“I received a 7Zip file in an email attachment form, downloaded and stored it on my desktop to unzip it. Later, when I click on this file to extract its contents, suddenly I got an error message displaying “CRC error” and restricting me to extract its contents. I don’t know why I got this error message? Is it possible to resolve this issue? Anybody’s help is appreciated a lot”…

Is it sounds similar to your situation? If yes, then do not worry. Majority of users experiencing this type of problem in today’s era. The main reason behind this type of error message is 7Zip file corruption. Unlike other compressed files, it also gets damaged. It is said that a minor corruption to 7Zip file can fully corrupt the list of files archived in it. Whenever it undergoes malfunctions, it severely corrupts and shows error message while trying to unzip the file. But it does not mean that you cannot fix corrupted 7Zip file. However, the good news is that, any type of user can repair corrupted 7Zip files with the assistance of any file repair tool.  Remo Repair Zip is listed under such file repair tool, which can even fix RAR and ZIP files protected from safety password.

Some possible reasons behind 7Zip files corruption:

  • Virus invasion: 7Zip files are highly susceptible to virus infection and result in loss of files present in it. This type of incidence takes place due to downloading 7Zip files from untrustworthy sites or downloading sharing data from others. The viruses then start corrupting other files present in the system too.
  • File header corruption: File header stores file attributes like extension, name, size, etc. All these info are necessary to access 7Zip file but if any damage to this file header results in 7Zip file corruption.
  • Third party tool: Compressing 7Zip files by means of unsupported tool and using unreliable third party tool to uncompress 7Zip files will result in corruption of 7Zip files.
  • Few more scenarios like incomplete downloading, improper 7Zip installation, driver update, bad sectors on HDD, etc. are responsible for 7Zip file corruption.

You can prevent 7Zip files corruption by means of this acclaimed software. It will recover all kinds of files combined in compressed format like video, documents, songs, etc. It is flexible to work fine on all versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, etc. You can make use of this application to repair Zip and Zipx file formats. It has the ability to fix 32 and 64 bit 7Zip files of any size. This simple tool will repair 7Zip files stored on any storage device. Later, allows you to compact recovered files with ease. It just takes copy of source file to repair and will not damage source file. Only 50MB disk space is enough for installing this application on your system. Its trial form is freely obtainable and is used for evaluating its performance before paying money for full version.

Important suggestions:

  • Keep your system free from dangerous viruses and threats by installing good antivirus tool
  •  Don’t use unreliable third party tool to uncompress 7Zip files
  • Don’t try to alter the extension of 7Zip file without proper knowledge
  • Before downloading 7Zip files once cross check network connection 

Excellent Software to Repair Corrupt Zip Files

WinZip is the application which converts normal file into Zip files. Zip files are very helpful in conditions requiring transfer of files. Though its a novel way to deal with files but it is also vulnerable to certain problems. One of the prime culprits which make Zip files vulnerable is during the transfer of files itself. Very recently I had also faced the same problem. I compressed the files and transferred it to destined location. But, while unzipping the file the contents were not showing up. When inquired behind the reason for such an issue I came to know that the connection used for internet was using very less bandwidth hence the internet delivered content to the destination very slowly and sometimes it was never received completely. I tried transfer and unzipping of files again and again but this sort of action was of no use. Moreover, the file was in video format. This meant that audio and moving files were separated and any drawback in internet connection will surely make the zipped content corrupt.

This sort of problem can be dealt efficiently by using repair software used exclusively for zipped files. Now, user should make there own choice while repairing files. One software named as Remo Repair is an exclusive software developed to repair zipped content. Zipped files are not that easy to be repaired. This software undresses the zipped file and then performs repair operation. After repair operation is completed, the zipped parts are covered together and hence the file works again with same level of performance. Here are some of its features.

Remo Repair Zip is a ready to use software for corrupt zip files repair. This ready to use performance is delivered by highly advanced algorithm and coding used in it. Coupled with highly enhanced graphical user interface, user easily gets to know the repair process and can perform the repair activity. But one should follow the steps meticulously shown in the tabbed graphics to recover corrupt files. Another feature prevalent enough is the file preview, this feature helps user to view files even prior to actual repair. Moreover, software is fast enough to repair even a very large sized zip file. Both compressed and decompressed files can be fixed using this software. Whether zipped files are of audio, video or document in format; all are repairable using this software. Remo Repair Zip is compatible with almost all the versions of Windows operating system.

Zip files can get damaged due to the usage of unhealthy applications too. Lets’ consider a user who utilizes unreliable tool to compress or decompress zip files. Such an application is doomed to make all such files go corrupt forever. Other common cases are virus attack, which is notorious enough to damage any kind of file used in computer whether being zipped or any other file. Sudden interruption while compression or decompression process is in progress can also corrupt your files. Though, this interruption can have human causes like accidental closing down of application or natural causes like power loss.

Undisputed Software to Fix Damaged Zip File

I received few Zipped files, but they are not decompressing. What is the problem?

Such problems can bring severe dissatisfaction with the application which is used to zip the file. But no need to blame the zip application because it might happen due to other possible reasons too. Let’s see the other possible reasons. Flawless internet connection is very required to perform complete transfer or receiving of files over the internet. Suppose, user is not using having a fast internet connection and the zipped file content is large which requires few mega bytes. If internally the original content is transferred but still some decompressing codes are remaining, then it can bring severe problem to the user. Because even if the sent and received zip file size matches file will not be decompressed, which will lead to more data loss and wastage of resources? Other popular reasons are explained next.

File damage:

As every computer works on power and UPS is used along with computer to have uninterrupted power supply in times of power loss. So, if user is not using such a device along with computer and power loss happens, then it can bring problems like file corruption. At that juncture, if user was using utilizing Zip file, then there are very much chances that such files will get corrupted. Moreover, if user is using untrustworthy application to compress file, then it is the direct cause of file getting corrupted. Even sudden closing of zip application can also lead to zip file damage. Other popular issues are virus attack. Virus spares no file in computer. Programs like Trojan is capable of damaging the most secure files, here zip file is no a special case.

Positive solution:

Once zip file gets corrupted, then the next thing which is required is to cope up with the issue. User would have made heavy search in internet, but still unable to get out of the damage scene. If you are the victim of such file damage issues, then its time to adopt positive solution like Remo Repair Zip which happens to be top class software for repairing file.

Highly rated features:

Remo Repair Zip is capable of fixing damaged zip files in corruption free manner. No matter how large is the zip file, repairing is always perfect; thanks to the efficient coding used in the software. Zip files of various natures are repairable using this software. It is compatible with most of the versions of Windows operating system like Windows 8, 7, XP and others. Almost all types of files with zip and zipx format are compatible with this software. Few of the features like file choosing option allows user to have a glimpse of file even prior to recovery. Use can save recovered file in any location as specified by the users themselves. Graphical user interface helps beginner user to accommodate with the early difficulty to learn the repairing method in a quick manner. Save recover session is better feature for busy users to want pause while repairing and then gain resume the session.

Superior Tool to Fix Zip Files in Windows 7

I have been using Windows 7 OS in my system and have stored lots of files and folders. However, my system was running out of memory space due to storage of data in huge amount. In addition, my system configuration is not so good so system’s performance is too low. Hence, I decided to zip some of the files and deleted some unwanted files, this help me to boost system’s performance. After few days, I tried to unzip files but a message displayed says unable to open. This instance feared me since those file are too important to me. Now I am in need of those files, please anyone help me out repair damaged or corrupted zip files.

Do not worry; these are common scenarios usually encounters due to various reasons but you can easily resolve this issues by employing efficient third party application like Remo Repair Zip which is specially designed for repairing corrupt or damaged zip files and it does repair process regardless of severity of zip files corruption. After performing repairing process successfully, restores all files and folders from it. Later, allows users to preview all restored files and folders, and you can save them to your storage disk.

Let us know various reasons behind zip file corruption

Major reason is virus and other malicious attacks. Once your zip file is severely attacked, damages or corrupts your zip file and do not allow you to access them also.

Other reasons include file header corruption, since a file header consists of file size, type, created date, modified date, etc. If any of these contains are damaged then you cannot able to access those files.

In addition, zip file may also get corrupt when you attempt to access or unzip files using damaged zipping application.

List of errors you may encounter when you tried to access corrupt or damaged zip files

  • cyclic redundancy check  errors
  • “cannot open file: It does not appear to be a valid archive” error
  • “file is corrupted or damaged, WinZip cannot open it” error.
  • Broken downloads
  • Unknown compression method

Whatsoever error you encounter while opening a zip file when it has been corrupted or damaged, which can be easily fixed with the assistance of Remo Repair Zip application in a couple of minutes. In addition, it also fixes zip files on various platforms such as Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8, etc.

Salient features of Remo Repair Zip application

  • Quickly fixes 32 and 64 bit zip files
  • Fixes any zip files stored on any storage media
  • Fixes large sized zip files i.e. more than 4 GB
  • Fixes all types of zip and zipx files

Why Remo Repair Zip application?

  • Performs safe and secure repair process
  • Comprises of simple GUI to navigate the application easily
  • Provides free demo version to check the capability of software
  • It’s a read only application and does not do any damage to your zip files
  • Provides free technical support via email and live chat services for 24*7 hours

Suggestions to follow:

  • Do not store zip files in device which has been affected from virus threats
  • Use high bandwidth internet service to download zip files
  • Do not use untrustworthy applications for zipping and unzipping files
  • Do not attempt to open zip files repeatedly when is not opening