Easily Fix Corrupt Word 2010 Document

Word 2010 document provided by Microsoft office suite is very popular among all the computer users. It is equipped by many advanced features which is not provided by other text editor applications. Word document provides you with great set of animated designs which is used by many students and professionals to store their important documentaries. Additionally it allows you to set page layouts, insert images between the texts, different set of fonts, grammatical corrections or suggestions and many more. By making use of Word 2010 you can password protect your file from intruders, this can be done by either restricting them to edit the document or by denying access. Perhaps Word 2010 can be identified by file extension such as doc, docx, docm, dotx and dotm. However Word 2010 is unsecure due to many reasons as the file may easily get corrupted and some of the common reason for the word file corruption are described below.

Reasons for Word file corruption

  • Unlike other files 2010 Word file is also prone to virus infection and when the word file is severely attacked by virus then it makes the word file to be corrupted
  • When a Word file’s extension is changed from one format to another or when it is used               inappropriately then it may lead to corruption of Word file
  • Header of Word file contains necessary information which is required for the OS to detect the document, thus if the header gets damaged then your Word file will get corrupted
  • Word files are usually transferred using email or USB drive and while downloading the Word file if there is any kind of interruption then your Word file will get damaged

This are some of the very commonly occurring scenarios which can corrupt your Word file, however if you have come across any such situation where you have denied access to your Word file then you can make use of an advanced tool called Remo Repair Word. Using this application you can effortlessly repair corrupt Word 2010 document without any interruption.

Features of Remo Repair Word

  • Using Remo Repair Word you can easily repair the corrupted Word file within minutes
  • It provides you with simple and user friendly interface which allows you to easily install and repair the Word file
  • “Preview” option provided by this software can be very helpful for the users who want to check the capability of the program
  • Non-destructive nature of this application will repair the corrupted Word file while keeping the original file intact
  • If you feel any inconvenience in using the product then without any hesitation you can take help from our technical professionals who are well-trained to help you proficiently
  • Supports recovery from major Windows Operating system like Windows 8, 7, vista, XP and many more
  • Acquires merely 50MB of space to get installed in your computer, due to this it consume very less resources of your computer resulting in enhanced performance

Beneficial tips:

  • If you have Word file in USB drive then avoid accessing the drive in virus infected computer as it can damage your Word file
  • Make use of reliable anti-virus tool which can keep malicious virus and programs away from the Word file
  • Do not try to open Word 2010 file from any in-appropriate application as this can lead to corruption of the Word file

Professional Utility to Fix Word Document Error

Microsoft Word is called powerful text editor which is covered with utmost features. Its user-friendly design makes it popular and is used to save the files in both DOC and DOCX format. Furthermore, it can create documents with texts, font styles, visual effects, images and screen shots. Sometimes, while accessing Word documents many users encounter error messages like “Word cannot read the file, it might be corrupt” or “The document name is invalid” which makes them incapable to access such documents. As a result of this users lose their vital data.

Suppose you are getting error messages after trying to access Word document, then go with the option like “Open and Repair” in MS Word, which can be seen on Open drop-down list located in the bottom right corner. If this option fixes error messages then its fine or else, Open the file with the Text Recovery converter. In case, if it fails then proceed with third party software. The best third party software is Remo Repair Word, which can easily fix Word document error and retrieves lost text and other elements like formatting, OLE Objects, hyperlinks, tables, clip arts, headers, etc.

There are some error messages encountered by users while opening a Microsoft Word document:

  • “Writing to Word document is not possible”
  • “Word document cannot open, user does not have access privileges”
  • “pqr.doc file cannot be read”
  • “Microsoft Word has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for inconvenience, please tell Microsoft about this problem”.

Following scenarios make Word document to show error messages:

  • Virus invasion: Word document gets infected by virus and malware threats due to downloading it from unsecured website. As a result of this your document get corrupt and display error messages.
  • File header corruption: A file header plays an important role in editing or modifying a Word document, which contains file name, file type, date, size, etc. Word document header gets damaged due to abrupt system shutdown while editing or modifying the document. Hence, it displays error messages.
  • Abrupt termination of Word document: Sometimes, you may shutdown the computer while Word document was open. Due to this incidence, it refuses to open and show error messages.
  • Other scenarios like software conflicts, frequently altering file extension, improper file transfer, round tripping, improper downloading, etc. can result in error messages.

In all these cases, try to stop opening a Word document in any MS Word app because there might be possibilities of damaging Word document and you may the document permanently.

You can all types of error messages by making use of this applauded software. Apart from DOC and DOCX, it fixes all kinds of files like PST, ZIP and PPT. Employ it to repair password protected and compacted Word document without causing any damage to the original file. It simply scans and extracts the info from the damaged document, repairs the issues and saves it in a fresh healthy document. It comes with free evaluation copy to test the capacity of the software before purchasing. It is applicable for all versions of documents including Word 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. It repairs and opens any Word document irrespective of the file size. It is enriched with simple GUI, so even novice users can efficiently employ this smart application. With the assistance of this utility, you can fix severely corrupt Word documents on Windows OS of all platforms.

Steps to avoid MS Word document corruption:

  • Continuously update your antivirus tool and scan thoroughly to remove viruses
  • Ensure whether you have closed MS Word app properly before you shutdown the computer
  • To avoid unnecessary modification make important Word documents as “Read-only”.

Faithful Software to Restore Lost Text in Word File

Ever felt the requirement to restore lost texts in word file? If no, then consider the text loss scenarios:

Major text loss scenarios:

If the above case is not familiar, then consider. I was working on Microsoft Word application to create a word page for the seminar about to be presented in front of the college department function. I was in the middle of editing the page, then suddenly the power went off and I lost some of the text. At time if the user is not using antivirus software in the computer, then that can also bring the user in serious problem. Suppose the system is corrupted due to virus then the word files which are created can also get corrupted leading to missing in the text of the word file. It can even happen that the user has stored word file in pen drive and wants to transfer it to the computer. But what if the user while transferring removes the pen drive? Such an heinous act may make dome of the texts in word file to get lost leaving the user in a state of despair if the lost texts were vital. It can even happen that the user is working on word file and has saved it. Later if the user again opens the same word file, tries to edit it and suddenly the system crashes down, then the user would have to lose any unsaved texts in the word file.

Features of Remo Repair word:

If you ever face any of the above mentioned scenarios, then no need to get worried because using Remo Repair word which is known to be highly versatile software, restoring of the lost text is possible. Whether the damage of word file is due to virus attack, abrupt shutdown or any other reason possible, repair of the lost text is possible using this incredible software. This software is capable to repair files of not only word origin but also supports excel power point or other document files. The brilliant algorithm developed by special team of repair experts ensures that the repair of the damaged file is possible using this software. The word file can be repaired from not only personal computers but also from external storage devices like pen drive, hard drive etc. Remo Repair word supports word files up to word 2013.

Steps for restoration of lost text:

  • Install Remo Repair word and browse for those files which need to be repaired.
  • Once selecting the file, click on repair option which initiates the repair process.
  • Once the process of the completion of repairing is completed, repaired files can be saved at any location in the computer as desired by the user.

Precautions to avoid text loss:

Never use computer without UPS connection. UPS provides crucial minutes of power in times of power loss to save any unsaved word file. Always follow the proper ejection procedure to remove external storage devices from computer to avoid the word file from getting corrupted.