Easiest Way to Extract Corrupted RAR files?

Due to wide usage of internet transferring files over internet has become major concern. Consider that you want to upload or send email of some files then it makes you very annoying to upload or download every file one by one. Instead you can make use of RAR file which will compress all the files into one single file. RAR file can compress files such as audio files, video files, documents, pictures and many more. Due to this reason it make a user lot more comfortable to access the RAR file. Moreover there are many advantages of using RAR file and some of it are mentioned below:

  • Allows you to encrypt the data so that you can avoid intruders from reading the contents
  • Facilitates you to compress the files into a single file, in addition it reduces the files size due to which you can easily save your hard drive space
  • Make you to easily download and safely extract the files from it
  • You can break the RAR file into multiple files so that you can easily upload or send the files over internet

Apart from this there are many other scenarios by which you can get benefited, however you can also find some known issues which are very common among many users.

Reasons behind RAR file corruption

  • RAR file can get corrupted when you use an unreliable software to compress the file
  • CRC error is a very usual error which is associated with RAR files, this may occur due to incomplete download of file or by using imperfect compression techniques
  • When a RAR file is infected by virus or any malicious program then it may damage your RAR file
  • If the header of RAR file is damaged then it may lead to corruption of the file

The above mentioned are some of the frequently occurring RAR file corruption, however if you have come across any such situation then don’t lose hope because you can effortlessly repair your RAR file which is corrupted. This can be accomplished by making use of Remo Repair RAR you can easily fix the issues related to RAR files within minutes.

Marvelous features of Remo Repair RAR

  • By making use of this renowned application you can safely get back all your data from a password protected RAR archive
  • It is designed by making use of powerful algorithm due to which you can fix all version of RAR files
  • Has the ability to repair a huge RAR file
  • Provides you with simple to understand interface, this feature allows a beginner and professional user to easily accomplish the task
  • Preferred by many advanced users as it can easily extract corrupted RAR files which are highly encrypted
  • Facilitates you to make use of demo version of this program so that you can evaluate the capability of this software
  • Developed in such a way that during repair process it just reads the corrupted file so that the original file can be intact
  • If you feel any inconvenience in using the application then you can take assistance from the technical support professional who are available 24 / 7


Make use of updated anti-virus program which can protect your RAR file from malicious program and viruses. In addition to it do not download and access a RAR file in a virus infected computer. However make use of power backup such as UPS which can avoid abrupt shut-down when you are running long running process like compression or encryption.

Fantastic Software to Fix Corrupt RAR File Header

RAR file not showing up, showing some message corruption in RAR header!

If a RAR header gets corrupted, then the compressed file in it will no longer be accessible. This may turn you off if the files which were kept for decompression in RAR are important and you were just looking to recover it back. RAR files are a great way to compress files and best for sending large sized files. But how file header gets corrupted?

Various reasons:

Header file can get corrupted due to virus attack in computer. One can expect virus getting into the computer from wide variety of sources like virus infected external memory drive connected to computer or via files downloaded from harmful internet sites. Moreover, while downloading if the downloaded RAR file is incompletely downloaded, then this can also result in header corruption. While transferring RAR files if the connection cable is removed, then this can also result in losing file due to header file corruption. Most importantly using non perfect third party application to mend RAR files can also result in damage of header file in RAR. Also, if user is trying to extract files from non corrupted RAR file, then while extracting files if user accidentally switches off the mains power of computer. Eventually this will result in header file getting corrupted. All these scenarios need fixing of RAR header. This can be performed by using appropriate third party application. While choosing a good repair software can be a confusing task and a beginner user will need some proper assistance to choose the right software.

All worries gone!

The chosen software should be such that it makes all worries related to repair of RAR headers go away. Remo Repair RAR is the software which you should look in forward to get your RAR files repaired in a clean manner.

Five star features:

Remo Repair RAR brags various features which no other repair software can provide. This software is capable of fixing corrupt RAR file header even after going through most gruesome damage scenarios. This software is capable of repairing even the most highly secured password protected RAR files. It hardly takes few minutes to repair the most complex RAR headers using this awesome software. Remo Recover supports most of the versions of RAR applications like RAR 2.0, 5.0 etc. This software is compatible with all major versions of Windows computer. GUI used in this software is incredible and understandable due its good visuals and intelligent interfacing techniques.

Steps to repair RAR header:

  • Download, install and initiate this small sized software in your personal computer.
  • Browse and select corrupt RAR files from personal computer.
  • Next, click on “Repair” tab to start the repair process.
  • Make a preview and save the repaired files in desired location.

Important measures:

Always use proper internet connection while downloading RAR files. Good internet connection allows download of fault free RAR files. Use good antivirus software to remove any virus which may in future corrupt the RAR header.