Fixing RAR File Not Found Error Message

Are you unable to access your RAR file due to error message? You have tried many possibilities to fix the error but the situation is still same. You are facing any such issue? If so, just be calm you can repair your RAR file. Here is one such simple method using which RAR file can fixed in minutes. Try it out!!!!

You have compressed some of the important files into RAR file so as to access the required ones easily. This is one of the advantage of RAR file to which it is still being used widely. However, at time there are chances of RAR file corruption or it might display error messages like – RAR File not found. The error notification messages will clearly indicate the RAR file is corrupted.

Like, you have kept very crucial files that play an important role in your project in RAR file. After compression process, when you check the RAR file it was jut fine working normally. In order to show that report to your mam, you want it on your pen drive. So, that you can easily carry as it is less weight. Beforehand, when you connect the pen drive to your system for data transfer process you get an pop up message. After which when you try to open the RAR file again you encounter an error message like RAR file not found. Such type of notifications will block the access to RAR file.

In such instances, as mentioned above with Remo Repair RAR you can fix RAR files displaying error messages instantly. This tool will not work on original file instead utilizes separate file. Hence, your original file will not be modified. Its friendly GUI interface will explain the repair process in simple language which enables all kinds of user to fix damaged RAR files. It has the capacity to repair corrupted RAR files that exceeds the size more than 4GB. Apart from this, Remo can also repair RAR archives on Windows OS like Windows XP, Windows Vista

Other unique features of Remo

  • Fixes password protected, corrupted, damaged, broken RAR file quickly
  • Designed with completely automated repair process within built advanced algorithms
  • Repairs RAR files that are stored on other external storage device like hard drives, USB drives, memory cards and so on
  • Free trial version of the software can be downloaded from the internet to know prior knowledge about the software before  purchasing the paid version
  •   Technical team will be available for 24*7 to resolve any queries that arise during repairing process or installation.  Just click on this link for complete information about the software
  • Supported Windows Operating Systems – Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP .

Other reasons responsible for RAR file corruption and supported by Remo:

  • When you are extracting data from RAR archive, if compression method terminates in between the process might result in corruption
  • If header of RAR file is damaged, then OS will not be able to read that particular file. Due to which entire present in RAR file cannot be accessed, this clearly represents corruption
  • When the storage place where WinRAR archive is stored consists of increased numbers of bad sectors may corrupt RAR file
  • Inappropriate compression technique, force system shut down, software clashes, hardware conflicts, malware infections, downloading error etc. are other reason for RAR file corruption

What should be done to avoid RAR file corruption?

  • Do not use your system until repair process is carried out
  • Verify network connection before downloading RAR file
  • You should scan your system regularly with trusted antivirus software
  • Have backup of RAR file in any external storage devices
  • Avoid using unreliable third party application for decompression technique or converting file extensions

Fix RAR Extraction Error

RAR one of the possible way to compress multiple files and folders on a system to save disk space. It also supports error recovery and file spanning. RAR files are saved with .rar extension. The RAR format is gaining increased popularity, especially on file sharing networks and torrent sites, as the RAR format provides better compression than other file archive format. It has number of additional benefits such as it also supports strong encryption of data and use recover file so that any errors can be repaired easily. Sometimes, this RAR format also face some problem while extracting due to corruption.

The common problem with RAR file format which arises while extracting files using any extraction tool is extraction error. One of the main reason for extraction error is CRC check failure. While compressing and extracting file every tool calculates CRC value and saves that value in RAR file. If these two CRC value does not match due to any reasons then that indicates failure of CRC check. In addition to this, there are many other reasons which cause RAR file extraction error. They are:

Untrusted Third Part Utility– If you use any untrusted third party utility while compressing or extracting RAR files then they may damage your files. So, you may get extraction errors while extracting those files.

Virus Infection– Virus may harm your RAR files through many sources. For instance, if you use unsecured network to transfer RAR file and through virus infected storage device where you have stored your RAR file

Application Fault– While compressing and extracting RAR files if you use application which is not fully installed or corrupted, then you may get extraction error.

Download Errors– If any interruption occurs like power surge, sudden shut down of your system etc while downloading RAR files. Then that file may get corrupts and shows error messages during extraction.

These are some common reasons for generation of extraction errors while extracting RAR file. Let us see few extraction error messages:

  • No files to extract: RAR file error
  • Unexpected end of archive
  • CRC check failure

Most of the user may have experienced these kind of errors while extracting data from extraction tool. Then they may think how to fix RAR file extraction error?  Well, now no need to worry about those files which shows extraction error messages while extracting them because you can use Remo Repair RAR tool to extract such files.

Remo Repair tool is built with advanced repair algorithms which helps you to repair RAR file within few seconds and allows you to extracts content from it. It even supports repairing process on encrypted and password protected document. In addition, it repairs RAR files having size of 4GB and more. Moreover, it supports all version of RAR files. RAR files can be repaired on any storage media like external hard drives, memory cards and flash drives etc by using Remo Repair RAR.

Why Remo Repair RAR?

Remo Repair RAR provides automated wizard based interface to repair corrupted RAR files. It is capable of fixing the damaged RAR without editing the original RAR file that needs to be repaired. It just extracts data from it, repairs the errors and renders a healthy RAR file. This tool gives procedural step guidance so that anyone can repair corrupted RAR file easily. Before purchasing paid version of this tool you can evaluate its performance and consistency through demo version. This prominent repair utility free from external threat like virus, malware and spyware. In case, if user have any issue related to product then they can contact technical support team.

Striking features of Remo Repair RAR:

  • It provides easy to use interface to repair corrupted or broken RAR files within few minutes.
  • It supports all version of Windows such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.
  • By using “Preview” option you can easily evaluate repair results and then you can go for paid version of this tool.
  • You can save your repaired data on any storage devices such as external hard drive, memory card etc.
  • For installing this tool you need only little amount of your disk space which is only 50MB.
  • This tool supports both 32bit and 64 bit Windows operating system.

These are some common features which makes Remo Repair RAR more powerful and complete tool.

As precaution is always better than cure, here are few safety tips which could help you to preserve your precious RAR files:

  • Viruses are main reason behind RAR file corruption, so try to use reliable antivirus program to remove them.
  • Do not use any third party tool for compressing or extracting content of RAR file.
  • Make your RAR file password protected so that you can avoid unauthorized access to RAR files.
  • Avoid any sort of interruptions while downloading and sending RAR files.

How to restore RAR

These days, utilization of electronic devices like personal computer, laptop etc. has been extensively utilized for multiple operations. Individuals who utilize these devices for both personal and official work will go for compression tool. RAR that stands for Roshal Archive is one such compression algorithm utilized to compress multiple files into single folder. Prior utilizing RAR files, you should first install an application called WinRAR after which RAR file can be downloaded. Once the completion of download process, just unpack contents of RAR file to utilize it. With the help of RAR files, memory space of hard disk can be saved, access time of system decreases, hence performance increases.

At times, you will be unable to access RAR file due to unexpected corruption scenarios. So, it is advised to have backup of vital files in any backup devices. But, most of them ignore or forget to have extra copy of RAR file due to busy schedule. If so, no need to get panic, with the help of reliable tool called Remo Repair RAR you can recover RAR within few simple steps.

Let us take an example to know how RAR file gets corrupted. While downloading RAR files from internet, if there occurs interruptions like low internet connectivity, sudden power loss etc. will pause the process due to which RAR file might get corrupted. After which when you try opening RAR file, you may encounter error messages indicating that file cannot be opened. Thus, vital files available in it become inaccessible.

In such cases, don’t assume that data from corrupted RAR file cannot be extracted which is not true. The data from corrupted RAR file can be recovered using Remo Repair RAR. This tool is capable of repairing corrupted RAR file within few simple step utilizing built in powerful scanning algorithms.

Why Remo Repair RAR?

It is one of the non damaging read only tool that will not modify the original file during scanning process instead utilizes separate file for storing extracted data. This software is designed with well suited scanning algorithms for repairing corrupted RAR file at the earliest. This software is embedded with advanced antivirus software, so completely free from all kinds of malware infections.

Other features of Remo

  • This software is capable of repairing all kinds and different versions of RAR files
  • It is designed with simple to understand interface that provides brief explanation about each step due to which installation process becomes easier
  • Requires only minimal disk space for installation process
  • Repairs password protected, large sized, partially downloaded RAR files in few simple steps
  • Compatible with various versions of Windows operating system like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP…

Let us discuss other reasons responsible for RAR file corruption

  • Header Corruption – One of the vital part of RAR file that contains information of file, size, location etc. When header of RAR file gets corrupted due to unexpected circumstances results in corruption
  • Interruptions during download process – When RAR file is getting downloaded from internet, if process gets disturbed due to low network connectivity, less memory space etc. RAR file might get corrupted
  • Hard Drive Corruption – If the hard drive where RAR file is stored gets corrupted due to formation of bad sectors or logical errors will not respond to any read or write operation. Therefore, RAR file available in it will also become inaccessible
  • Virus Attack – RAR file get infected from harmful viruses through internet, unsecured files, infected devices etc. These infections have the ability to self replicate themselves and as result corrupts entire RAR file
  • CRC Error – Cyclic Redundancy Check is another major reason for RAR file corruption. This usually takes place when there is mismatch in time of RAR file created and unzipped

Apart from above mentioned reasons, abrupt system termination, improper compression method, changing file extension and so on are other reasons responsible for RAR file corruption.

Beneficiary tips to remember

  • Make a habit to maintain backup of vital RAR files
  • Install updated antivirus software on your system
  • Avoid interruptions like less memory space, power loss etc. during RAR file download process

How to Fix Corrupted RAR file?

“Hello, hope I will get solution to repair RAR files here. Last week I downloaded RAR files from the network. When I tried to extract files from it I was unable to do so. I tried every possible way to extract files but all in vain. Is there any way to extract RAR files? Those files are very important to me and I want it back as soon as possible. Anyone here suggest me some good software to fix corrupted RAR files.”

Do not panic; just relax as there is a reliable solution to repair your RAR files. As you know RAR file is a compressed file and is basically native of WinRAR application. A RAR file can be used to share or transfer large size files by compressing it than uncompressed files. Thus RAR files are used widely by the user. User needs to extract files from RAR archive before utilizing it. Unfortunately, if something goes wrong then RAR files cannot be extracted. This indicates RAR file corruption. Now you might be wondering how to solve this issue?

Remo Repair RAR:

Here is the outstanding software to repair RAR file known as Remo Repair RAR utility. It has the ability to quickly fix all issues related to RAR file corruption. This repairing software helps user to repair corrupted RAR files within less amount of time. It has strong and robust repairing algorithms which is capable enough to repair corrupted or damaged RAR files. It has the ability to recover RAR files from all external storage devices that are detected on Windows System like hard drives, memory card, USB drive and many more.

Significant Features of Remo Repair RAR:

  • Ability to repairs password protected RAR files with ease
  • Effortlessly repairs RAR files having size 4GB and more
  • Supports repairing of CRC error affected RAR files
  • Repaired files can be saved in any storage devices (avoid saving repaired RAR files in the same drive from where it was corrupted)

Some Scenarios supported by Remo Repair RAR:

  • CRC Error: CRC error is the error in which some unwanted block of data gets added in the file. This makes the file inaccessible and thus becomes corrupted. In same way, if CRC error gets introduced in RAR file then extraction of files from it cannot be done which leads to RAR file corruption.
  • Downloading Error: Due to interruption while downloading RAR files or due to poor internet connectivity, there are possibilities that your RAR files may become corrupt.
  • Third Party Tool: When user makes use of unreliable untrustworthy third party application to extract RAR files then there are chances that header file may get corrupted. Hence it RAR files cannot be extracted causing sever RAR file corruption.
  • Intrusion of Virus: If the hard drive in which RAR files are saved might get infected with harmful virus then it is quite possible that some of your files including RAR files may get corrupted.
  • Other Reasons: Other reasons responsible for RAR corruption is bad sectors, transfer error improper exiting of WinRAR application, improper extraction procedure and many others causes.

Why Remo Repair RAR?

Remo Repair RAR is the best software to repair RAR files within few simple mouse clicks. It has user friendly interface designed by skilled engineers so that both professional and non-technical users can use it with great ease. No technical help is required to repair corrupted or damaged RAR files. This software is free from external threats like Spyware, Trojans, viruses and many more, hence safe to install in computer system or Laptop.

This repairing tool supports fixing of RAR files created on all versions of WinRAR applications. It can be installed in any newest versions of Windows Operating System like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 and 2008. You can also contact technical support team available 24/7 in case of any doubts associated with the products.

Safety Measures:

  • Keep backup of important RAR files in external devices.
  • Extract RAR files using secure third party tool
  • Avoid interruptions during download process of RAR files.
  • Install antivirus software in order to secure your system and files.

How to UnRAR Corrupted RAR File

I had compressed a file in my computer using RAR technique. Later I transferred RAR file to my pen drive and then deleted the original file from computer. When, I tried to UnRAR file in another computer it was not possible. What can be the chief cause behind such a catastrophe and how can I get out of it? These were the questions circuiting in my head. So, I started from the scratch and tried to investigate the problem by myself. In the process of this investigation I found out that the pen drive which was used to transfer the file was infected with virus which in turn damaged the RAR file and rendered it uncompressible.

Such data problems are common these days. What can a user do to avoid these problems? One precaution which user can take from the above context itself is to install antivirus software in computer. Antivirus software performs regular operation of scanning-cum-removal of harmful program content called virus. This course of action equally applies to external storage drives connected to computer like pen drive. So, if your computer is hit with virus and is supposed to be getting inserted into computer, then such antivirus software will remove the virus from computer and make it safer place for RAR files. Measures like usage of uninterrupted powers supply in computer can save your RAR file to great extend from damaging. Suppose user has opened a RAR file and there is sudden power loss, this loss of power over the time again and again can possibly corrupt file. At this juncture, usage of the so mentioned UPS can provide user with appropriate time to make proper turn off of computer and avoid such problems. User should avoid usage of unauthorized third party application to bring to RAR or UNRAR a file.

But, if user is not habitual to perform the above mentioned measures and eventually gets their file corrupted, then do remember to use repair software which can repair RAR files. While choosing software which can perform repair, user should choose the concerned software which is reliable and reputed in nature. One such software seen in recent times is Remo Repair RAR, this software is highly reputed and scores well in selection parameters like user ratings, comments and feedback.

Remo Repair RAR is one of the prime software these days for repair of damaged RAR file. Software is capable to extract corrupted rar files out of worst damage issues phenomenal to computer. It is compatible with older and newer versions of WinRAR application. Beginner users who are new to the usage of software are helped with the graphical user interface which is simple and easy to understand. One prominent feature helpful for repair is the save recovery session, this feature essentially pauses the ongoing recovery session at user’s will and later on can be resumed at any time. Software is compatible with most of the versions of Windows OS like Windows 7, 8 and 2003.