Repair PowerPoint Files

Microsoft PowerPoint is a Microsoft developed application which comes as a part of Microsoft Office suit. This application is mainly used for business or classroom environment to create presentation files . As it is widely used, user can experience issues related to PowerPoint file corruption. Whenever PowerPoint files may get corrupted or damaged, then it may become inaccessible. Thus, one may encounter with error messages which indicate that the file is corrupted. There are many reasons responsible for PPT file corruption that leads to inaccessible  of the file. Some of them are explained below:

  • There might be sudden termination of system due to abrupt power failure or power surge while working on PowerPoint file. Thus, there are possibilities of PPT file corruption due to sudden termination of system.
  • One of the major causes of PPT file corruption is due to virus attack. Due to virus attack on system where your presentation files are saved can get corrupted and thus makes it inaccessible.
  • When user re-installs Operating System, then there are chances that PowerPoint files stored in hard drive may get corrupted. Thus when user tries to access PPT files, then it may show error message indicating corruption.
  • While transferring PPT files between different storage devices, if there is any kind of interruption then it may lead to PowerPoint files inaccessibility or corruption.
  • When transmitting presentation files over network, there are chances of PPT file corruption due to CRC error. Thus Presentation file with CRC error can lead to inaccessibility due to corruption.

At certain situations, user may think how to repair corrupted PPT files, but many users believe that once error message is displayed while accessing PPT file then the file is corrupted forever and it can’t be fixed. But the fact is such files can be fixed using some reliable and secure PowerPoint File Repairing software.

Remo Repair PowerPoint:

Here onwards no need to worry, user can make use of the most efficient tool Remo Repair PowerPoint to repair PowerPoint files that are corrupted or damaged due to some scenarios . This repair PowerPoint file tool is highly recommended by industry experts in repairing presentation files within few fractions of minutes. It has strong and advanced algorithm which can repair corrupt PowerPoint files without damaging its original content. During repairing process, this software will scan each and every part of file to fix the issues easily. Once the repairing process is done, user can check repaired PowerPoint file using Preview option before saving it.

This software facilitates user to save repaired PPT file in any internal accessible drive, external drive, USB drive, Flash drive, etc. This software can be installed in any latest versions of Windows Operating System including Windows 8 system. It also supports Windows server 2003 and 2008. It also comes in free evaluation version so that user can evaluate its repairing ability before going for paid version.

Why Remo Repair PowerPoint should be used?

Apart from these features, this PowerPoint repairing software is user friendly and gives easy guidance to repair corrupted PowerPoint files within 3-4 simple steps. Thus both professional and non-professional users can use it without any expert’s help. It supports repairing of corrupted PowerPoint files created on Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 and above. Users can also make use of 24/7 technical support to solve queries associated with Remo products.

Some additional features of Remo Repair PowerPoint:

  • Ability to repair PPT,PPS and PPTX file formats with ease
  • Repairs corrupted PowerPoint files that refuses to open
  • Capability to recover formatting, text, images, animations, sound effects, OLE objects and fields including hyperlinks, etc. from corrupted PPT file
  • Supports repairing and restoration of presentation files with actual headers and footers

Tips to Remember:

  • Do keep backup of important presentation files.
  • Install reliable antivirus software to system/laptop in order to protect from external threats.
  • In order to avoid corruption, do not interrupt while transferring of PowerPoint files
  • Do compress PowerPoint file before sending over network in order to avoid PPT file corruption.

Resourceful Tool to Fix PowerPoint File

Microsoft PowerPoint lets you with many methods of creating and sharing smart presentations with audience. There are several objects behind a single presentation file like text, sound effects, OLE Objects, animations, clip art, images, movies, fields such as hyperlinks, graphics, etc. With the help of these objects presentations look more beautiful and expressive. Similar to other files, this PowerPoint file is susceptible to corruption. When you try to understand the root cause reasons behind this incidence, you will get plenty of unidentified causes.

At times, you might encounter situation where your PowerPoint file gets damaged refuse to open and exhibit error messages like “PowerPoint can’t read xyz.ppt”, “Microsoft PowerPoint has encountered a problem and needs to close”, etc. Such errors are the symptoms of PPT file corruption. If you get an error message like “Not responding” while working on PowerPoint you feel nervous. In such stage, don’t worry as damaged PPT file can be fixed by means of any third party file repair utility. By means of Remo Repair PowerPoint utility one will get rid of PPT corruption scenarios. In addition, you are allowed to save the recovered PowerPoint file contents with both headers and footers to any place on your computer. Its inbuilt “Preview” option allows you to have a look at the repaired PowerPoint file before purchasing the complete edition of product.

Probable circumstance in which PowerPoint file gets damaged:

Third party tool: There are many third party utilities available to get access to the PowerPoint file, but in case you make use of untrustworthy third party utility to access that file then there are possibilities PowerPoint file corruptions due to malfunctioning of the application.

Incompatibility of PowerPoint file: Sometimes, the new versions of Microsoft update are mismatched with the current PowerPoint version, then it might affect the presentation file and results in its inaccessibility.

Improper upload or download: In some cases, you upload or download PowerPoint file through online but in-between this process in case you encounter any intrusions like unexpected power surge or internet connection failure, then it results in corrupt PowerPoint file.

Other circumstances like virus invasion, PPT file header corruption, inappropriate managing, bad sectors on hard disk, imperfect installation of PowerPoint app, hard drive failure, etc. can lead to PPT file corruption.

To overcome above said presentation files corruption issues, you should make a good habit of keeping extra backup of important files and securely terminate the PowerPoint file before turning off your computer. Unfortunately due other cause in case you may not protect presentation file, then utilize this authoritative utility. It will along with PPS and PPTX files and makes them readable on all versions of Microsoft PowerPoint 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 with utmost ease. It is very simple to operate and makes sure that your source PPT remains as it is. It simply accesses the broken PowerPoint file and creates that file’s virtual structure during repair process. It can repair PowerPoint file, which is unreadable on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Windows server 2003, etc.

Smart Tool to Fix PowerPoint File Association Problem

To present a latest project details or to analyze the static changes; PowerPoint application is a great way to express raw data in visually understandable manner. But it is not just the graphics which make the feil workable. There are aspects like file type, program and file extension which complete the PowerPoint file. At this juncture it will be appropriate to make the reader realize that there are file association problem is chiefly related to missing of one set of correct combination or the other. If you have ever faced such a scenario then it is certain that you would have seen a message indicating that win32 application is invalid or the file is missing a particular program. Such a message can be disturbing at times when you are just about to give demonstration of a project and suddenly the later stops you. Whatever the point of loss may be such files need to be made accessible again in order to carry out the hard worked project or other related work. So, what is the remedy in such a case? User need to use software named Remo Repair PowerPoint to mend the file having association problem.

Just like other tools to repair PowerPoint this software also sports good user feedbacks, comments and rating to be in the top league go PowerPoint repair software. But apart from using software to repair file at the time of corruption, there are other traditional ways too which can be helpful to user to get back the original file prior to such corruption. This way of getting back the original file is by maintaining backup of file in eternal drives, computer or even in memory cards. But user should be cautious enough to maintain this backup of data at periodic interval of time. Now user can choose the way to have original file choosing either from former or later way.

Remo Repair PowerPoint is heart winning software to perform in a rapid manner. This rapid action has root in its top quality algorithm and coding used in it. Software can be used to repair file from all major and advanced versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 7, 8 2003 and Vista. This software is capable to repair file out of all major forms of corruption scenarios. The repaired file is guaranteed to match the original file with every minute detail still intact. Apart from this software is software can be used to repair file out of various formats like PPT or PPTX.

Power association problem can erupt out of most notorious cases like virus attack or due to humble accidental cases like termination of PowerPoint application a large number of times. The sudden closure of application can also happen due to power loss. User should be cautious enough to use secondary power source like UPS which can be highly helpful at times of power loss by providing few minutes of power backup. However, if user falls prey to such cases, then do remember the above mentioned software to repair your precious file.