Fix Damaged MOV Video File

It is indeed true, that everyone loves to watch good quality videos that consists of advanced graphics and which provides great user experience. For this purpose MOV video files came into picture which has been efficiently designed by Apple Inc.

These MOV video files are capable of storing streaming videos including some text files as well that work as subtitle. Thus, with technology these MOV files are also getting improved. But still it has the issue of video corruption which makes MOV video files unplayable. Though it can be fixed but even after repairing these MOV video files, at times they are problematic.

Assume a situation, where you are supposed to play your MOV video and you have changed your existing MOV video file extension in order to play in different media player. But when you proceed to play that movie in your media player it was displaying some error message. When you saw that error message; again you change your MOV file extension to its original extension. This further generates the error message which indicates that Quick Time Error 2048 couldn’t open the file.

Under such circumstances, you won’t be able to access your MOV file. Since it is inaccessible it clearly indicates that your MOV video file might have been damaged. But even though it is damaged, it can be repaired easily. Besides repairing your damaged MOV video it can be made playable as well. Remo Repair MOV makes this feasible by repairing your MOV video file, thus making it as it was before.

Remo Repair MOV- Helpful for Repairing MOV Files

Remo Repair MOV comes with advanced algorithms that easily repairs damaged MOV files that are present on your Windows or Mac operating system. Apart from repairing damaged MOV video files the tool has capability to repair MP4 video files also.

During the repair process, the software has the capability to analyze audio and video streams separately. After that, it will identify problems associated with MOV video file and fixes them accordingly. Further it will join audio and video streams together to create a healthy new playable MOV file.

The read-only tool is safe for repairing audio and video synchronization issues within few steps as it maintains original MOV file intact. It has the ability to repair damaged MOV videos which has been recovered by making use of some unreliable tool. Further Save Recovery Session is helpful for saving scanning process that makes ease for user after purchasing full version

In addition to this, software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. Besides it is also compatible with Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite.

Supported Camcorder Brands:

It will repair damaged ContourHD MOV video file and it also fixes MP4 video files as well. Besides it supports videos that are recorded on various camcorder brands which include Kodak, Nikon, Samsung, Casio, Canon, Panasonic etc. It even fixes videos recorded on IPhone series and Phone Booth Version.

Codecs supported by Remo Repair MOV

Audio Codecs: mp4a, RAW, sowt

Video Codecs: mjpeg, mp4v, avc 1

Additional Features of Remo Repair MOV

  • This tool safely fixes all issues associated with damaged MOV file
  • Simple user interface that provides proper guidance for software installation
  • Demo Version helps in better understanding of software product
  • 24×7 technical support is available for providing help in software implementation

Below Mentioned are few common causes for MOV file damage

Header Corruption: The header consists of file size, last modified, file creation date etc. if all this information goes missing then MOV file cannot be recognized. This in turn will damage that MOV video file

Incomplete Transfer: During transfer process, if there are any interruptions, such as sudden termination. Then, it will ultimately damage your MOV file thus making it unplayable in future

Changing File Extension: Frequently changing file extension of your existing MOV file so that it can be played in different media player results in damaging your MOV file

Faulty Applications: MOV files are likely to damage if they are being recovered by making use of some faulty freeware application

Suggestions that should be followed in order to prevent MOV file corruption

  • It is advisable to make use of antivirus software to avoid infection to MOV file from viruses
  • Avoid mishandling of storage devices in which your MOV file is stored
  • Make sure that you don’t frequently change file extensions of existing MOV video file

Repair Damaged MP4 File Mac

My collection of MP4 files is vast and is stored in varied storage media and the largest of these collections are stored in my personal Mac computer itself. It hardly takes few seconds of time to play MP4 file in computer. But recently it took almost fifteen minutes to search for all the files in computer and finally I got to know that those files are not playable. This was particularly embarrassing and never expected because my Mac computer is virus free. This made me think that my Mac computer is free from any sort of damage. After this incident I got alerted and sought after fixing the damaged files. Before you get to know how I repaired my files, let’s have a look into various possible causes of MP4 file getting damaged.

There are various media players available in market. User has installed a particular media player and it don’t support particular codec of MP4 fie. Now if user tries to play same file in same media player again and again, then in such a case there is severe chances of that file getting damaged. Other similar instance is usage of application which is unreliable in nature. Moreover, while uploading or downloading MP4 files, if user is making use of very slow internet connection, then in such a case do expect damage of MP4 file. Apart from this while playing MP4 files user should never close the application suddenly out of urgency or due to other mistakes like complete Mac computer shutdown. Though this shut down of computer can also happen if user is not using secondary power source; so in this regard uses are always advised to use secondary power source like uninterrupted power supply.

Let me tell you the secret behind repair of those large collections of MP4 files. It is software named Remo Repair MOV which fixed all of my damaged MP4 files in an instant. Software is very much reputed due its efficient coding and algorithm used in it.

Remo Repair MOV is exclusive software developed to repair damaged mp4 file mac. This software is also capable to repair other format files like MOV which is very popular in video category. Remo Repair MOV uses a very brilliant technique to mend MP4 files. This technique is explained as first splitting the available file into its audio and video counterparts and then initializing repair of individual parts. Once repair gets completed these parts are combined together to give back healthy MP4 file. Software is compatible with most of the versions of Mac operating system like Mac Mavericks, Mac OSX, Mountain Lion and others. Software can also be used to repair concerned files from external drives in the form of USB connected memory sticks. Feature like save recovery session is very helpful to pause and play a very large sized MP4 file. Graphical user interface matches with Mac graphics and helps user to get familiar with recovery process in a very rapid manner.

Incredible Software to Fix MOV File Header

MOV file format brought new wings to video play back option. But this option also brings along with it other issues like MOV file header. MOV file user would have confronted issue as that of file header, once in a while due to the newness of the format itself. Once I was trying to access a full length video file from video player which is was not supporting the format. I tried to access the same file again and again; finely end up corrupting the file. More commonly virus attack also results in corruption of MOV file header. Virus gets crept in computer from various sourced like virus hit external drives or files downloaded from websites which are untrustworthy or standardized as harmful. There are other root causes for MOV file getting damaged too.

Transferring of files should go uninterrupted. If user has initiated transfer of even a large sized MOV file and at the last verge of transfer process, if there is any interruption. This can seriously result in corruption of MOV due to file header issue. Next, while playing MOV file, if user suddenly performs system shutdown or application closure; this can be a reason for file corruption. This usually happens when sudden closure of application or system shutdown is performed large number of times. Using an unreliable source for converting delicate MOV files can surely result in file header corruption. Here also during the conversion process, there should not be any interruption in the conversion process. User would be using corrupted MOV file header to play MOV file all unknowingly. This happens when user downloads MOV files from untrustworthy sites in internet. Apart from above mentioned reasons, a very common aspect is that of playing MOV files directly from the pen drive connected to computer without even copying the file to computer.

While repairing of MOV file can be performed using any third party application. It should be kept in mind using healthy recovery software will help in efficient fixing of damaged file. Remo Repair MOV is one such software in high demand to fix damaged MOV files. Ratings and comments matches with the applicability of the software and its usage.

Remo Repair MOV is standardized software to repair MOV files out of all mentioned scenarios. This software to repair MOV file header performs complete repairing of MOV file in real time basis and completes the process in error free manner. This software is exclusively made for fixing damaged MOV file due to issues in header file or any due to any other reason. Even a very large sized MOV file can also be fixed efficiently using this software. Fixed file content is complete in every aspect and plays with original performance. Options like file preview is helpful in situations in which user is unaware about the files required for repairing; user gets a glance of file required for repairing; selects it for repairing and initiates the repairing process. Mac and Windows operating system is compatible with this software.