Perfect Tool to Repair corrupt DIVX file

DivX is one of the video stream which provides you a very high definition quality videos. You may have stored video files in your PC which are of low quality. You can convert all the low quality video files to DivX file format with the help of DivX converter software and you can enjoy very high quality videos in your free time. When you play a DivX file on any media player, it takes respective codec and translates the data into video. However, sometimes while translating data into video some information might get lost due to some technical issues or unknown reasons which lead to the corruption of DivX video files. In this article I would like to share my experience why my DivX video files got damaged and how I got repaired all those files.

My dad has the hobby of watching old movies in his free time. So I collected many old movies and stored in my PC. But the video quality was very low which was irritating my dad while watching movies. Then Using DivX converter software I converted those video files to DivX format. Some days ago, I downloaded some video songs through internet to my PC. The very next day evening my dad asked me to play a movie to watch. I clicked on DivX formatted video file which my dad wished to watch. But Windows was displaying an error message that file cannot open. Then I realized that, harmful virus attack has infected the DivX file while downloading video files over the net on previous day. Severe virus attack has corrupted all the DivX video files. I dint have an idea how to overcome this issue. Just as a try I entered on Google search engine how to repair corrupted DivX video files. I was very happy to see so many repair tools to repair DivX video file, I just went through all the tools available in the market over the net. I felt Remo Repair AVI software is the best tool to repair all the corrupted files as it had many user friendly features. Then I purchased this tool and got repaired all the damaged files. And finally I could play a DivX video movie for my dad. He enjoyed his free time by watching a movie.

There are some more scenarios which will corrupt your DivX video files. They are:-

  1. Sudden shutdown of your PC due to power surge while playing a DivX video file may also cause corruption of the file.
  2. Improper compression of video files also leads to corruption
  3. DivX file header corruption results in corruption of a file
  4. File transfer process interruption also corrupts your DivX video file

If you face the above mentioned issues then don’t worry as Remo Repair AVI tool can repair all your corrupted DivX video files. Some useful Features of this tool are:-

  1. It supports both for Windows and Mac operating systems
  2. Using this tool you can repair your damaged DivX files on SD Cards, Pen drives, External hard drives, USB drives and so on
  3. It is specially designed with enriched integrated repair algorithms to scan and fix damaged DivX video files
  4. After repairing your damaged DivX video file you can compress the file to save the storage space
  5. It provides preview option so that you can view all the repaired DivX video files before purchasing the tool

As Remo Repair AVI software is available at very reasonable price and is very effective tool, I would like to suggest users to try the tool. Its trial version is available for free and provides a preview of the repaired DivX file. If satisfied then go ahead and purchase the tool.

Efficient Software to Repair Corrupted DivX Video File

Favorite DivX file is not working as required? The corrupted file is repairable!

This is one of the most common confusion faced by users whose DivX file gets corrupted. Once it gets corrupted it shows it by variety of illustrations. The distorted color blocks for short interval are most common. Another way is only sound track playing while the display not getting visible. These are some common scenarios. But, the scenario which was faced by me was non synchronization between the audio and video of DivX file. It was very annoying and impossible for me to find the reason behind the corruption of DivX file. I took expert help to find the reason behind corruption of the file. Expert checked for the possibility of virus in the computer. He installed the antivirus and using it found that there were ten active threats particularly harmful viruses which were most possibly the reason behind the video file corruption. Soon, it removed the virus and possibility of files; in general, getting corrupted. Along with suggesting the name of the software, he alerted me with top reasons for file getting corrupted.

Top reasons for Div X file getting corrupted:

Every media player does not support every type of video file. So, if user tries to play Div X file in media player which do not support the file, then such an act is the open invitation for the file to get corrupted. Other prominent reason is removing of USB drive all of a sudden while multimedia player is still playing the above mentioned video format files. This can happen when user has stored video file of the format discussed and plays directly from the USB drive without even copying the file to the computer and then playing. Another reason is header file corruption. Header file contains important details like file name, size, type, date of creation etc. All these details are essential and if any particular detail gets intervened by unwanted forces like corruption. Then, this can simply lead to whole DivX file getting corrupted.

The solution to all of these problems is third party software. The name of the software told by the technical expert is Remo Repair AVI. This outstanding software has proved itself in various file corruption scenarios and is trusted software.

Special features:

Remo Repair AVI is capable of repairing various video format files including AVI video files. The main principle behind repairing corrupted DivX file is that audio and video files are repaired separately and then combined together to make the complete file. The repairing process is error free and the repaired file is same as that of the original file, this is mainly due to the smart algorithm used in the software. Remo Repair AVI uses graphical user interface which is at par with best software in computer applications. For large sized DivX file it takes only few minutes of time to repair. Even if repairing takes larger time, one can use option like save recovery session to make a pause to the session and resume after some time. It is compatible with all major versions of Windows OS.