Repair Damaged Word Documents

Best way to Fix Damaged Word Files

MS Word is the most widely used application all around the world which is enormously used in most of the organizations to create business related documents and for other purpose. MS Word is most popularly used among most of the computer users for various purposes hence by using this application one can create, copy, paste, share and print documents. In addition Word document allows you to insert charts, diagrams, images etc.  MS Word is provided with some streamlined collaboration tools, like ‘resume read session’ which helps you to access Word file from where you had left or others previously. Thus, the documents created will be saved with .doc and .docx extensions.

Inspite of all these advanced features embedded in Word files, one of the biggest problem one faces is corruption of Word files which makes Word files inaccessible and results in loss of your valuable data, which is quite hard to withstand.

But no need no worry, as damages Word documents can be handled perfectly with the help of Remo Repair Word tool. This software is designed in such a way that deals with broken files accurately and restores them back to its normal state.

Below are some of the reasons due to which Word Files are damaged

  • Macro Virus: Have you come across any errors while accessing Word Files, these errors are mainly due to special kind of malware developed to damage Word files. This virus infects the Word Files by modifying header and the body of Word file and thus makes it inaccessible.
  • Changing File Formats: Word files are converted from one format to other like RTF, PDF, XML etc. This method is known as round tripping. However this method is quite problematic as it may result in damage of Word files. Thus, if you come across any problem while file conversion then you will end with corruption of Word files.
  • Interruptions: Interruptions like sudden system shut down due to power surge or forceful removal of storage device while transferring document files leads to corruption of Word files.
  • Malfunction in MS Word application: Improper working of Word tool may sometimes makes the DOC file not to work resulting in damage of Word file.

In all the above scenarios Word files can be fixed by using Remo Repair Word tool which can be used as a damaged word document repair tool to fix Word files within couple of seconds. This tool also recovers Word documents that is not responding, unreadable Word files, fixes Word templates, conversion errors in Word files etc successfully.

Follow the below tips to prevent damage of Word documents

  • Keep backup of important Word files which can be restored in case of unexpected data loss.
  • Make use of updated anti-virus application on the system to avoid Word file corruption from malwares.
  • Use UPS incase of sudden system shut down due to power outage resulting in Word file corruption

Remo Repair Word to fix damaged Word documents

Remo Repair Word tool which is used to repair corrupt or damaged Word files initially performs scanning of your damaged Word documents and fixes all the issues with the help of in-built advanced scanning algorithm. Thus, helps to fix all .doc and .docx files on all the versions of MS Word document with all the latest versions of Windows Operating system.  Tool also fixes OLE restore objects, images, forms, graphs, hyperlinks, tables and can even mend the Word files of any format and size.

With the help of this tool it is possible to fix encrypted or password protected Word files. Since the tool is non-destructive and read only, it fixes the Word files without causing any damage to the contents i.e., it does not affect your damaged Word files, it just scans it and place the data in a new healthy Word document. Application also facilitates you to view the repaired file by using “Preview” option.

Supported versions of Windows OS: Application is compatible on all latest versions of Windows OS which includes Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012.

Additional features of Remo Repair Word Software which helps to fix damaged Word documents

Remo Repair Word is designed with simple user interface with self introductory installation steps which is easily understandable by common man even without any technical knowledge.

Tool is provided with free trial version and paid version, in trial version you can check how tool performs in repairing corrupted files and later if you are satisfied with its result, you can move to paid version to save the fixed files on any desired location of your system.

24*7 technical assistance is provided by support team to resolve any ambiguities related to product at any point of time.damaged word document repair

Special Notes on How to Repair Corrupted DOC Files

Sometimes, Microsoft Word user while accessing document encounters a critical situation that is” path is invalid” “Cannot load Word for Windows 6.0 files”. These errors normally occur as a result of unidentified reasons. However, as a user you might successfully open the .doc file but the content within it will be in plain text format rather than MS Word binary file. This indicates corruption of MS Word document and makes you annoyed. In this situation, it is very important to repair Word document issue before it gets inaccessible forever.

If the Word document is important for you and it is refusing to open means you start wondering and think for the basic reasons behind such occurrence. But there are numerous manual methods to resolve this type of issue. You can edit the registry settings manually but this process is complicated and anything goes wrong during the process might result in severe damage to Word document. Thus, you need an authorized third party tool to fix such issues and one such tool which is popular for resolving this problem is called Remo Repair Word. It is recommended by plenty of industry experts since it employs superior techniques to fix the errors. It will repair corrupt Word DOC files and supports all major Operating Systems of Windows.

List of scenarios in which Remo Repair Word tool is necessary:

Virus invasion: A MS Word document is highly prone to virus invasion, so when your document file is damaged as a result of virus attack then there are chances that header file may get damaged and after which the file may become inaccessible.

Intrusion during document transfer: In order to do any task you may need to shift your Word document from one computer to another. During the process of transferring, it is necessary to have continuous power supply until the process completes. If power goes off in between the process, then it results in Word document corruption.

Use of third party tool: At times, you might decide to fix Word document by means of third party tool but if you select the unreliable tool for this process, then there is chance of severe corruption to Word document.

Whatever might be scenarios behind Word document corruption, make use of this application to accomplish repair operation very easily. It will repair corrupted DOC files without modifying original file structure. You can use it to fix Doc corrupted files created by MS Word 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. It repairs corrupt, password protected and encrypted Word documents of file types DOC and DOCX at your fingertips. During the repair process, it will restore OLE Objects, clip arts, hyperlinks, images, tables, graphs, formatting text, etc. Once the document repair operation is successful you can take preview the end result, this previewing of repair document will assist you to know the capacity of the tool before buying the licensed edition.

Security measures:

  • Don’t try to exit Word application when you are working on it
  • Don’t try to change the file extension of Word document without complete knowledge
  • Keep updating antivirus tool and scan your system on regular basis
  • Avoid use of untrustworthy tools to do compression and round tripping tasks on Word documents