How to Repair Bad Frame AVI

I tried to play an AVI video file in my computer but it was not playing. In actual how it started is by the fact that the video halted for a while and then only was not playing. These are very common scenarios in the world of AVI file production. Any professional AVI developer surely will keep a quick remedy to repair such files. Remo Repair AVI is one such remedy and can be used confidently by starter and experts too. I used this software after facing a grievous scenario resulting due to power loss. I was quite reluctant in using secondary power source in computer because there was never any power shortage in our residential. But this ignorance caused be a great deal of damage of files more better termed as bad framed AVI. After facing the above mentioned scenario I asked one of my tech savvy friends who helped me to understand various reasons which can result in bad frame AVI.

First, he mentioned above virus attack as the most notorious of all AVI file damage issues. Virus programs can get entry inside computer from wide variety of sources. Ranging from pen drive, external drive or memory card inserted in computer having AV files to files downloaded from internet sites. Other common issue is incompatibility of AVI file player; user would be using an old versioned AVI player to play a latest codec AVI file. Such a case can be very drastic and result in immediate bad frame AVI. User is advised to check AVI player supports before making it play any file. Incomplete file transfer or incomplete file download are other common issues resulting in bad frame.

Wisest way to take any precaution to save files is to maintain backup of AVI files in external drive or in another computer. But, usually it is observed that out of busy schedule user is not able to keep such noble practices. Using top repair software, one can always solve this issue; Remo Repair is one such prime software in internet scene and used heavily by its users.

Remo Repair AVI uses a special scheme to repair AVI, it first separates the main file into two parts namely audio and video. These parts are repaired separately and then combines together to give error free AVI file. Software is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system. Remo Repair AVI is specially designed to meet the needs of beginner users; this is basically illustrated by the graphical user interface used in the software; which helps user to understand the process of repair in a step by step manner. The file to be repaired can be identified by file name, file type and date of creation of file. Repaired files can also be saved anywhere in computer or in external storage media connected to it. AVI, XVID and DIVX can be restored by utilizing this software. This software for repair bad frame avi files, supports both latest and older versions of AVI tool.