Fix AVI File that Won’t Play

“Recently, I was watching one of my favorite AVI video file in media player and suddenly there was sudden termination of system due to power failure. After regaining power, I tried to play that AVI video again in the media player. To my surprise, I was not able to play that video file and some error message popped up on my computer screen. So many times I tried playing it in different video player but was unsuccessful. Is there any solution to fix this issue?”

Do not worry; there is a hassle free solution that will easily repair AVI files that are not playing in any of the media players. AVI is a popular video file format available over the network. This file format consists of both video and audio data frames and when such type of video files are played, these data frames work in synchronized manner. This video files can be edited, modified and compressed easily. It supports almost all media players like Windows media player, GOM player, VLC player, QuickTime and many more.

Unfortunately, AVI video files may get corrupted or damaged easily. If your AVI video file is not playing in any of the media player then this indicates that AVI file is corrupted or damaged. There are numerous unpredictable factors that can cause AVI file corruption. Some of them are explained below:

Header File Corruption: As you known, header file of AVI video plays a very important role in playing AVI file. If due to any reasons if header file gets corrupted then it may lead to AVI file unable to play. Thus due to severe damage to AVI header file may result to AVI file corruption or damage.

Improper Transfer: User may transfer AVI video files between storage medium. If there is any sort of interruptions while transferring process like power failure, abrupt removal of external storage device, power spike then it may leads to severe AVI file corruption. Hence due to improper transferring method AVI file cannot be played.

Third Party Tool: There are possibilities that user may edit or modify AVI video files using unreliable and unsecure third party tool. This tool may damage AVI file resulting into AVI file corruption.

Codec Issues: Codec are the algorithms for compression and decompression of video files that helps in playing the AVI file. If codec of particular AVI file is damaged or is compatible with the media player then AVI file become inaccessible.

Have you come across any of the above mentioned scenarios? If yes, then your AVI file is severely corrupted. If it’s your favorite file and you don’t have any additional copy then definitely you may want to repair it at any cost. Hence forth you need not waste your money and time in unreliable AVI file repairing tool because here is the most reliable and secure tool for repairing AVI file that won’t play.

Why Remo Repair AVI Utility?

Remo Repair AVI Utility is the best software to relay on to fix AVI file that are not playing.  Its working mechanism is very simple and does not affect original AVI file while repairing it. This AVI file repairing software is enough capable of scanning every part of corrupted AVI files within few seconds. Then it will fix it accordingly by separating audio and video data frames of AVI video file. Once the repairing process is done, it will adjoin both the frames to form healthy and playable AVI video file.

This repairing software also has the ability to repair XVID and DIVX file apart from AVI file. It can also fix corrupt or damaged video file that is partially played or not at all played. The AVI video files that are fixed using this software can easily be played on both Mac as well as Windows Operating System. User can preview repaired AVI files before saving it. It can also mend AVI files stored in various storage drives like hard drives, memory card, SD card, USB drives and so on.

Additionally, this repairing software is compatible with all latest versions of Windows and Mac Operating Systems.  Demo version can be used to check its repairing ability before buying licensed version. It also provides free technical support in case novice is facing any difficulties regarding the execution process.

Repair AVI Audio Out of Sync

AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave is one of the prominently utilized video file format which is designed and developed by Microsoft. This video format contains multimedia container for storing both audio and video and allows synchronous audio video playback. It is one of the popularly utilized video files which support both Windows and Mac operating system. They are used in most of the websites in internet for downloading different AVI audios due to their user friendly features and compatibility.

At times, due to unexpected circumstances you might encounter many issues regarding AVI files. One among them is audio out of sync i.e. there will be lag in audio and video (lip sync). Most of them fail to identify and further utilization of AVI audio files lead to corruption. Here are few reasons for AVI audio lag like: the operation performed on your system requires some amount of processor time. So, if your system takes more time to synchronous both audio and video frames of AVI audio file, then audio lag will take place. One more is time of delivering both audio and video is not set properly then also there will be audio lag. Likewise, we come across many reasons responsible for audio out of sync issues.

Let us consider an instance: where you have downloaded some of your favorite audios of AVI file format from internet. During the time of download process, you will not encounter any kind of issue and everything will be fine. Unfortunately, whenever you try to play AVI audio, there will be no proper synchronization between audio and video. That is, if video has started to play after some long time audio will begin.

Nowadays, it has become of the common problem faced by many users of AVI file format. In order to overcome such issues try to speed the processor time or try setting exact frame time for both audio and video of AVI file. When you are unable to repair AVI out sync ever after this, just try using ideal repairing tool. Here is one such software called Remo Repair AVI for repairing AVI audio out of sync within few simple mouse clicks….

Let us discuss other reasons responsible for AVI audio out of sync issues

  • Malware Infections – It has become one of the common reasons for audio lag in AVI files. When AVI audio files are infected from viruses via internet, unsecured websites, infected devices etc. These harmful infections are capable of replicating themselves and will corrupt AVI files. Hence, there occurs lag in audio when AVI files are played
  • Codec Errors – If AVI audio files are forcefully played on incompatible media players, there occurs mismatch in codec values. So, you might encounter AVI audio out of sync
  • AVI Header Corruption – Header of AVI files is one of the vital component that contains information about AVI completely like size, location etc. When it gets corrupted due to unpredicted logical errors results in audio lag
  • Corrupt Storage Media – If the storage media where AVI audio files are stored gets corrupted due to formation of bad sectors, file system corruption etc. might in turn effect AVI audio file present in it
  • Other Reasons – Partial download process, sudden power failure, abrupt system termination, unsupported media player, untrusted third party applications etc.

 Useful tips to keep in mind

  • Without fail have a copy of AVI audio files in any secured backup devices
  • Install updated antivirus software
  • Avoid downloading AVI files from unknown website
  • Interruptions during downloading process should be prevented

 More about Remo Repair AVI

 Remo Repair AVI is one of the professional repairing tools for fixing AVI audio out sync issues on both Windows and Mac operating system. It is one of the non damaging read only tool which will not modify the original file during scanning process instead uses separate file for storing extracted data. Repairs corrupted, incomplete download process, damaged, inaccessible AVI audio files effortlessly. Apart from AVI, supports other video file formats like DIVX and XVID. 24*7 technical team will be available to resolve any kind of interruptions that takes place during installation or repairing process.

Repair AVI Error

AVI that stands for Audio Video Interleave is one of the well known video formats utilized prominently across the world. This is because of its high quality video clippings, supports various multimedia devices, provides advanced features like multiple menu options, automatic scanning etc. It comprises separate streams for both audio and video files. Whenever AVI files are played, audio, video files are synchronized according to codec algorithm present in your system. This codec program installed on your system will look after encoding and decoding of digital information like AVI files.

At times, due to unexpected circumstances like error in codec values, unsupported media devices and so on AVI files might display error messages. In such situations, you will be unable to open or play an AVI file which is troublesome. In order to overcome such issues easily, it is advised to maintain backup. But, most of them forget or ignore to preserve copy of vital AVI files in backup devices. If so, don’t worry!!!With the help of reliable repairing tool like Remo Repair AVI, it is possible to perform AVI error repair in few simple mouse clicks…

Here is one such example: wherein you have spent 2 to 3 days for creating AVI files that are very important to your final year project. After completion, when you recheck everything will be working fine, so you will transfer AVI files to external storage device like pen drive for approval. But, when you transfer those AVI video files from pen drive to computer, it will display error message i.e. file cannot be opened. Unfortunately, AVI files that were available in your system also will not play appropriately. Sometimes, you will be unable to repair such AVI files even after taking help of internet or other third party applications.

As discussed above, Remo Repair AVI is one such tool that can repair AVI file showing error messages in few simple steps. Apart from error messages, AVI files cannot be played due to corruption scenarios like:

  • Storage Media Corruption – If the storage place where AVI files are stored gets corrupted due to formation of bad sectors, it will not react to any read or write operation. As a result, videos files available on that media will become inaccessible
  • Malware Infections – Sometimes, AVI files might get infected from harmful viruses via internet, unsecured data, infected devices used for data transfer process etc. In such cases, viruses will self replicate themselves and will corrupt AVI video files
  • Unsupported Media Players – When AVI files are forcibly played on inappropriate media players, there occurs mismatch in codec values and will result in corruption
  • Improper Transfer Process – While transferring AVI files from one system to another or vice versa, if there occurs any unexpected interruptions like power failures, abrupt system termination etc. leads to AVI file corruption
  • Other Reasons – AVI header corruption, unreliable third party applications, hardware conflicts, file system corruption, incomplete download process, abrupt ejection of external storage device during file sharing process etc. are other scenarios responsible for AVI file corruption

Precautionary Measures

  • Have a copy of vital AVI files in any backup devices to be in safer side
  • Do not play AVI files on any unsupported media players
  • Install advance antivirus software to keep dreadful viruses away from your system
  • While downloading AVI files, avoid interruptions like power surge, low network connectivity, low memory space etc.

More about Remo Repair AVI

Remo Repair AVI is one of the professional repairing tool which is capable of fixing AVI files on both Windows and Mac operating systems. It is one of the non damaging read only tool that will not make any changes in original video file instead utilizes separate file for storing extracted data. Repairs corrupted, damaged, partially downloaded AVI, DIVX, XVID files effortlessly. It requires only nominal disk space for installation process. Facilitates an option called Preview using which repaired AVI files can be viewed prior saving them on particular destination. 24*7 technical team will be available to resolve any kind of problems that arises during establishment or repairing process. You have an opportunity to download demo version to have knowledge about the software prior purchasing paid version.

Necessary Software to Fix AVI File Not Playing on Mac

There are only few brand names which provide perfect operation in every single time of its usage. Mac is one of those brands which do the above saying. But recently I made a doubt in the functionality of my Mac computer. I was trying to play an AVI video file in Mac computer but it was not at all playing. I made a specific inquiry behind such a loss of performance, in return I found that the player in which I was trying to play the video was corrupted. This corruption of application was the chief cause behind the AVI video not playing. Such a scenario can be annoying at times when user wants to urgently view the video out of educational necessity. The solution to such a problem is nothing but repair of AVI file by taking software help. But repairing an AVI file requires a special type of repair software. Remo AVI Repair is one such software used by regular AVI video viewers.

While selecting software there are few general norms which should be kept in mind. These are software reputability, user comments and feedback. If the score is very good in all these parameters, then user should own such software. Apart from using software to repair a damaged AVI file, there are other wise ways too like maintaining backup of video files. So once AVI file gets corrupted user may track those files in computer or in other storage media in which files are stored. But such maintenance of data requires users to be able to regularly update the backed up set of files. But, if somehow user is not able to maintain back up of data in regular basis, then do remember the name of software like Remo AVI Repair. This software has special tinge for repair of AVI files. Apart from this there are various other reason which makes it a worthwhile software to use.

Remo Repair AVI is an exclusive software built chiefly to make the damaged AVI files play again. Software is fast enough to repair AVI files; this is chiefly due to the smart coding algorithm used to give back the user right set of repaired files. Other prominent reason which makes this software a worth have in computer is its features like file preview and save recovery session which are better to be experienced than explained. Main principle behind repair of such a file is that video and audio parts of file are separated and then repaired separately. These individually repaired parts are then combined together to fix unplayable avi file mac. Software supports all major products of Mac.

There are other instances too which makes files of AVI origin to get unplayable. This can happen if the downloaded files’ header are broken which can be repaired using this software. Sudden closure of application which is playing AVI file can also lead to error in AVI file. Sudden closure of application can happen out of user mistake or due to power failure.