How to Repair Corrupted Video File?

“Recently I was watching my favorite video file in computer system. Suddenly there was abrupt power failure due to which my system terminated. Later on regaining power, I tried to play that video file again, but was not able to open it and error message was displayed. I don’t know what to do now? Even I don’t have any additional copy of that video file. Can anyone tell me how to fix corrupted video file?”

Video files are those files which contain both video frames and audio frames which are synchronized together while playing video file. Like other files, even video files are prone to corruption hence becomes unplayable. There are many common reasons that can cause you favorite file unplayable. Some reasons other than sudden power failure are as follows:

  • Header File Corruption: Header file is a vital component of any file which contains all vital information regarding the file. If this header file of video gets damaged or corrupted due to some reasons then there are possibilities that your video file may not be accessible. Thus header file corruption leads to video file corruption.
  • Codec Issues: Sometimes, if media player versions become outdated then there can be incompatibility issues between codecs of video file and media files. If user forcefully tries to play video file then it may lead to video file damage or corruption.
  • CRC Error: When video file is transmitted over the network, then it is quite possible that CRC may get introduced in video file. Hence CRC error may cause file corruption which makes video file unplayable.
  • Third Party Tool: The user may use any unsecure third party tool to edit or modify video file in system. If anything goes wrong then there are chances of video file corruption.
  • Other Reasons: Other reasons that are responsible for video file corruption are internet error, external threats like virus, malware, etc., power surge and may other

Whatever scenarios you may encounter, your video file can be repaired easily without creating any mess. Here is the most powerful utility Remo Repair which will help you in repairing corrupted video files. This video files repair software supports fixing of video files like MOV, AVI, MP4, XVID and DIVX. It also supports mending of video files that are created using camera and camcorders of different brands like Canon, Sony, Fujifilm, Nikon, Casio, etc.

This repairing tool can easily repair video files from external storage devices like hard disk drives, USB drives, memory card and many more. It can be installed in all latest versions of Windows and Mac Operating Systems. Remo Repair provides Preview option to the user so that fixed video files can be checked before saving. Before buying paid version of this software, user can also make use of trial version which is available free of cost.

Unique features of Remo Repair:

  • Ability to fix video files that partially play or do not play at all
  • Repaired video files can be played on both Windows as well as Mac Operating System
  • Supports repairing of large size video files
  • Fixed files can be stored in any storage devices which is accessible

How Remo Repair Works:

Remo Repair has well inbuilt algorithm which will rigorously scan entire system to locate corrupted or damaged video files. It then analyzes each and every part of corrupted video files and then fixes the issue without any damage to original file. This software will repair audio and video frames of video files separately. Once repairing process is done, it will adjoin both frames together to form a healthy playable video file. Users can make use of Remo Repair AVI tool to repair AVI, XVID and DIVX file formats and Remo Repair MOV tool to repair MOV and MP4 files.

Safety Tips:

  • Don’t use any unreliable third party tool.
  • Secure your system and files from virus infection by using secure antivirus program.
  • While downloading check internet connection to avoid any interruption.
  • Never interrupt while transferring of video files.
  • Update your media player regularly.

How to Play AVI File That is Unplayable?

Is your system consisting of damaged AVI file which is unplayable on any of the media player, and do you intend to know how to fix broken AVI file so that you can play it in your system? If yes, then don’t worry as you have reached at safest place to fix unplayable AVI file. Just go through this brief article and find a perfect repair application which will surely assist you to repair unplayable AVI video file within minutes.

Audio Video Interleave (AVI) is really a popular multimedia container file introduced by Microsoft intended for watching high quality videos on your PC. This video file contains both audio stream and video stream which allows synchronization of audio with video. There are various video players that supports AVI files to play in both Windows and Mac OS’s such as VLC player, Windows media player, Apple QuickTime, RealPlayer etc. This AVI files could also be used as an initial point to create playable DVDs as well as helps in achieving excessive rate of compression in contrast to other video file.

Sometimes due to numerous reasons AVI files stored in your system may get damaged or corrupted, as a result of this it refuses to play on any media player. So, in such situation you should know how to repair damaged AVI files. This can be achieved by using an efficient repair tool which is called Remo Repair AVI. This is an advanced tool that has been designed with many advanced features to fix AVI errors and repair AVI broken file due to which you are unable to play AVI video file.

Following are classified as the scenarios that leads for damaged AVI file

  • Damaged Header: File header is important part of AVI file which contains every necessary info about your file. If the AVI file’s header gets damaged, then you won’t have the ability to play it from any of the media player.
  • Virus Contamination: If your system is attacked by harmful virus, then the files stored onto it may get broken or damaged. This may at times lead to inaccessibility of AVI video files.
  • Codec Issues: While accessing or transferring AVI files from one system to other storage device, if an interruption like unexpected power failure or immediate termination of media player may damage the codec structure leading to broken AVI file.

In addition to previously mentioned scenarios there are few more scenarios that leads to unplayable AVI file for example improper download, use of unreliable 3rd party application to repair the file etc. Thus to overcome from all these scenarios you can utilize Remo Repair AVI which is an efficient AVI file repair tool that allows you to easily repair unplayable AVI file.

Outstanding Features of Remo Repair AVI application

Remo Repair AVI program is exceedingly capable of repairing unplayable AVI repair tool that has been reviewed and suggested by many industry professionals to fix corrupted AVI file. It works under lots of AVI file corruption scenario so that you can repair unplayable AVI file. It is capable to correct AVI file on Mac and also on Windows operating system. This broken AVI repair tool is one of the most advantageous and beneficial tool that helps user to fix broken AVI file in a simple way. It is built with powerful algorithms to fix corrupted AVI files within few clicks. It is a productive repair tool that separates out audio and video streams so that you can repair broken AVI file and later on combine them to create a playable video file. This advanced tool has simple user-friendly interface that allows you to know how to fix unplayable AVI file in comprehensive procedure. Additionally, you also can use this software to fix AVI files, Divx as well as Xvid files.

Best Way to Repair Bad Frame AVI

Hi friends! I am wondering to find answers for following questions. I have a digital camera that records to SD card. Today I was recording my friend birthday party video but battery power failed during recording and resulted in a damaged AVI file and pop up some codec information like h264 AVI (part 10) and audio MPEG4 AAC audio. To overcome from this problem I searched in internet and found that it was due to bad frame within AVI. Now I am unable to play complete AVI file on any video player. Is there any suggestion for fixing this file! Any sort of help will be appreciated. Thanks.

AVI stands for (Audio Video Interleave) and it is a multimedia container format introduced by Microsoft Corporation. In current era AVI has become so wide spread majority of people across worldwide consider it as de facto and using it on their computers and laptops. Even AVI runs of different operating system like Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac and supports most popular web browsers.

Well don’t worry; there are plentiful AVI repair utilities readily available on market but choosing the correct one is very important. However, according to many industry expert’s advice and users reviews the best tool to download and use is Remo Repair AVI.

Common Reasons to Appear Bad Frames on AVI File are Highlighted Below:

  • Unpredicted system shutdown due to unexpected power failure while playing AVI file on system might affect AVI file structure
  • Severe virus infection on hard disk containing AVI files is considered as major cause for forming bad frames on AVI
  • Other reasons are improper downloading, AVI file header corruption, application malfunctioning, etc.

Remo Repair AVI Eye Catching Features:

By making use of this software you can repair all types of AVI files like .avix, .avi, etc. on file systems such as NTFS, NTFS 5, ExFAT, HFS +, FAT 16, FAT 32 and HFS X within matter of minutes. With the help of this tool you can easily fix bad frame AVI on chief versions of Windows and Mac OS based computers and laptops. In addition to repairing AVI files you can also utilize this application to fix problems of other popular media file formats such as MOV, AIF, MP4, 3GP and so forth without any complexity. The software has the ability to repair and adjoin audio and video data stream side by side smoothly. It comes with a trial version which repairs corrupted file and provides a preview of the repaired file. This enables one to evaluate the trial version before purchasing the license version of software.

Helpful Tips:

  • Maintain backup of important AVI files in external storage devices like exterior HDD, USB drive, FireWire drive, pen drives, etc.
  • Scan your system with updated antivirus software to get clear from virus infection
  • Don’t use unreliable third party tools for converting AVI files to other formats
  • When you get any error, confirm whether you are playing AVI video with compatible codecs and proceed towards appropriate solution

Must Have Software to Fix AVI with Broken Index

Video files these days form the basis of most media related things. From documentary videos showing exotic creatures of deep Pacific to the tutorial videos published online. AVI files downloaded via internet need to be complete in every manner other wise problem may erupt. If user downloads a file corrupted in nature and then tries to play with the broken index in it, then that file eventually is not playable. Suppose user downloads such a file with broken index the file is already corrupted and cannot be played. But if you think that such files cannot be repaired and starts downloading the large sized file again, then you are wasting the data package because recovery is only a few steps away. Using third party application like Remo Repair AVI all your corruption issue will get volatized.

Few essential steps are: Start the software in your computer. Select the right drive from which file got lost and then select all those files which are corrupted and having AVI format. Scanning session gets started once user signals for it and once repair gets over save your files in required location.

Remo Recover is the kind of software user can desire to install in there computer because of its error free and perfect recovery nature. All sized AVI files gets recovered by using this software. This software uses the principle that once AVI files gets broken indexed, it can be repaired part by part and then combined together. That is the audio and video parts are repaired separately and then combined together to get played in user’s application. This software to fix avi with broken index performs recovery in such a away that the recovered video has original graphic quality and audio standard as compared to the original AVI file. Apart from Broken Index corruption, other popular corruption is also repairable using this software. Remo Repair AVI is compatible with most of the Windows and Mac operating system available in internet market.

File like AVI are more vulnerable to corruption than any other file in computer. This is essentially possible due to the fact that AVI files are a composite of both video and audio files. Files gathered from various sources should be error free. All these sources of files has definite file format. Some video formats are playable in the application and others get stuck in between the playing process. This is exactly the case here which happens when user is using a very old fashioned media player and tries to play latest version AVI file in it. IN such a case, it should be considered that files which go inaccessible can also happen due to virus attack. Another instant is when user has installed third party application untrustworthy in nature and then tries to mend the file suiting the editing desires of user. Using such applications will make your file more vulnerable to file corruption. In all such sessions use software mentioned above to get repaired your AVI file.

Acclaimed Software to Repair Unplayable AVI File

AVI stands for audio video interleave and it is a well-known video format introduced to play video clips in many media players. It is considered as standard for many audio and video apps which are used online. This file provides best option for users to edit or compress and is used to generate playable DVD’s. But the main problem of this file format is, it gets corrupted at anytime. There are several reasons responsible for AVI file corruption due to which it refuses to play and users may come across with problems like sound but no picture or picture but no sound or pictures freezes but sound goes on continue, etc.

In above mentioned situation every user gets upset and avoids trying to play that file repeatedly rather than keeping that file idle. Thus, file gets severely corrupted and ends up with permanent loss. In the event, if you are a such user and experiencing this drastic scenario then a question may arise in your mind that how to repair this file and is it possible to make that file as playable. No need to get upset, for this question, there is only a simple solution is usage of Remo Repair AVI software. With the aid of this result-oriented software, you can repair AVI file not playing on media players like VLC and QuickTime.

Situations in which your AVI file fails to play on media players:

  • Abrupt PC turnoff: Sometimes, while playing AVI video file on any media player your system hangs and it will not take the shutdown command. In such case, without having any option you have to shut down the system forcefully. This kind of abrupt PC turnoff can ends up with unplayable AVI file.
  • Header file corruption:  Incorrect termination of your computer while AVI codec is in active mode can result in AVI file corruption. Thus, it becomes unplayable.
  • Codec issues: Codec are algorithms of file compression and decompression, which can make AVI file playable on media players. If it is not handled properly, then it affects the codec and file gets corrupted.
  • Virus attack: Downloading the AVI video file from insecure website can ends up with its corruption. The virus can severely corrupts that file due to which pictures gets pixilated.

You can avoid above said situations if you follow some measures like stop playing your AVI video on incompatible media players, avoiding removal of external storage device when a AVI video transfer is in progress and scanning your system on regular basis using updated antivirus tool to prevent virus attack. However, if you face any of mentioned AVI video corruption issues, then immediately employ this highly praised utility to large sized AVI files. It is an easy to use GUI which can be employed by anyone to fix AVI, DivX and XViD created by mobile phones and other digital devices. This economic tool can fix audio and video streams separately and then integrates them to generate an error free healthy pertinent file.

Corrupted AVI video from storage devices like hard drives, memory cards, external hard disks, iPods USB drives, etc. are repaired by this top rated software. Later, you can view playable AVI video on renowned camcorders such as Sony, Contour, Sanyo, GoPro, RePlay, etc. It is a read-only product because it never alters source code of .avi throughout the repair process. In addition, you can click on “Preview” option to check out its performance prior to actual repair process. It is totally a cost free demo edition, which is obtainable to satisfy the users before they purchase. As it does not need more memory space to install so, you can use it on all editions of Windows and Mac.

Fix Truncated AVI Files

I am using one of the famous camcorder which is widely used by most of global explorers in today’s world. While capturing the avi video, everything was going good. The real problem occurred when I connected the camcorder after successful firmware updates. I transferred the AVI video to my PC and played it using with the Windows media player. Suddenly there appeared an error message saying that AVI video file is not playable. Those videos were the most important things of my life. At any cost I want that AVI file to be repaired successfully. Suggest me the best tool in the internet…

Really a dooms day for you!!! Losing a most beloved memorable shoots without doing any misleading or AVI file truncations. There are several reasons that AVI video file may get truncated during the system usage or while they are unused and inactive in the drive. The possible root causes for the truncated AVI file problems are.

  • Virus and malware threats are one of the major cause for AVI files truncation
  • Incomplete AVI video file downloads from the internet
  • Camcorder or digital camera firmware updates corruption or any other problem related to camcorder can also cause the AVI file to get corrupted easily
  • Using incompatible video player to play the AVI video files can also truncate the AVI video files
  • Improper codec used in a video player can ruin the AVI video files at times

Actually the AVI video file is just a compressed archive file that contains the elements of video files such as audio, motion pictures and controller files to control the embedded audio and video. An index file will also be there to keep the AVI video track in the right path. Successful AVI repair software can solve the AVI video truncation problem within no time. I can hear your murmuring regarding where to find the right software for repairing truncated AVI video files.

Remo Repair AVI is one of those perfectly designed application that can legibly operate the broken or truncated AVI video files and repair them by using its well deserved mechanism. This powerful mechanism is developed by a group of highly potentially skilled developers. This powerful mechanism takes a copy of the source file and repairs the source file copy inorder to safe guard and to avoid unwanted further AVI video truncation. This application not only repairs the truncated AVI video files alone a few other popular video formats such as DivX and Xvid are well supported. All types of videos that come under these video file formats can be repaired easily. Remo Recover AVI also supports AVI video files of any compression standards. To install and use Remo Repair AVI just follow the steps provided below.

  • Remo Repair AVI can be installed in Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Install it in any of the popularly used operating systems PC and start the repair process
  • Using the browse button on the main screen you need to add the AVI video files to the software
  • Click on repair button and you will find the repair process progressing

After successful completion preview and save the AVI video file after successful purchase