RAW partition is one of the most dreadful cases which any user can face for USB. To cope up with such situations do you know any method?

Drives in computer are partitioned for the efficient management of data in computer. All the partition created in computer is for useful purpose, but RAW partition in USB happens to be the most unwanted partition. This partition is created when it gets corrupted and it simply indicates that the file system is corrupted. So, how does it happen? It is mostly due to sudden collapse of file system in computer. This problem can bring severe problem to other files stored in USB drive too. The message which is shown in computer is practically related to losing files. The most common message indicates about formatting of USB. If user thinks that it can be helpful, then do remember that it can bring additional problems too. One of the most common problems which any user faces is losing all files from USB. There can be important files stored in computer too which can sometimes sound critical because losing important files is never in any one’s favor. To get out of such a mess use outstanding software like Remo Recover, this software is blessed with features which are desirable and worth to be part of on your desktop.

Trustworthy features:

Remo Recover has features which are direct synchronization to recover USB RAW partition. For a USB there are different partitions and all of those are recoverable using this software. USB of all popular brands are recoverable using this software, some of the brands are Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba from which recovery is possible using this software. Features like file preview and other options are very much helpful for those users who need individual recovery of RAW partition files. This software is compatible with most of the versions of Windows computer like Windows XP, 2003, 2010 and others. Save recovery session is way too helpful for those users who are want to pause the recovery session for a while and perform other important activity and later resume the recovery session.

RAW partition cases:

This type of partition can happen due to virus attack too. Virus attack happens due to downloading files attached with corrupt programs which trigger RAW partition creation. Another reason is connecting USB to computer which is already infested with virus. To avoid virus menace user should install antivirus software. Antivirus software removes virus infested programs from computer during the periodic scanning routine. This routine can be set by user for daily, weekly or even monthly basis.

Important measure:

USB data which seems to be important to the user should be kept as backup in external drives like memory card, pen drive and even in computer free of computer virus.

Steps to recover partition:

  • Download, install and start Remo Recover.
  • Choose “Recover Partitions/Drives” and choose “Partition Recovery”.
  • Next star recovery session and save recovered data in destined location.