Deleted MS Outlook Meetings Recovery

In MS Outlook, you can schedule meetings very easily and also possible to send meeting request to your coworkers or business partners to get their approval. These meeting information is stored on your PST file. What if you delete one of your meeting information from your Outlook after sending them to your coworkers?

After deleting meetings, your coworkers are able to replay for your meeting request. But, you are not able to see their notification, which is very stressful situations for you. What will you do in such situation?

When you delete Outlook meetings, they will be moved to Deleted Items Folder of Outlook. If you have not emptied your Deleted Items Folder, then you can get back them very easily. In case, you have emptied that folder, before restoring deleted meetings, then it is not possible for you to recover them without using any Outlook recovery software. Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is one such Outlook recovery software which recovers deleted Outlook meetings within few minutes.

Note-There are many other situations where you might not get your deleted meetings in Outlook restoration folder such as when you have erased those meetings using Shift Delete key or when your PST file get corrupt. In these cases, deleted Outlook meetings will bypass Deleted Items Folder.

Reasons for deletion of Outlook meetings:

You might lose your meetings from your Outlook due to accidental or intentional deletion. Sometimes, PST file corruption may result in inaccessible of Outlook meetings as well as other Outlook items. There are many reasons behind the PST file corruption. In that the most common reasons are mentioned below:

  • Usage of unreliable tool for importing and exporting PST files
  • When the user is working on a Microsoft Outlook application, if there is a sudden termination of the application due to some unknown reason
  • If the PST file crosses its maximum size limit, then there is a chance of PST file corruption
  • Improper up gradation of Outlook, faulty add-ins, interruptions while compacting the PST file are some other reason for PST file corruption

Recover Outlook meetings in a secure way…

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) tool helps to restore Outlook meetings as well as other Outlook attributes like emails, notes, tasks, contacts, journals, calendar items, RSS Feeds, inbox items, etc. It even helps to fix corrupted PST file. Along with Outlook 2010 deleted meetings, it even restore meetings from other Outlook versions.The application offers two methods for scanning the PST file depending on the severity of the PST file corruption, i.e. “Normal Scan” and “Smart Scan”.

If MS Outlook inbuilt Inbox Repair Tool fails to fix the corruption issues of Outlook PST file, then use Remo Outlook Repair tool. It helps to fix your PST file within a few simple clicks. Even, password protected and highly encrypted PST files are repaired with the help of this tool. While repairing Outlook file, if you don’t know the exact location of PST file, then use Find All your PST Files option. Its demo version is free; through which you will be able to know the working procedure of this tool.

Other than Outlook items recovery, Remo Repair Outlook (PST) also comes in handy in the following situations:

  • It will help to fix search indexing problem of Outlook. Search indexing problem means Outlook search fails to locate the items which you are looking for and simply returns no matches found message.
  • Possible to fix Outlook, which refuses to respond and which hangs each and every minute
  • “Outlook Data File Cannot be accessed”, “The operation failed. An object could not be found”, etc. are also fixed by this tool
  • Even it fixes Work Offline Problem of Outlook. Work Offline problem is nothing but Outlook opens in offline mode, even after selecting the online mode to open Outlook.

It is possible to avoid PST file corruption issues by taking some precautions such as

  • Avoid improper termination of Outlook
  • Don’t use unreliable tool for exporting and importing Outlook PST files
  • Be careful about PST file size

Even after following these, if your PST file gets corrupt, then use Remo Repair Outlook (PST) and get back your Outlook items including Outlook meetings from inaccessible PST file.