Export MS Outlook PST

As an Outlook user, you may come across a situation, where you need to export Outlook PST file. Exporting Outlook files is nothing but taking backup of entire Outlook data. Backup of PST file is very essential because it will come to your help when you are in Outlook data loss situation. You may also need backup of PST file while you want to import your PST file to some other environment as it helps to quickly transfer your PST file.

Microsoft Outlook provides inbuilt export option for exporting PST files, but it is complex process and sometimes it will not help you to export entire PST files. Even manual methods like copy paste, cut paste etc. are there for you to export Outlook PST files. But, if any kinds of interruption occurs while exporting PST file using manual method then you may land in data loss situation. Next what? Is there any other option which helps for exporting PST file without losing any data?

Yes, you can export your entire PST file without missing out any information, for that you just have to make use of Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate tool. It is possible to export Microsoft Outlook PST file using this tool within few clicks without facing any difficulties.

Exporting PST file becomes important:

  • While upgrading Outlook version to higher version
  • When you want to upgrade Windows operating system
  • Before formatting or reformatting the hard drive
  • When you want to shift from one PC to another
  • While reinstalling Windows OS

Features of Remo Outlook and Migrate Software:

Remo Outlook Backup tool has the ability to backup complete PST file and other important Outlook attributes such as notes, journals, calendar items, tasks, settings, signatures, etc. utmost ease. It facilitates an option to create any number of backup profiles. The software is compatible on all major versions of Windows operating system including Windows 10. By making use of this tool, you can secure your backup files by protecting them with a password. You can also use this tool to migrate your complete Outlook data to upgraded version of Outlook or operating system. To save memory space, one can easily compress the backup to any level of compression. This tool supports all versions of Outlook like Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and Office 365You can backup Outlook at scheduled time or event using the built-in scheduler option.

It offers two different types of backup options that are Smart Backup and Advanced Backup. “Smart Backup” option enables you to back up the entire data and settings of the Outlook. It is useful if you want to back up the whole data and transfer it to new system. “Advanced Backup” helps you to select the required attributes and then the backup of data is done. It is highly useful when the particular elements are needed from the Outlook application. It helps to create 4 restore points which will restore the program to previous operating condition. It is even possible to split backup archive, according to the available storage space.

Software for Good Buisness to Backup Outlook 2010 Contacts

Outlook 2010 contacts can get lost at any moment, have you taken proper measures to cope up with such problem?

Outlook contacts are crucial because it is the contacts only to which we perform email communication. Moreover it is crucial in a client based environment where contacts are the basis of commerce. Now, lets get into the detail of Outlook contact lose scenario. Flawless operating system is very crucial for successful establishment of email conversation. Now suppose user is about to send a large sized file to a contact who is important to the user. Now once send tab is clicked, then the next few seconds is the gap in which PST file in the form of data are transferred from computer in the form of data to the contact. Suppose, suddenly operating system crashes. So, when next time user boots computer and uses computer. He will find large number of things missing from computer applications. In this context it is the Outlook contacts. If such a problem erupts, then there are ways to get back the contacts at immediate effect. At this moment user would be confused that how can contacts be brought back to Outlook profile.

Software called Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate is the magical way to bring back your lost Outlook 2010 contacts back into Outlook profile. This software seeks the backed up content of the software which was done prior to losing Outlook 2010 contacts. This software is a proven software and has served large mass of people to backup Outlook contacts.

Variety of features:

Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate is a very convenient software for all those users who use Outlook profile in different platforms. Apart from backup of contacts migration of PST data is also provided by this software. User can also expect recovery of data from various PST backgrounds like reminder, notes, emails etc. Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate provides backup contacts from Outlook 2010 in an accurate manner. This software supports various versions of Microsoft Outlook some of them are Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 etc. It supports all versions of Windows operating system and thus provides flexibility.

How a contact gets lost?

Microsoft Outlook is the application supporting Outlook contacts. First, improper termination of Outlook application is the major reason for Outlook contacts getting lost. Out of hurry or by mistake, user may abruptly close the application without saving it. Another key reason which erupts us due to deletion, user would like to delete a specific Outlook contact but in reality would have selected a different contact and thus will face the grievances. Virus attack is also the major reason and can be sometimes horrifying for beginner Outlook users.

Key steps to back up contacts:

  • Start Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate in your computer.
  • Select backup option out of the two basic options.
  • Next, select all those important contacts for backup purpose.
  • Initiate the process and once it gets completed, then your contacts will be safe and backed up.