Repair Hard Drive Problems with Windows Chkdsk

Over time, you may come across certain problems with HDD which can be due to OS crash, hard drive failure, etc. However, these problems can be resolved by using Chkdsk command.

Know more about Chkdsk: Windows system such as Windows Vista, Windows XP, Window 7, Windows 8x and Windows 10, are included with Chkdsk command which is used to check your HDD errors. Most of the time, this command can run and fix the errors it finds. But, it’s recommended to run Chkdsk every two or three months in order to check the integrity of your hard drive and to fix any errors.

Though the life span of a hard drive varies — but it crosses five or six years old, they start to fail. The lighter you use hard drive, it may last longer. Whatever, you should run Chkdsk than running it in the default mode. This help article will explain how to use Chkdsk to troubleshot hard drive problems in Windows and tell if your hard drive is about to fail despite your repair efforts. For this, you need  the following:

  • Windows XP/2000 boot CD or a series of boot disks
  • Computer with an IDE drive

Steps to fix hard drive problems with Chkdsk in Windows

  • Initially, boot your computer from your Windows XP Cd or from your 6-disk XP/2000 Boot Disk Set. For this, you need to insert your CD or Floppy #1 and turn on computer. As soon as it displays menu, select boot from CD or boot from floppy (Note: Do not select boot from the hard drive).
  • Now, the computer starts booting, eventually, you will see a screen asking you what you would like to do. Then, press the letter R on your keyboard to proceed to the Windows Recovery Console.
  • As you progress to the Recovery Console, you will be asked which partition you would like to boot into. So, type the number associated with the partition containing your NTFS partition and then press enter to continue. Then, it will ask administrator password. Type it and press enter. If there is no password to boot your computer into Windows, then simply press enter.
  • Now in command prompt, type the following command without the quotes and press enter: “chkdsk /p”
  • This is a short test to tell whether longer test is needed or not. After the test completes, if you get a message like “One or more errors detected on the volume” then proceed to next step. If there are no errors, then your drive cannot be repaired using chkdsk.
  • Now go back to the command prompt and type the following command without the quotes and press enter: “chkdsk /r”
  • This test may take a while depending on the size of your drive. It looks for the errors on your drive and repair them. When it completes, you will be back at a command prompt.
  • Then type “chkdsk /p” again and press enter. If there are no errors your drive has been repaired successfully and is safe to use again temporarily. If the errors are reported, then your drive is on its last stage and you may be able to boot it now.
  • So, remove the floppy disk or CD from your system and restart the PC. Take a moment to back up your valuable data.

Want to replace Skype?

Gone are the days when people used telephones that were glued to the wall. So are the days with the cell phones that can call friends overseas. We have come to the times when we call loved ones over the internet; for free. Technology has doubled up so much that you can even video call online. But today’s kids are bored of Skype, the most famous online calling product, once upon a time. They are looking out for more than just the usual texting and calling. Their greed for better technology hasn’t been dying down.

Here are some of those greed-feeding tech products that are replacing Skype. They offer much more than what Skype usually offers and are better in terms of access, speed, options and expenses. These are the top 6:


Google Hangouts 

Google Hangouts offers free user-to-user calls and is Skype’s competitor at the highest. It has a special offer of free calls within the U.S. and Canada. It has been “stealing” Skype’s number of existing users and proves to be as good or even better than Skype in terms of call quality. Up to 10 members can participate in a voice or video call simultaneously. It is supported on web, iOS and Android.


The user can communicate with contacts from both the phone contacts as well as e-mail contacts. If the any of these contacts are also users of Hangouts, calls between the two users are free of charge. Landlines can also be called to. For other calls a small amount of currency is charged which is not heavy on the pocket. 

Calling can never get this easier and convenient. This app doesn’t require any user to “sign up” or download the app. You can just create a “room” link to make a voice or video call. Then share that link with anyone you want to talk to (up to eight people) and start off.  To maintain privacy, you can set a “lock” to the room link so that nobody else can intrude in case your link has been leaked out. This app is supported by web and iOS. However, international calls are not possible.



Viber goes a notch higher by not only offering free calls and chats, but games, public chats, calls to landlines and mobiles as well. Also text chat, voice and video calls are free for the user. A maximum of 40 callers can engage in calls at once and a minimum charge is applied for domestic and international calls.


That’s not all. Viber raises the notch a little higher. The user can send across documents, texts, images and video messages that are all encrypted. To keep the communication fun and going, the users can also have a duel in an array of games, with their friends as well as public chats that will keep you updated on discussions regarding a variety of topics.



Another app that helps you enjoy a group video chat with no downloads. Just create a room with a unique link with up to 15 people.  You can set privacy settings on and enjoy your conversation. Another feature of Talky is that, once you are live on the call you can switch on or off your microphone or webcam and get on with text chat. But this app doesn’t allow international or domestic calls. It supports web and iOS.



If you want a good deal to make international calls, Voca is the ideal choice for you. You can make free user-to-user calls. International calls can be made across 230 countries at affordable rates. If the user’s contacts also have the app, then texts, voice and video calls are all free. You can b assured that the messages and calls are encrypted. Android and iOS are supported.



Like all the other apps, Oovoo offers free calls between the app users. Domestic and international calls are also allowed. Calls to landlines and mobiles are charged though. There is no sign ups or downloads required. The group calls are of high quality. The group chats on the web is free and up to 12 members can chat with a unique link. The calls can share screens and be recorded.

It can be used as a messaging app that allows recorded text and video messages to be sent across. Calls to landlines web-based calls are allowed even to non-users of the app.



All these apps provide services that are more or less similar to each other. Making free voice or video calls, group video calls and chats and of course international calls at a minimum rate are some of their striking features. But there is one other app that deserves our attention although it is not as appealing as the rest. Here it is…



Free voice and video calls are possible between WhatsApp users via mobile along with messaging. Images, videos and voice texts are also allowed. However, the user can call just one other user through this app and group calls are not available. Those who are not users of WhatsApp can be sent an invite by a user.


Although this app is not as flexible as the others mentioned, it has strangely become one of the most used app of communication all over the world. Using these apps has strengthened relationships world over and one can say how far humanity has taken technology to.

what does bios do

What is Your PC’s BIOS? When is it used?

 BIOS or the Basic Input /Output System is the first thing that gets loaded when you switch your computer ON. This is the first thing that your computer does before it gets started. The use of BIOS setup utility is to load or initialize all the hardware of your computer. It is the first call of action from your computer to start your computer and load all the other elements. Some of the core level settings of your computer are available in the BIOS setup utility.

Recent years have marked the emergence of UEFI firmware along with all the modern computers. This UEFI firmware is known to be the successor of conventional BIOS. However, the difference between these two is negligible. Most of the modern computers are equipped with UEFI instead of BIOS, but many of them address their UEFI screen as BIOS setup. This improvisation is only done to cope up with the emerging technology in computing.

BIOS – Basic I/O System and UEFI

This is a firmware that the computer manufacturers attach to the motherboard of your computer. The BIOS is stored in a chip and this chip is strategically placed on your motherboard. It helps to control the hardware of your computer.

When we switch the computer ON, it boots the BIOS first. The BIOS then configures all the hardware of a computer for further booting. As soon as the hardware is ready, it transfers the boot up to the boot device. This BOOT device is normally the hard disc of your computer, or an external drive or flash drive sometimes.

UEFI is the upgradations of BIOS, it is also a firmware attached to the motherboard of your computer. As discussed earlier, it is the first thing that starts when we switch the computer ON. UEFI stands for Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. This creates the first interaction between the hardware of your computer and other programs, just like BIOS.

In reality, there is hardly any difference between BIOS and UEFI. These are low-level programs that are used to start the hardware of a computer.

These are used for the various purpose for your computer. With BIOS setup, you can change the Boot order or modify overclocking options. You can also use BIOS to setup a boot time password for your computer. This password is required before the system starts booting.

Go to BIOS or UEFI

You can easily access BIOS options or UEFI options if your computer says so. There are various ways of accessing BIOS or UEFI options in your computer. Some of the most important functions of BIOS setup is changing the boot order and setting up of a boot time password.

In order to access everything inside the BIOS setup utility, you have to recognize specific keys for each computer. But for every PC you need to restart it, in order to change it or get access to the options.

Restart your computer and as the computer starts booting, press F2 if you want to access BIOS.

If you want to change the settings, Press “Del” to enter the setup menu.

Some of the most common keys would be Del, F2, F1 and Esc. These will be needed to change the settings and browse through various BIOS options.

Most computers have predefined keys to access the BIOS options, it is displayed at the time of boot. If you restart your computer, you can see the press key message on the blank screen. Some computers have a message displayed on the blank startup screen.

If you are using a Windows 8.1 or 10, you have to access the UEFI settings using the main screen. You can do it by Windows boot menu options.

To use this function, press the shift key and click on Restart. This restarts your computer and gives you access to various BIOS menu options. Go to

Select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > UEFI Firmware options.

This will display a boot menu option window with a number of options like system restore, Startup settings, and UEFI firmware options. This gives you access to the Firmware options and helps you to modify the BIOS settings.

Every user should be cautious about BIOS settings and should be cautious about changing it. Any un necessary change in the setting can be very problematic and may result in dysfunctionality of your system.


The Best 4K Monitors for Life with More Pixels

Are you planning to buy 4K monitor then, you have to consider display panel’s quality which is typically reflected in the product price. There are cheap 4K monitors that deliver contrast, color reproduction, viewing angles that offers lower resolution monitor with better quality panel.

The size of the display is another major factor like when you pick a 4K TV, a larger monitor will charge more. Besides, the affordable system is quite struggling with latter as they lack a powerful graphics card.

About Dell P2415Q: It will charge from $374 for 24 inch 4K monitor with LED backlighting and IPS display panel. Talking about the response time it is around eight milliseconds and 2,00,000:1 contrast ratio. When you are thinking about connectivity options of P2415Q includes USB 3.0 ports, Display Port and Mini Display Port.

Asus ROG Swift PG27AQ: ASUS ROG Swift PG27AQ is an excellent 4K monitor that has been designed for serious gamers. Its 27-inch IPS display has 100% RGB color Gamut and ultra-viewing angles. It supports NVIDIA G Sync which is rich set of wired connectivity. Besides, the monitor is highly adjustable that allows users to switch between portrait and landscape viewing.

Samsung U32D970Q: This 4K model is completely designed for professional use, as it has 32 inch LED display. Apart from that, it offers 99.5% Adode RGB and 100% RGB compliance and advanced white balance correction. It supports dual color modes and it can display your content from two separate sources. The connectivity options are arranged in such way that it allows you to view the monitor in landscape or portrait mode which makes U32D970Q a great buy

HP Envy 27: The HP Envy 27 4K monitor has amazing features that makes it all in one desktops from the same product range. The devices include 99% RGB color accuracy and AMD FreeSync technology as well as dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1 along with brightness of 350 nits.

Acer S7Seris S277HK: The Acer S7 S277HK is a stylish 4K LED IPS monitor with a stellar four millisecond response time and a 100,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. It comprises of HDMI and DVI inputs, along with stereo speakers and low power consumption.

Philips BDM4350UC: The 43 inch 4K monitor by Philips has excellent response time and dynamic contrast ratio of five milliseconds and 50,000,000:1 respectively. It also supports content viewing from two sources. The 4K monitor has USB 3.0 hub, stereao speakers, and a standard wall mount. The price is affordable which can be easily bargained

Samsung UE590: Samsung UE590 provides high quality 28 inch LED display panel with $385. The specifications includes excellent response time of four milliseconds and provides rich set of connectivity that features picture in picture support and Eye Saver mode.

ASUS PA328Q: ASUS PA328Q is 32inch 4K monitor that is real rival for Samsung and LG’s finest offering that provides amazing size and image quality. It has the capability to deliver pro grade color accuracy and has an extensive set of connectivity features; it also provides sleek design and easy adjustable stand.

LG UltraFine 4K Display: The UltraFine 4K Display is designed to work with Apples latest MacBook Pro notebooks that come with USB-C ports. The feature includes impressive image quality, built in stereo speakers and a trio of USB-C ports. Apart from that the hardware specs include a resolution of 4,096 x 2304 pixels, P3 wide color compatibility, and a brightness of a whopping 500 nits

BenQ PV3200PT: Here is BenQ PV3200PT 4K monitor which is made up of pro-grade video editing tools. The monitor provides accuracy that is 100% compatible with RGB and Rec.709 color spaces. Talking about other technical specs is that it include dedicated controller for customized display settings, highly adjustable stand and a combination of wired connectivity options.

Google is making Android far more accommodating for people with disabilities

Google is right now testing an Android application that will give you a chance to control some essential capacities with just your voice, the organization reported today. The openness programming is called Voice Access, and it’s intended to give individuals with inabilities a chance to exploit center Android capacities in a without hands way. It’s in beta right now, and in spite of the fact that the application period has finished, the organization says it ought to be discharged as a free Play Store application sooner or later.

The application will give you a chance to open applications, look with voice orders, and select things onscreen. “For instance, you can say ‘open Chrome’ or ‘go home’ to explore around the telephone, or communicate with the screen by saying ‘click next’ or ‘look down,'” the organization wrote in a blog entry. It additionally joins a numeric framework, so everything from applications to drop down menu choices will be appointed a number you can say out loud to perform an undertaking. The changes here ought to help Android to be all the more pleasing to any clients. Apple’s iOS has since a long time ago included comparative instruments for individuals with vision, hearing, and engine expertise hindrances.

Google reported a progression of other openness changes over its product offering. Designers can now run an Accessibility Scanner on their applications to get proposals on the best way to enhance them, with suggestions like growing catches and expanding screen balance for those with visual debilitations. The organization says it’s likewise presenting another variant of its content to-discourse route programming for Chromebooks, and in addition conveying voice-based altering to Google Docs.

Meet Mohu BeBox! High Sound And Android Tablet In One Portable Box

mohu-beboxThe makers of over the air TV antenna recently introduced a wireless audio system named as Mohu BeBox. This wireless audio system is small and has loud sound which can be best used for doing party as it is flexible to be a streaming stereo or a Bluetooth-controlled boombox; this Bebox is powered by a built-in Android Tablet.

Mohu BeBox is somewhat expensive as Mohu is selling it for $500. But right now, they are selling only on their website so don’t expect any kind of discounts. Mohu also planning about the broader availability of device through retailers next year.

Talking about some technical aspects, it was observed that Mohu Bebox is an all in one stereo with 7 inch Android Tablet which includes quad-core ARM Cortex A7, running on Android 4.4 OS. Further it can easily connect your home network via Wi-Fi as well as to other devices via Bluetooth. In terms of battery, Bebox is good as it has massive internal battery so that you can unplug it and take wherever you want. Mohu Bebox weighs around 15 pounds and when we check entire specification we come to know that it is really portable.

For setting up the Bebox, you need to sign in to Google Play and download Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify or whatever you want to listen. Now start listening through its internal speakers. Process of connecting Bebox to an external device is also easy, you can switch inputs by simply pressing a touch-sensitive button on top. Another important thing that you would find interesting is that, it has micro SD card slot and a USB port for music on your hard drive, mobile phone or any device you want to play.

Stage where it Excel

  • It has 6.5” long woofer with two soft dome tweeters and two 3” midrange drivers
  • It has amazing sound quality and it can be fitted well for moderately sized space without any distortion
  • Good enough for backyard party or you can get clear enough background music while you hang out with friends
  • Default settings are accurate no need of any modifications as heavy bass which makes sound more clear and crisp
  • Maximum battery without batting an eye. Like if you start Bebox at 9 am and listen Pandora entire day and directly pause at 8pm or 9pm then also you don’t need to charge
  • Audio quality is amazing and Android stereo is also great with exceptional battery life with HDMI output
  • BeBox is having best part of Bluetooth speaker, combined with a wireless internet connected audio system

Some Shortcomings of BeBox

BeBox is having many good features including better sound quality and wonderfully designed cabinet. So according to that, BeBox price should stand distinct but unfortunately it doesn’t do well for people who are really into music and expecting a lot. If you are getting Sonos quality sound, think for a while as its better than any Bluetooth speaker. There is no remote control so you have to control playback from BeBox itself; unless you get an app that supports remote management or streaming via Bluetooth.

Don’t think that it will guide you to setup, Bebox is just like getting a new Tablet and you have to go through Google setup. Sign in to your Google account and download the required apps from Google Play. Sometimes you’ll be annoyed with something that you don’t want like when you are happily streaming Spotify or Pandora and in between your speaker start beeping about Hangout message or may be an email. For avoiding such pop up notifications you go to Settings > Accounts and disable sync, after that go to Settings > Apps and disable Hangouts. Since nobody is interested to check hangout messages email or other kind of notifications on audio system.


So bottom line is Mohu BeBox is good option for partying in a smaller space which may include bedroom or even a dorm room. But when it comes to pricing one will surely pause for a sec thinking that is it worth spending $500. It is true that one is willing to spend money and having Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Android powered, going to carry these bass sounds anywhere then you will be happy buying BeBox.

Tips and Tricks of new Apple TV

The fourth generation Apple Television was recently released and comes with some new and exciting features. It includes the new redesigned remote, a new App Store and most importantly, Siri integration. All these new inclusions have been incorporated to make your TV viewing experience way better. But it also means that you need some time to get used to.

So here is a guide to help you get started and enjoy your Apple TV viewing experience. Below is the list of some tips and tricks for your new Apple TV:

  • Manage Apps: In older Apple televisions, you didn’t have much control over the home screen and apps being laid out on the home screen. But in the new Apple TV, you can move your favorite apps to the top by just using the trackpad.
  • Switch between apps: You can switch between apps that have been recently used by double clicking on the remote’s home button. When you double tap on the home button, recently used apps will be pulled up. Swipe the touchpad to select the required app.
  • New Screensavers: The new Apple TV has included Aerial screensaver. But if this is not your style, then you can use photos as your screensavers. You can either choose your own personal pictures or photos from Apple’s collection. Just go to Settings –> General –> Screensaver –> Type –> and select photos from either My Photos or Home Sharing.
  • Control video playback using Siri: If you want to effortlessly rewind or fast-forward a video, use Siri. On Apple TV’s remote, hold down the Siri button and say “Fast forward by 15 minutes”, or “Play from beginning”, or something similar. Even if you have missed on some dialogues while watching a movie or show, you can press the Siri button and say “What did she/ he say?” Siri will rewind the video by 15 seconds.
  • Customize your search: There are different ways by which you can customize search using Siri. For instance, you can ask Siri to find horror movies on Netfilx, movies starring Johnny Depp, and so on. You can also search for specific titles and only specific episodes of TV shows. You can filter your search by saying something like “only action movies”, to get more targeted results.

Few tips and tricks for your new Apple TV were seen. But this is not all. Even when you are watching a movie, if you don’t want to disturb others in your home, you can pair headphones to your Apple TV so that it is only audible to you. Navigate to Settings –> Remotes and Devices –> Bluetooth. This will prompt your Apple television to search for nearby Bluetooth devices. But just make sure that your headphones are in pairing mode before doing this.

Second Wave WiFi

With the rapid development of technology, day by day new innovations are coming to the fore. Wi-Fi certified n devices (which is also known as first WI-FI certified ac products) is one of such innovation presented by technology and it implemented core feature of IEEE 802.11 ac standard.

As said above, networking technology is improving every day and previous versions has been updated in order to provide more benefits to the user. Hence, Wi-Fi association is in the process of presenting a next edition of Wi-Fi certified ac products that offer more features and more efficiency, which you will not get in First Wave Wi-Fi. Since, it is an advanced version of First Wave Wi- Fi, the association named it as Second Wave Wi-Fi; which is also termed as Second Wave 802.11 ac.

As per Wi-Fi association, it will be available in mid-2016 and it works on MU-MIMO technology (Multi-User, Multiple Input Multiple Output). MU-MIMO technology offers the ability to raise the throughput of wireless networks. Wave 1 and other older Wi-Fi routers can only connect a single device at one time and other devices queue up, but using Second Wave Wi-Fi, you will be able to connect multiple devices at a time.

Some of the key benefits of Second Wave Wi-Fi:

  • It handles multiple simultaneous Wi- Fi connections through its four antennas
  • Available maximum channel width will be doubled in Second Wave Wi-Fi as compared to first wave
  • Even it will add support for 80-80 and 160 MHz channels
  • Moreover, it will increase the number of transmit and receive streams
  • The improvements in the Second Wave Wi-Fi offer the possibility of multiplying the maximum data rates that are currently available in First Wave Wi-Fi.
  • Second Wave Wi-Fi is coming with increased throughput and even it allows access points to serve multiple devices
  • Wave 2 802.11ac routers added a more-powerful modulation technique so that it will able to deliver maximum physical link rates in the range of 7- to 10Gbps
  • It provides up to three spatial streams with maximum physical link rates of 1.3Gbps  for each stream
  • These devices will also operate on the less-crowded 5GHz frequency band, but they’ll take advantage of several optional elements of the 802.11ac standard.
  • These routers creates a single channel with a bandwidth of 160MHz by linking multiple channels of 5GHz frequency band
  • Wave 2 802.11ac routers support a maximum of eight spatial streams