Is your Laptop Keyboard not Functioning Properly?

The deadline is closer, the workload is high and you are tired. All of a sudden, your laptop keyboard suddenly stops working! Yes, the horror of a dysfunctional laptop keyboard at a crucial time is very distressing. However, this is a different situation than the one with a desktop keyboard. These issues could happen because of a variety of issues. But do not fret. They can be easily dealt with, using some these fixes.


# 1 Clear out foodstuff

This is a very simple solution to get your keyboard back to life. If you have a habit of eating while you are at work on your laptop, this could be your problem. Make sure that you do not spill foodstuff on your laptop keyboard as the crumbs can be stuck in between the keys and may not work properly. To clear out the crumbs, hold your laptop up in slanting angle and shake it firmly to drop down the crumbs stuck. You can also vacuum out the dust particles.

To clear out any wet foodstuff, take a rag soaked in a cleaning liquid or warm water and wipe out the keys. Do not apply the cleaner onto the system but the rag. If you are unable to clear out everything, you may consider replacing the keyboard assembly.


# 2 Rebooting may help

Rebooting your system can help you set your keyboard right. Just press and hold down the power button for about 10-15 seconds and wait until it switches off.


# 3 Using the USB style

If you are concerned about getting some unfinished work done immediately, you can try an alternative. Plug in a USB desktop keyboard onto your laptop and go ahead. This will help you finish the unfinished task for the time being.


# 4 Driver issues

Some habits may turn into nightmares. If you are installing third-party software frequently, the keyboard may be corrupted. Even shutting down the system abruptly very often, without using the Shut Down command can prove fatal to your keyboard.

To find out if this could be the reason, you can simply check the Device Manager. If you find the keyboard icon missing or has a yellow exclamation mark next to it, you will have to fix it. Get a hand at the laptop maker’s download page. Download and install drivers onto your system. You can use the help of the USB keyboard to work through the fixing process.


# 5 Motherboard issues

If the keyboard is disconnected with the motherboard of the laptop, then you will have to disassemble the laptop and fix it. You can use the manufacturer’s manual or any online help to do so. However, using a professional’s help is recommended.


# 6 Damaged Keyboard

If the keyboard is severely dysfunctional, you may have to contact your laptop manufacturer and get it replaced within the warranty period. It is advised that you keep a backup of your data or remove the hard drive itself and retain it before you send it for repair. This way you can prevent data loss or corruption.


These solutions can wipe out you laptop’s keyboard problems. If you are unsure of any instructions given here or from the manufacturer’s manual, do not attempt to fix it on your own. Take the help of a professional so that the system is not damaged.