Restore Data from External Hard Drive Partition

Are you finding difficult to restore deleted/lost data from external hard drive partition on your system? If, so then will be thinking about how to recover partition from external hard drive. Now, don’t worry!!! Just install Remo Recover utility that supports all Windows and Mac versions for quick recovery of data from external HDD volume.

These days, most of them prefer external storage devices for saving, transferring and taking backup data. It is one of the best mode for storing huge amount of data due to its large capacity, portability nature and can be connected to any Windows or Mac systems. Like other devices, even external hard drives are prone to deletion or loss due to many situations.

One such common reason is while sharing files from external HDD to other devices or vice versa. You have captured photos in one of the function and want to share it with your family members via external device. So you have connected your external device to your PC for transferring those images. Unfortunately, in between the process your Mac PC freezes for few minutes and will restart. When you again try to repeat the process, by connecting the external drive you will realize that some of the pictures were missing. This might happen due to many reasons, some of them are:

  • Improper ejection of external storage device during data transfer process or removing it without Safe Removal Hardware option
  • Sudden power surge will interrupt the file sharing process and leads to data loss
  • Abrupt system termination without removing external storage device
  • Encountering error messages while accessing files present in external HDD
  • Connecting the external storage device to many other devices without scanning using trusted antivirus software

The above discussed are major reasons responsible for losing or deleting files from external storage device Mac. However, with the help of Remo Recover application you can recover partition from external hard drive in few simple steps. This recovery tool will restore lost or deleted data from external hard drive in few simple steps. It can scan the entire drive in few minutes because of its built in powerful scanning algorithms. Recovers data from corrupted, damaged, infected, inaccessible external hard drive effortlessly. This tool will create images on external hard drive containing bad sectors using option called Disk. Due to which data from drive can be restored easily in later duration. It is compatible on all latest versions of Mac OS like Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, and Leopard.

Other scenarios where Remo comes in handy are:

  • Formatting – At times, you might format the drive comprising external storage device instead of other drive
  • Accidental Deletion – Deleting vital files without your knowledge, improper usage of cut, paste commands, using command prompt will result in permanent deletion
  • External Threats – They are the culprits for partition loss or deletion from nay system. They will get transferred via data, storage medium, infected applications tec.
  • Other Reasons – File system corruption, software clashes, hardware conflicts, external threats and so on

Tips to avoid data loss or deletion from external hard drive partition

  • Maintaining backup of important data in any secured storage devices will be beneficial
  • Install updated/authorized antivirus software on your system
  • External hard drive should be formatted and scanned in regular intervals of time
  • Avoid using external storage device after data loss or deletion




Restoring Files from Maxtor Hard Drive

Maxtor hard drive is one of the popular drive utilized by most of the users across the world for data storage purposes. This hard drive can be segmented into various parts known as partitions due to which data can be stored and accessed easily. They are majorly used because of their reliability, large memory space, user friendly features, compatibility with other devices and so on. Like other drives, Maxtor hard drive is also prone to data loss or deletion due to many unforeseen circumstances.

Let us take an instance : in general all the hard drives including Maxtor contains sectors for finding or accessing data easily. At times, there are possibilities of these sectors turning into bad sectors. Basically, bad sectors are defective regions that get created on hard drive due to unsecured data, improper termination of system etc. These bad sectors keep on increasing and when Maxtor hard drive is accessed for storing or retrieving data. In some point, due to increased number of bad sectors, hard drive will not respond to any read or write operation. That is hard drive become inaccessible as a result data present in it cannot be accessed, hence data loss occurs.

Likewise, we come across plenty other reasons due to which data goes missing or deleted from Maxtor hard drive. In such cases, don’t lose hope and conclude that data from Maxtor hard drive cannot be restored back which is not true. Every problem has its own solution, likewise data from Maxtor hard drive can be recovered using recovery tool like Remo Recover.

Whenever you lose or delete files from Maxtor hard drive, it is not removed permanently. Instead address pointer of that file will be erased due to which you will be unable to locate that particular file. In reality, data resides on Maxtor hard disk unless and until it is overwritten. So, it is always advised not to add new contents to Maxtor hard drive until recovery process is carried out. Now, with the help of Remo Recover you can retrieve data from Maxtor hard drive after deletion or loss within few mouse clicks…

Other features of Remo Recover

One of the preferred recovery tool which can restore various multimedia files that are deleted or lost from Maxtor hard drive. This tool can scan entire drive in few minutes for recovering data at the earliest. Also, recovers data from inaccessible, damaged, corrupted, crashed, failed hard drive effortlessly. With the help an option called Disk image it can take a copy of entire hard drive which contains bad sectors, severely infected or corrupted. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems for recovering deleted or lost data from Maxtor hdd. Apart from Maxtor, supports various brands of hard drive like Buffalo, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Western digital and so on.

Let us discuss some of the reasons which cause data loss or deletion from Maxtor hard drive

  • Unintentional Deletion – One of the very common reasons due to which most of them delete files from Maxtor hard drive. When you are accessing or exchanging files from Maxtor hard drive to other systems or vice versa, you might accidentally click on delete option instead of send to or copy that leads to deletion
  • File System Corruption – File system is vital structure of hard drive that maintains crucial information about each file in organized manner. If it gets corrupted due to logical reasons like software clashes, hardware conflicts etc. make Maxtor hard drive inaccessible. Therefore, files available in Maxtor hard drive also cannot be accessed
  • Formatting – Sometimes, you might accidentally format Maxtor hard drive containing vital data instead of other infected drives which results in data loss
  • Malware Infections – Maxtor hard drive gets infected from viruses via infected devices attached to system for file sharing process, network, unsecured files etc. These infections can replicate themselves and are capable of deleting or corrupting structure of Maxtor HDD

 Some of the useful tips to remember

  • Make a habit to preserve vital files in any secured storage device or drive
  • Maxtor hard drive should be scanned regularly using updated antivirus software
  • Avoid transferring data from infected or unknown devices to Maxtor HDD


Restore Failed SATA Drive DATA

When a SATA drive fails, it becomes inaccessible and leads to lose of valuable data stored on it.  SATA disk drive failure may occur due to numerous reasons such as over usage of the drive or due to formation of bad sectors. If SATA drive begins to display the warning signs like SATA drive fails to boot or OS fails to detect it that indicates failure of SATA drive. In some cases, you may also come across following situation

  • Computer freezes often and the mouse cursor stops working
  • Frequent lock-up during booting
  • System takes time to load

These are some other warning signs of SATA drive failure. Whenever you come across these kinds of scenarios, just take a backup of your entire SATA drive data on any other external storage device. If you have not maintained any backup, then SATA hard drive failure may cause huge amount of data loss.

How to recover data from failed SATA hard drive?

Well, don’t worry when you lose data from your SATA drive because you can use Remo Recover tool for failed SATA drive recovery. It recovers any kind of data like audio, video, images, documents, etc., from failed SATA drive.

Remo Recover- For get back lost data from failed SATA drive…

Remo Recover tool easily restores data that is lost or deleted from SATA hard drive due to hard drive failure. It also performs data recovery from formatted, corrupted, crashed and reformatted hard drives in short span of time. Moreover, it supports data recovery from SATA drives irrespective of its file system such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT, HFS+ and HFSX. Other than SATA drive, this utility even recovers data from SCSI, IDE and many more hard drive types. Along with hard drive, it is also possible to recover data from memory cards, pen drive, iPod etc.

 Unique options which are available in Remo Recover Tool:

  • It provides a tool called “Find”, by using which you can find required file from the list of recovered files without any difficulties.
  • In case you don’t find the required file type in the given list, then you could opt out for “Add / Edit file signature” option, to add new file type or edit the existing ones.
  • It is also possible to sort recovered files on the basis of its file size, creation date and extension.
  • “Save Recovery Session” is an option which comes to your help when you want to pause a recovery session to avoid rescanning of the entire drive.
  • The demo provides Preview option through which you can view all recovered files.

Reasons for SATA hard drive failure:

MBR Corruption- Master Boot Record maintains many important information about drives, if it gets damaged due to any unknown and known reasons then there is chance of SATA drive failure.

Formation of Bad Sectors– Bad sectors are inaccessible areas on the hard drive. There are various reasons which results in bad sectors such as error detection code mismatch with the content of the same sector, by abnormal system termination, overtime usage of hard drive, etc.  If the number of these bad sectors increases, then that may result in failure of a SATA drive. Thus you may lose data stored on it.

File System Corruption– If your SATA drive file system gets corrupt due to any technical problem, then it may eventually corrupts your whole drive and results in failure.

Damage of Boot Sequence: When the system starts, it looks for boot instructions in the BIOS known as boot sequence. It informs and orders in which way it must search for OS and further boot instructions from installed partitions. If it comes across contaminated boot sequence instructions, it fails to continue the boot procedure and the procedure will halt intermediate making HDD failure.

Some other reasons for SATA drive failure are malfunction to the registry, improper repartitioning and reformatting, disk fragmentation failure, errors during OS reinstallation, etc. In these cases, just use Remo Recover and get back all your lost data within minutes.

Useful Tips-

  • Always maintain backup of important data on any other storage device
  • To avoid bad sectors, defrag your hard drive frequently.

Recover Data from Crashed Hard Drive

Ever encountered a hard drive crash? It can be a really devastating situation because you lose entire files and folders that are stored on your hard disk. If you are someone who backs up data on a regular basis, then restoring the lost data is possible. But if you feel that the files stored on your hard disk drive is safe and secure then you are in trouble under such disastrous situations.

There are two ways that hard drives crash- Due to logical failure or due to physical failure. Physical drive crash occurs when the hard disk has broken parts that prevent it from working. Logical hard drive crash, on the other hand, may occur when your operating system malfunctions, hard drive is improperly formatted, and so on.

You can actually predict a hard drive crash sometimes and secure your important data in advance. Some of the warning signs like system rebooting itself, blue screen occurrence, system starting up slowly, etc., indicate that your hard disk is going to crash in the near future. Yet, if you eventually failed to watch out for signs and your hard drive crashed, don’t think that data recovery is impossible. Remo has come up with Crashed Hard Drive Recovery software which retrieves entire files from crashed drive securely.

Restore Crashed Hard Drive using Remo Recover:

Remo Recover scans the entire hard drive that has crashed to find the deleted or lost files and retrieves it in a short time. It is a read-only tool which doesn’t damage any partition or drives and recovers data from it in a safe manner. In fact, it also restores files from repartitioned or reformatted drives, missing or inaccessible partitions, unbootable hard drive, etc.

  • The software recovers data with its original file names and directory structure. Thus it ensures safe recovery
  • It restores files lost from various types of hard drives such as SATA, IDE, SCSI, SSD, etc, when they crash or fail to boot
  • Apart from hard disks, even data from other storage mediums like external USB drives, flash memory cards, iPods, FireWire drives, and so on can be easily recovered
  • The application also retrieves data from FAT32, NTFS, exFAT, HFSX, and other partitions

Remo Recover supports Sony, Samsung, LaCie, Buffalo, Transcend, Western Digital and Seagate crashed hard drive recovery which is performed in simple steps and in an easy manner. Not just these brands, there are many other brands supported by the software. The utility works on both Windows and Mac operating systems to recover data efficiently.

Now let’s see some of the factors which cause hard drive crash:

  • MBR Corruption: A crucial component of file system is MBR (Master Boot Record). MBR plays an important role in booting the operating system. So if it is corrupted, then it results in hard drive crash
  • Registry file corruption: Registry files instruct a system on what to do. A corrupt registry prevents a computer from booting and may also result in hard drive crash
  • Software conflicts: Installing malicious applications in your system may also lead to a hard drive crash. Even if you have installed unauthorized softwares or outdated ones that are not compatible with the operating system, then it may result in drive failure
  • OS issues: If your operating system is upgraded in an improper manner or if it malfunctions, then there are chances of hard drive crash
  • Other reasons: Excessive bad sectors on hard disk, fragmented drive, improper formatting / reformatting, and so on are few other reasons for a hard drive to crash

So when your hard drive has crashed and data is lost, Remo Recover software comes to your rescue to restore entire files from the crashed disk. It is user-friendly tool which can be understood by both professionals and new users. Even when you have any issues during the recovery process, you can contact the technical support team which is available round the clock to assist you.

Few precautionary measures that you can follow:

  • Defrag your hard drive on a regular basis
  • Backup important data in an external storage device so that it can be restored during any data loss scenarios
  • Perform formatting or partitioning operations of the hard drive with caution


Failed Seagate External HDD File Recovery

One of the most common problem with Seagate external hard drive is data loss due to its failure. There are many factors which are responsible for failure of hard drive such as bad sectors, corruption of file system etc. When hard drive fails, operating system shows size of the hard drive as zero bytes and sometimes repeated ticking noises comes from the Seagate drive when powering up due to which you may fail to access data from it. But the real problem will arise when you don’t have backup of HDD data. In that time, the only possible way to access data from failed hard drive is by making use of recovery tool like Remo Recover application.

Below listed are some symptoms shown by Seagate external hard drive before it fails:

  • Files that can’t open or go missing are other signs of hard drive
  • If a hard drive does not spin up properly, that indicates a failure.
  • When Seagate external hard drive is about to fail, it may begin to act strangely all of a sudden. It might take more time to load a single file or may not even load.
  • If error messages related to the file system begin to appear frequently and without any obvious cause, then the problem shows that Seagate external hard drive is going to die in coming days.

Once your hard drive fails and there is no other way to access data from it then Remo Recover tool will help you to make data recovery from failed hard drive within few minutes.

About Remo hard drive recovery tool:

Remo Recover is built with scanning algorithms that thoroughly scans entire drive in order to locate and restore files from failed Seagate external hard drive. The data may be of any kinds of files such as documents, images, audio files, video files etc. Once files are restored using this tool you can classify it based on their unique signature. It is easy to spot particular file from large list of recovered data. It helps you to rescue data from file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT, HFSX and HFS+.

With the help of this tool, it is also possible to get back files from formatted, reformatted, and repartitioned drives. You can also use this tool to restore data from corrupted or broken hard disk. Moreover, it supports many kinds of hard drives such as IDE, SATA and SCSI etc. Added advantage of this tool is, it even has the capability to restore files from memory cards, pen drives, iPod etc. This software can work with Windows versions like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac versions like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite.

Reasons behind Seagate external HDD failure:

  • File System Corruption: When file system of Seagate hard drive corrupts, the drive may fail to work. There are many factors which cause file system corruption such as improper system shutdown, virus attack, and abrupt removal of HDD etc.
  • Formatting and Re-formatting Error: There is chance of Seagate HDD failure if you not follow proper steps while formatting and reformatting your drive. Sometimes frequent format and reformat action on HDD also lards to failure of hard drive.
  • Increased bad sectors: Sometime hard drive fails due to increased number of bad sectors. Bad sectors are nothing but defective part of the hard drive from which it is not possible to access data.
  • Abrupt Removal of HDD: Seagate external hard disk may fail if you abruptly pull it from the system when it is in use. Thus, data stored in it becomes inaccessible.
  • Additional Reasons: Abrupt system shutdown when HDD connected your system, hardware faults, external threats, system file issues, etc. are other issues that can render failure of Seagate hard drive.

Additional features of Remo Recover:                                                                                             

It offers interactive interface which gives complete instruction while installing and recovering data from failed HDD, so no deep understanding is needed for implementing and recovering data by using this software. Even novice and non-technical people can restore data very easily and quickly. The availability of trial edition makes the environment more convenient and reliable, as prior to purchase you may be well aware about the actual product. It also facilitates you with “Preview” option that helps to view recovered results prior to restoration.

Tips to avoid data loss:

  • Always use Safe Removal Hardware option while ejecting hard disk from computer.
  • Always follow proper steps and avoid any interruptions during formatting and re-formatting process to avoid data loss.
  • While performing any operation on your Seagate drive be attentive in order to avoid any kinds of complication which may results in Seagate drive failure.
  • Maintain proper backup of important files to avoid data loss due to any scenarios.