Repair MS Powerpoint File that Stops Responding

Is your PowerPoint files stops responding suddenly while working on it? Are you looking for a solution to fix it? Well, you are at right place; In this page you will know how to fix PowerPoint Presentation in few mouse clicks…

Whenever PowerPoint application stops responding while editing or creating PPTX file or if you come across issues with PPTX file then it indicates that PowerPoint file is corrupt. Some of the common behavior exhibited by PPTX files that

Common scenarios exhibited by PowerPoint files when its corrupted are:

  • Objects do not appear where they are positioned on the slide
  • Animations do not work as expected
  • Objects or text will overlaps
  • You may get error messages which restrict you to open PowerPoint file such as

“PowerPoint cannot open the type of file represented by filename.ppt”, “PowerPoint was unable to display some of the text, images, or objects on slides in the file”, “File is corrupted or damaged”.

When you come across these kinds of situations, it is necessary to fix Powerpoint Presentation at the earliest because the sub files linked with the Presentation like macros, images, and so on may also get corrupted.

If your Microsoft PowerPoint not responding how to repair is your question then make use of Remo PowerPoint Repair tool. The built-in repair algorithms of this tool helps in fixing corrupted PowerPoint Presentation in no time.

Remo Repair PowerPoint- To fix PowerPoint files

Remo Repair PowerPoint tool fixes PowerPoint Presentation files in a secure way. While repairing PowerPoint file, this non-destructive read only application will not alter your corrupt Powerpoint file instead it just creates replica of the original corrupt file. Thus all your original files are kept in intact. Even PPT, PPS files can be fixed with this application.

Besides, this application comes with simple interface which gives clear instruction while repairing PPT file and hence even novice users can easily fix PowerPoint file. This application provides free demo version, so that you can easily understand the working procedure and capability of this tool with the help of Preview option before saving it to any desired location. In case of any queries related to product, you can contact support team to avail guidance related to product.

Supported Windows OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

Tips to remember:

  • Maintain backup of important PowerPoint files and store them on any external storage device as it can be a ray of hope in case of data loss scenarios.
  • Avoid interruptions while moving Powerpoint files.

Now, you know how to fix PowerPoint Presentation. Let us know the reasons behind PowerPoint file corruption:

  • Incompatibility issues: If the updatedPowerPoint Presentation version is not compatible with the updated version of MS Office which you are currently using then it may PowerPoint file inaccessible.
  • Header File Corruption: If the header of PowerPoint file gets corrupt then certain data might be missing thus resulting in inaccessible PowerPoint files.
  • Other Scenarios: Using unsecured tools for recovering lost PPT file, faulty applications may damage PowerPoint file, etc.

How to Fix Recovered Word Documents

Have ever come across a scenario wherein you are unable open recovered Word file on your system? Any time, tried to repair such kind of files and didn’t successed? If yes, just refer this page….

Microsoft Word File is one of the majorly utilized word processor applications for creating and editing different types of documents. It is been opted by most of the users of computers because of its simple to understand features. This application comprises varieties of attributes like font styles, URL objects, texts, symbols and so on. In spite of its advantages, sometimes Word files refuses to respond for any read or write operations. This might usually happen due to corruption scenarios i.e. when Word document gets corrupted due to many unknown circumstances.

When Word documents gets corrupted, it is like wasting your hours together hard work? What will be your response to such situations? Don’t want your Word file back or searching Word file repair tool? If yes, then Remo Repair Word is one of the ultimate tool for fixing corrupt Word document in few simple steps.

Scenarios responsible for Word file corruption:

  • Sudden System Termination – While working on Word files, if system terminates suddenly due to power failure or if you shut down your computer without closing Word files appropriately will leads to corruption
  • Macro Virus – Macros are generally used to avoid repetitive words or phrases in Word documents. When these macros get embedded with harmful viruses, automatically get transferred to Word files. After which they will multiply themselves and will corrupt entire Word file
  • Error messages – At times, while accessing Word files you might encounter error messages like Microsoft Word has stopped working, File name or path not valid etc. due to corruption scenarios
  • Corrupt Storage Media – If the storage place where Word files are stored gets corrupted due to bad sectors or errors might in turn corrupt documents present in it
  • Other Reasons – Computer virus, software malfunctioning, header corruption, improper transfer or download process, power failure and so on other reasons for Word file corruption

Some tips to avoid corruption

  • Maintain backup of vital Word files in any secured storage device
  • Install updated antivirus software
  • Scan your operating system in regular interval of times
  • Do not connect any unknown devices for file sharing process

Why Remo Repair Word?

  • Non damaging – It is read only tool which will not modify any of your original file during scanning process. This utility will just extracts data and saves in separate file
  • Virus Free – 100% completely free from all kinds of malware infections
  • Compatible – Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, servers like Windows 2008, Windows 2003..
  • Free Trial Version – Demo version of software can be downloaded from internet to gain knowledge before purchasing paid version

More about Remo Repair Word

  • This tool supports all versions of Word files like 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 to fix recovered Word files easily
  • Requires less disk memory space for establishment process
  • Restores hyperlinks, objects, styles, bullets lists and so on from corrupted Word files
  • Facilitates an option called Preview, so that repaired files can be viewed in advance before saving on particular location
  • Supported Windows operating systems are Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003
  • 24*7 technical team will be available to resolve any kind of interruptions during installation or fixing process to repair Word documents

Repairing MP4 video file

MP4 video file format is widely used which is a multi platform utility used with handheld devices i.e. mobile phone, tablets and also in desktop, televisions etc. This format produces high quality videos and it is open standard so that everyone can use.

MP4 is a most preferred file format for watching videos and corruption of MP4 video file makes the video unplayable in any kind of video player. If the MP4 file which has been downloaded for hours is not playing due to file corruption, then it’s a great disappointment for user.

This kind of corruptions may occur due to various reasons like virus attack, software malfunction, system file corruption, fault in the firmware of digital cameras and camcorders and accidental formatting of MP4 file from drives.

Errors Reported by MP4 file:

MP4 files are generally large in size so that they are easily corrupted and show many errors like File Not Found Error, Unsupported Format Error etc.

Possible scenarios in which the MP4 file may get corrupted:

  • Quite a number of cameras and Camcorders produce corrupted video files which may be due to defect in its firmware.
  • The MP4 file can be corrupted by abruptly taking out the external memory cards or drives while the user transfers the video file from one device to another.
  • Inefficient video converter can corrupt the original MP4 file while converting the videos from MP4 to another format.
  • Some malicious virus can corrupt the MP4 video files which results the damage of those files.

Repairing the corrupt MP4 files:

Repairing the MP4 file from corruption is not a big issue if Remo Repair MOV tool is there as a helping hand for a user to fix mp4 video files. This software is built with fully automated repair process so that the user can repair the corrupt MP4 file without much effort. Compatible to use with both Mac and Windows operating system, it repairs the MP4 file corrupted due to any complicated reason.

The corrupted MP4 files can be repaired instantaneously by using Remo Repair MOV tool which has the unique repair technique.  The technique involves in automated repair process which separates the audio and video files and adjoins them after the repair process is done. As an added advantage, it enables the user to preview the repaired file.

It can be used with both Mac and Windows operating system. It makes the user access very reliable with attractive GUI. The software assures the user by displaying the repaired results in preview option.

Codec supported by Remo Repair MOV:

It repairs the corrupted video file that supports various  video file codec like mp4v, mjpeg and avc1 and audio file codec like sowt, RAW and mp4a.

Cameras and Camcorders supported by Remo Repair MOV:

Major brands including Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, Contour and Sanyo etc. are supported along with the above mentioned audio and video file codec.

It is compatible to use with both Mac and Windows operating systems.MAC OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Lion 10.7, Mountain Lion 10.8 and Mavericks 10.9 are supported in MAC systems. Likewise, in Windows, Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2003 server or Windows 2008 server are supported.

Protective measures needed to avoid the corruption of MP4 file:

  • By using some efficient anti-virus software to protect the system, user can avoid the MP4 video file corruption.
  • Avoid conversion of MP4 video files by inefficient video converter which could damage the original content of video.
  • Do not abruptly take the external memory cards while it is transferring the MP4 file from one device to another.

Best Tool to Repair damaged Quick time MOV files

Does your Quick Time MOV file refuses to play and throws error messages? Or audio and video of your file are out of sync? Don’t hurry up and conclude that the QuickTime file is corrupt first try to play the file on other media players or try other healthy files on this player. This is because sometimes even if the media player is corrupt you might face some errors and the file might be unplayable. Perhaps, in case the file fails to play on any other media player and the same issues still persist then it’s a clear indication of your QuickTime file corruption.

Actually QuickTime files are the files that are compatible enough to be played on QuickTime Media Player. These file formats include QuickTime Movie (.mov), MPEG 4 (.mp4 & .m4v) and many more. They contain multiple tracks for storing several sorts of media like audio and video tracks. Hence, if any uncertainties are found on these tracks or on the header information of these files then the file gets damaged refusing to play on any media player.

Suppose you have a QuickTime video file that was recorded at your favorite singer’s musical concert. What if it gets corrupt due to unknown issues and has become unplayable either on QuickTime player or any other media players. Distressing isn’t it? Don’t panic!

Luckily you can easily fix corrupt QuickTime file using efficient video repair software. Remo Repair MOV is one such tool that could effortlessly repair the corrupt video in just few minutes and render it as playable. Even if the file is severely corrupt and throws error messages while accessing it, the tool can effectively locate all the issues and fix them in simple clicks.

Common reasons for QuickTime file conversion:

Improper conversion: Using unreliable tool or improper mechanism for converting the QuickTime file to any other video format will damage your file.

Incompatible media Player: When you try to play a QuickTime file on a media player that doesn’t support the file format then this could render your video file corrupt.

Incomplete Transfer Interruption while transferring the QuickTime files from the computer to the external device or vice versa can lead to damage your favorite video file. These interruptions can be like sudden power outage, abrupt removal of the external drive amidst transfer process and many more.

Codec issues: Codecs are the vital aspect for any video to play normally. QuickTime file contains two sorts of codecs called audio and video codec. In case if these codecs are damaged due to unknown issues then this can render your file as unplayable.

In all the above mentioned situations your QuickTime file would get corrupt and refuse to play on any media players. No worries; as said earlier, repairing corrupt QuickTime video file is now easier and simpler using advanced video repair tool called Remo Repair MOV. It is designed with robust algorithms that could securely fix all the issues with the file and render it playable with just few simple steps. With this utility you could repair QuickTime files of various video file formats like MOV, MP4 and M4V.

How the tool works to fix the file?

In order to repair damaged movie file, the tool incorporates non-destructive mechanism. That means, while repairing the file, the tool will never edit or damage the original QuickTime file. It just extracts the data from the file and creates a new file to perform repair. Initially, it separates the audio and video tracks, analyzes, locates the issues and fixes them all individually. After which the two tracks will be adjoined to forma a healthy and playable file.

Remo QuickTime Movie repair tool can be used to fix

 Audio-video sync issues: At times, when you play a QuickTime file you may notice that the audio and video will not be in synchronized. That means either audio lags behind the video or video lags behind audio. This can happen due to any of the above mentioned instances. Using this effective tool you could fix such issues in simple clicks.

QuickTime file Errors: Many a times, either while opening QuickTime file or while playing the video you may encounter some error messages that indicate file corruption. Few of those errors include:

  • “Error -2048: Couldn’t open the file because it is not a file that QuickTime understands”
  • “The movie could not be opened. An invalid public movie atom was found in the movie”
  • “The movie could not be opened. The file is not a movie file.”
  • “The document could not be opened. The movie’s file format isn’t recognized.” Etc.

Nevertheless, this efficient Remo QuickTime video repair tool can easily fix all these errors in matter of minutes without causing any damage to the original file.

QuickTime file Header corruption: Even if the movie file header is corrupt in any reason, you can utilize this tool to fix damaged QuickTime movie files.

Hence, with all these features Remo Repair MOV is an excellent QuickTime MOV video repair tool. Also, it can be used to fix MOV files created on any digital camera. In addition you can preview the repaired video with the trial version itself even before purchasing the tool. Moreover, the entire process is just 3-simple step process. So, why wait, just go ahead and get the evaluation copy now!

How to Repair Damaged RAR File

Nowadays transferring files over net through emails has become very common. However due to limitations on the size of the file you are restricted to transfer only small sized files over internet. You can transfer only maximum of up to 25 MB size of files through mail at a time. But, in some situations you may have to transfer some larger files over net; under such situations you can compress all those files into a single archive file using a compression tool. WinRAR is one such tool available for compressing the files into a single archive called RAR and saves the file with .rar extension. RAR is a proprietary archive file format that supports data compression, which contains number of compressed files in it.

However, at times your RAR file might get corrupt due to some unavoidable circumstances. Few days back, I came across a situation wherein I had to transfer some large files exceeding the maximum file size limit through email to my colleague. I compressed those files using WinRAR application and saved as a RAR file. At the same time one of my friends came to my home to collect some files from my PC and hence connected his flash drive. He finished his work and returned. Next day, when I clicked on my RAR file Windows displayed an error message that the file cannot open. I was worried very much as the files embedded in the RAR file were very important to me as I had not even sent those file to my colleague. Then I realized that severe virus might have infected my system, which damaged RAR file. I was distressed a lot and after some time called my brother and asked for the solution. He advised me to use Remo Repair (RAR) tool to repair all the damaged RAR files. Initially, I used the trial version, within few minutes the tool could fix corrupt RAR and let me view the files in it. I was very happy and purchased the tool to save all my files compressed in the RAR file.

Not just this, there are some other scenarios where your RAR file gets corrupted are:-

  1. Interruption while compressing files leads to corruption of the RAR file
  2. Harmful virus infection also causes damage to your RAR file
  3. RAR file can get corrupted because of the damage to the particular file structure. Hence, when the RAR folder gets corrupt, all files inside the folder becomes inaccessible.
  4. Sudden system shut down while extracting data from archive also leads to damage of RAR file
  5. CRC errors during data extraction from an archive might induce unwanted data which will damage the archive resulting in corruption of your RAR file
  6. File system corruption also leads to damage of your RAR file

If your RAR files get corrupted due to any of the above mentioned situations or due to some other unknown issues then no need to worry. Remo Repair (RAR) application can perform quickly and easily with just couple of clicks. It has many user friendly features which are very useful for the users. They are:-

  1. It supports all versions of Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista and many more
  2. It scans and fixes the corrupt file within few seconds and displays the files contained in the RAR file
  3. It is designed with strong algorithm which helps to fix even the severely damaged RAR file
  4. You can also repair password protected RAR file very easily
  5. Allows you to even fix RAR files stored in other storage devices like external hard drives, pen drives, SD cards etc.,
  6. Trial version of the tool provides you preview option so that you can see all the repaired RAR files.

Remo Repair (RAR) tool can repair all your corrupted RAR files securely without making any alteration to your original RAR file and moreover it is very cost effective. Hence it is the best application available in the market to repair damaged RAR file.

What to do When Word is not Responding

Word application is used in every day activity and is characteristic to all corporate companies. Word in Windows computer is featured under Microsoft Office application. If you have used the application frequently, then you would know that Word application having a particular version is not accessible in some versions. The exact same problem was face by me when I tried to use a newer Word file in older application. Such a situation is characterized by message indicating that Microsoft Word is not responding. When such a problem happened in my computer, then I solved the problem by seeking remedy from friends with technical background. All solutions were converging to a common piece of information and it is repair software. The idea is that since the file is not responding in one computer or the other, usage of software meant to repair files can make it responding again.

Remo Repair Word is the software which performs this repair of Word file excellently. Software is embedded with algorithm and coding which perform almost perfect restoration of Word file. Software is proven compatible in most of the versions of Microsoft Office, both older and newer in nature. This is smart and hardly takes few minutes of user’s time to fix damaged Word file. Once file is mended, it can be saved anywhere in computer’s drive or even in external drives. File stored in external drives are also repairable using this top quality software. Microsoft Word application is simple to use; this is essentially due to the graphical user interface used in it. Software is supported in most of the Windows operating system like Windows 7, 8 XP and others.

Any file in computer is same for harmful programs like virus programs. Virus attack is capable of rendering your Word file non-responding and this can be very harmful to your task depended on Word file. No need to worry in such situations because repair is only a few steps away. Apart from this sudden closure of Word application is also a top reason for Word file corruption. This sudden closure can have origins due to human rooted accident or due to artificially natural incidence like power loss. Apart from this while transferring word file from external drive to computer or vice versa, proper care should be administered because loss of file can happen due to such causes. If the files are in transit, then sudden removal of USB drive can lead to corruption of file. For these scenarios, there is some recommended measure. One of these is the usage of antivirus software. This kind of software is highly required in conditions where file download from internet governs the scene. Also, usage of secondary power source in computer is another good way to avoid file corruption due to sudden power shortage. Above all maintenance of data backup in external drives or in different system is the best way to recover damaged files. If user forgets to use above precautionary steps, then do start using Remo Repair Word software.

Best Way to Fix a Corrupted File

Are you denied access to your precious files? Are you in a search of best solution so that you can gain access to the files normally? Thus you are at the right place where you will get the perfect solution for your problem

When the file deny access to the user then assume that the file is corrupted or damaged, however there is no need to worry if you have come across any such scenario. These corrupted files can be normally accessed only when it is fixed or repaired by using a reliable tool. But before knowing much about the software you can know what might be the reasons behind the file corruption.

  • One of the major reason which is very common and most prevalent is the virus infection, virus infection can cause huge damage to the file in such a way that it will become inaccessible for the user
  • File header stores the necessary information regarding the file and this info is required by the operating system in order to open it when the user intimates it, thus if the file header is damaged then the file become corrupted
  • Other means for corruption of file is caused by incomplete file transfer or download, abrupt termination of file when it is in use, improper usage of the file and many more

These are some of the common type of file corruption however you can make use of a good file fixer to repair the corrupt files in order to use it once again. There can be many types of files which can get corrupted for example assume that a Word file is corrupted then you can make use of reliable tool called “Remo Repair Word” which can effectively repair all the issues related to Word file. Similarly, if other files like PowerPoint, Zip files, RAR files, MOV files, AVI files etc. are corrupted then you can make use of different repair product of “Remo Repair” which are considered as best .

Common features of Remo Repair tool

  • It provides you with easy to understand graphical user interface, by this simple interface you can effortlessly repair all you files very easily. In addition this program makes both novice and professional user to use the program without any difficulty
  • This software is a read only tool i.e. it does not damage the original content of the file while repairing it, by this feature your original file will remain intact and no further modification or damage is caused
  • If you find any inconvenience in using the utility then you can take assistance from our technical professionals who are available to you 24 / 7
  • Allows you to preview the data after successful repair process, by this a user can have a look on the repaired data before even purchasing the application
  • There is no kind of malicious program or virus influence in this software, in addition this consumes very less space in your computer hard drive for getting installed which is likely 50MB
  • Supports repair process in major operating system of both Windows and Mac based computer


  • Do not access the files in a virus infected computer, or else your file may get corrupted
  • Make use of reliable anti-virus program which can prevent virus from affecting the file
  • Abrupt system shutdown during the use of file can damage the file, so make use of a power backup such as UPS which can prevent abrupt shutdown
  • Avoid downloading attachments or the document files from an untrusted files, because this files can damage the other files with in your computer

Specialized Software to Repair Unplayable MOV File

MOV is a multimedia file format developed by Apple Inc. for QuickTime media players. This media player supports movie or video files of .mov file extension. It supports only Mac operating System but with the increase in its popularity and wide usage it is then redesigned to be well-matched with Windows OS to help Windows PC users. Now, users started to use it in many cameras and camcorders to save both audio and videos in .mov format. Sometimes, users come across with situations where MOV file refuses to play due to corruption. This type of situation can happen at any instant of time.

It is not possible to estimate exact reasons behind MOV file corruption but it is very easy to assume some key reasons for unplayable MOV file. In such case, users try to get backup of that file or else the situation becomes even serious. If the necessary backup does not available means just Google out for user-friendly software to fix damaged MOV file. However, there are many tools available for repairing MOV file but not all are trusted. The selection of right tool among those is the headache for users. To overcome such kind of confusion, expert professionals have introduced the perfect software called Remo Repair MOV. It is best tool to repair broken MOV file corrupted due to improper compression, external threats, partial file transfer process, etc.

Scenarios end up with unplayable MOV file:

  • MOV file header corruption:  Header is said to be location in MOV file, which contains all the information associated with MOV file such as file size, time and date of file modification, date of file creation, etc. Thus, if any information from the MOV file header goes missing, then that file would go unidentified by any media player and becomes unplayable.
  • Improper downloading: The MOV file might get corrupt while downloading it from internet. This incidence happens due to the interruptions like network connection failure, sudden power surge, etc. during the download process.
  • Software errors: MOV file gets corrupted when user tries to play it using incompatible Codec or QuickTime player crash while playing the MOV file can result in its corruption.

Whatever might be scenarios behind MOV file corruption, employ this optimum tool to repair MOV file issues and makes it playable in couple of minutes. It works fine while fixing the broken MOV file, it first separates both the video and audio data stream, fixes them and adjoins them to make a relevant playable MOV file with ease. It not only repairs MOV file further it is capable to fix broken MP4 and AVI file playable on QuickTime player with ease. Employ this read-only utility to extract contents from the damaged MOV, fixes and saves it on a healthy MOV file without hampering the source MOV file.

It offers easy user interface to make sure smooth file repair process for both home and professional users. It is included with special feature to repair large sized MOV files which are corrupted due to faulty firmware. Its inbuilt preview option helps users to preview repaired MOV files before saving the end result that assists users to estimate its efficiency. Camcorders like Kodak, Replay, Sanyo, Contour, and Fujifilm are supported by this ideal tool. Both video and audio file codec’s like avc1, mp4v, mjpeg, sowt, RAW, mp4a, etc. are supported by this software.

Points to remember:

  • Never download MOV files from insecure network
  • Avoid using unreliable apps to play MOV files
  • Never close media player in a inappropriate way
  • Always keep media players updated
  • Do not attempt to play files which are stored in USB devices.

Tool to Repair Damaged Files

Recently, I zipped many office documents using WinRar application since I have not had enough storage size to save in my pen drive. After few days, connected pen drive t to system to attempt to unzip the zipped files but threw an error. Now I am afraid of losing those file. Please could anyone help me out to recover them?

Do not worry; you can easily fix this issue with the of Remo Repair application. Usually this application before fixing the zip file, takes duplicate file of it, and starts scanning and displays all found files inside it. Later, this application performs repairing process efficiently. Finally, allows user to store those fixed files in their storage disk.

Learn various reasons behind file corruption

Virus attacks: Virus threats are major reasons behind the file damage or corruption. Usually, when these virus and other malware attacks enter the storage device, starts corrupting files stored in it. After increase of file severity, they become inaccessible. Finally, end up file loss.

 File header corruption: A file header stores a file’s associated information such as file type, creation date, modified date, size, etc. All these information is needed to access a particular file. Suppose if file header has corrupted then you are unable to access files properly.

CRC error:  When there is mismatch with content in received comparing to original file then you will get a CRC error. Usually, this kind of issues rises when you share file in email.

Above said reasons are behind the corruption of any files. Suppose if your files also got corrupted due to any of above said reasons then no need to worry; because Remo Repair application has capable to repair damaged files in a safe and secure way.

Remo Repair application comprises many applications. Each application performs different task.

  • Remo Repair Word fixes .doc and .docx files
  • Remo Repair PowerPoint fixes corrupted, broken and  damaged .ppt, .pps and .pptx files
  • Remo Repair Outlook PST fixes .pst and .ost files
  • Remo Repair ZIP fixes .zip and .zipx files after encountering CRC errors
  • Remo Repair RAR fixes damaged .rar files
  • Remo Repair MOV repairs .mov and .mp4 video files when attacked by virus threats
  • Remo Repair AVI fixes corrupt, damaged and inaccessible .avi, .xvid and .divx video files
  • Remo Repair PSD repairs corrupt PSD and PDD Photoshop image files.

Advice: Suppose when you come to know that file has been corrupting then immediately stop accesing or attempting to open that file. Because, there are chance of losing file permanently and get a assistance from third party repair application to recover them..

More about Remo Repair application

  • Performs safe and secure file repair process
  • Do not damage your files
  • More user friendly application
  • Provides free demo version to check its efficiency in repairing process
  • Assists the user who finds difficulty to perform repair successfully
  • Supports various file system

Guideline to use Remo Repair application

  • Download application and install successfully on your system
  • Start the application and choose a file which you wants to repair it
  • Click on Repair option and wait for some moment until repair process completes
  • Save the file to your disk


  • Scan your storage device with updated antivirus application
  • Do not share infected data from others
  • Keep backup of essential files in cloud storage
  • Use high bandwidth to share files via internet and do not interrupt the process until it finishes