Leading Application to Extract Data from Corrupted RAR File

Roshal Archive is abbreviated as RAR and is mainly used for compressing and reducing files size. Sometimes, you have to send large sized files like videos, projects and documents over network. In such stage, it is necessary to compress large sized files into RAR archive to reduce their size. But, as a result of complex nature of RAR there is a possibility of its corruption. Therefore, you need to be careful while dealing with RAR archive. In case, you don’t know how to manage RAR file corruption issues and seeking for a help to repair and extract data from broken RAR file then you are at right location.

Once RAR file gets damaged, it pushes you in an intolerable situation. During this case, you may start worrying how to extract data from corrupted RAR file and search for a tool on internet to execute this task. Your worries begins rise when you fail to get good tool over internet. In such severe condition, it is necessary to make use of a Remo Repair RAR tool to extract data from corrupted RAR file. Therefore, professional experts rated it as world’s finest utility to fix broken RAR files on Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 7, 8 Windows 2003 server and Windows 2008 server. It is completely protective and secure to do repair of RAR archive stored on external hard disk, memory cards, flash drives, etc. Furthermore, it fixes password protected RAR file at your fingertips.

Few causes accountable for RAR file corruption:

  • CRC errors: You might encounter CRC error if your CRC data of downloaded file will not match original value. In this case, when you attempt to open RAR file, it pops up an error message saying “bad CRC”.
  • Inappropriate downloading: This kind of prevalence occurs as a result of interruptions like sudden power failure, slow internet connection, etc. while downloading RAR file from internet. Hence, you will receive error messages when you try to open RAR file.
  • RAR file header corruption: As a result copying a RAR file from infected storage device to PC there is a possibility of RAR file header corruption. Since RAR file header preserves info regarding file name, type and size its corruption result in severe situation.

Excluding these reasons, few more factors including third party tools, alterations in file extension, inappropriate RAR file compression, application failure, etc. may result in RAR file corruption. This integrated software is worthy in all these instances. It will extract data from damaged RAR file and even supports repair of Zip file. It will not demand for any professional knowledge, so even a novice user can operate it to repair broken RAR archive. RAR files with size of 4 GB or even more is repaired by means of this natively designed software. It is entrenched with fully automated process, so it will fix broken RAR file without make any changes to original file. It scans corrupted RAR file to extract and repair RAR file created on various versions of WinRAR like 4.00, 3.90, 3.80, 3.70, 3.50, 2.90, etc.

 Helpful tips:

Don’t use unreliable third party tool for unzipping RAR file

Before downloading RAR file first of all check the internet connection