Software to Restore Excel files from Formatted Disk

Have you thought of changing the file extension of your existing excel file and saved it to another system since you have formatted your hard disk? Are you unable to open your excel file which is holding important information related to your workplace?  As your excel file It is indeed true that with the help of this software you can easily manage your work reports, bank statements, sales and purchases etc.

However, there are instances where you may come across data loss situation wherein you may lose / delete your Excel sheet for any cause. Unfortunately you failed to maintain backup copy of those missing Excel files. Well, under such circumstances, you should go for Remo Recover software that provides solution for recovering your lost or deleted Excel files on Windows as well as Mac platform with ease.


  • Maintain a copy of important excel files in any backup devices
  • Make sure that you have installed updated antivirus software on your system
  • Avoid using unreliable third party applications for recovering excel files from formatted disk

How Remo Recover helps in recovering Excel Files from Formatted Disk

Remo Disk Recovery software performs quick recovery to restore excel files from formatted disk in a secure manner. This tool works on read only mode and recovers excel file without altering the contents from it. Besides, it is used for restoring data from corrupted, damaged, reformatted, as well as inaccessible drive with ease.

Furthermore, the software is capable of searching the files present in the recovered list with the help of Find Tool. After completion of recovery process, it recognizes and preserves the file names.

This software not only helps in recovering excel files but also performs easy restoration of photos, text documents, music files, videos, documents, PDFs along with 300+ different types and formats.  Thereafter storing all the recovered data on your hard drive and you can make use of other storage devices such as thumb drive, iPods, memory cards, digital cameras and USB drives.

It has the ability to identify and recover various file types on the basis of unique signatures. There is a provision of sorting the recovered data on the basis of name, size, date and file type, date of creation, date of modification and many more.

Later it also provides the technique to add / edit signatures for files that are not listed. Thereafter you can view your recovered files prior to data restoration with the help of Mac finder styled interface.

Other Features of Remo Recover

Minimum Disk Utilization: When you need to install this software you require minimum disk space of 50 MB of free space torecover excel files from formatted disk

Save Recovery Session: The Save Recovery Session helps you to save the re-scanning time of your entire drive after purchasing of the software

Interactive interface: It facilitates simple interface along with step by step guidance for installation as well as utilization of the software

Technical Support: If customers are having queries related to software and its usage, then it is handled round the clock

What are the causes of data loss?

File System Corruption: File system comprises of important information and maintains data in an organized way. Whenever your file system gets corrupted due to logical errors, then disk becomes inaccessible.

Bad Sectors: Another common reason responsible for making your external hard drive inaccessible is due to bad sectors. If there are numerous bad sectors present on your external hard drive then it won’t be detected which causes data loss

Abruptly System Shutdown: While working with your external hard drive it may happen that sometimes the system / laptop shut down unexpectedly. This can cause damage to the data present in your external hard drive

Human Mistakes: It may happen that accidentally you format your drive. Later, you realize that you have formatted your external drive which was consisting of all your important files