How can I remove my Account’s Password on Windows 10?

Security of your system is of utmost importance when it comes to data protection. However, today, even this has become a tedious task for us. Since many accounts and programs request passwords, the user is often burdened to remember all those passwords. In addition, if you are the only user of a particular system, you might wonder if having too many passwords is really necessary. Removing the password can save you the trouble of struggling to remember them and get to work with ease.

Apart from the local account, you have on your system; or the user account, you may have a Microsoft account. The difference between the two is that through the local user account, you can use your system and through the Microsoft account, you can access through to Skype, OneDrive, Windows Phone and other apps in association with Microsoft.

If you sign-in through your Microsoft account, you cannot remove its password. You must access the system using your local account to remove its password. To do so, you should either convert the Microsoft account into a local one or just create a new one of the same. The Microsoft account’s password is not tampered with and you can still log into your system. Follow these simple steps to do that:

  • Press Win + R keys to open the Run window and type in Netplwiz
  • Click on your account name and uncheck it
  • You will be requested to type in a username and a password
  • If you prefer using an alternative to the password, you can set a PIN instead


How to remove my User Account’s Password?

  • Click on Start and go to Settings
  • Choose Accounts and click on Sign–in options located on the left side
  • Under Password, click on the Change button
  • Enter your current password and click on Finish
  • Do not type in many details in the new passwords blank spaces


Now your password has been removed from your system, successfully. You can sign-in anytime without having to provide a password for access. Nevertheless, here is a word of caution: make sure that nobody knows that your password is removed, to prevent unnecessary access. If you want to encrypt your system with a password again, follow the same path but enter in a password in the space given. It is recommended, that you change your passwords regularly to keep it in circulation.