Awesome Software to Recover Data after Reinstalling Mac

Reinstalled your Mac computer and now feeling guilty?

There are various Mac OS available in internet market today. So, if someone wants to upgrade the older version to the latest version. Then, what’s wrong in that? Any unknowledgeable computer can say that it will be no harmful but in reality it can be harmful too. This is essentially because prior to upgrading OS, one would like to reinstall the OS in order to make the hard disk freshen up to make smooth installation of new OS. This is the basic reason behind reinstallation of Mac OS. There is no problem with reinstallation unless and until you have maintained backup of data from Mac computer to another or in external storage device. If no backup of data is maintained user may feel horrifies of losing data and will have guilt feeling of his/her mistakes.

Stop worrying for what had happened because recovery of lost data out of reinstallation in Mac computer is possible using third party application. One of the prominent third party applications is Remo Recover. This software performs perfect recovery of lost files due to reinstallation. This software supports various data loss scenarios:

Various data loss scenarios:

Sometimes a fast Mac computer can also turn out to be slow. In such situation user may try different solutions. One of the most common one is to reinstall the OS. Most of the times this option of making Mac computer fasts works and even if doesn’t work out there is no loss to the user. Loss of data happens only when user forgets to take back up of data. Although Mac computers are virus free but some programs which are equivalent to a virus can result in slowdown of computer and can tend the user to reinstall the OS. Again prior to reinstallation, if user forgets to take back up of data, then it will result in data loss.

Various scenarios supported by Remo Recover are mentioned and some of its most wanted features are:

Features every third party application crave for:

Remo Recover is capable of recovering lost data of various file forms like documents, audios, photo etc. Recovered data can also be sorted out on the basis of file types, file name or file size. Remo Recover also supports various Mac products like Mac iPad, iPhone or iPod. The recovery of data after reinstallation of Mac hardly takes few minutes even if there is completely filled hard disk data is lost due to reinstallation. This software supports all major versions of Mac computers few of which are Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard. It also provides the user a very flexible feature to save the recovery session required by multi-tasking users.

Steps to recover:

  • Get Remo Recover in your Mac computer and launch it.
  • Select “Data Recovery” and then select “Lost Data Recovery”
  • Select the drive from which data got lost (if any one in particular) and initiate the recovery process.
  • Once process gets over, save the recovered files in destined location.