Acclaimed Software to Repair Unplayable AVI File

AVI stands for audio video interleave and it is a well-known video format introduced to play video clips in many media players. It is considered as standard for many audio and video apps which are used online. This file provides best option for users to edit or compress and is used to generate playable DVD’s. But the main problem of this file format is, it gets corrupted at anytime. There are several reasons responsible for AVI file corruption due to which it refuses to play and users may come across with problems like sound but no picture or picture but no sound or pictures freezes but sound goes on continue, etc.

In above mentioned situation every user gets upset and avoids trying to play that file repeatedly rather than keeping that file idle. Thus, file gets severely corrupted and ends up with permanent loss. In the event, if you are a such user and experiencing this drastic scenario then a question may arise in your mind that how to repair this file and is it possible to make that file as playable. No need to get upset, for this question, there is only a simple solution is usage of Remo Repair AVI software. With the aid of this result-oriented software, you can repair AVI file not playing on media players like VLC and QuickTime.

Situations in which your AVI file fails to play on media players:

  • Abrupt PC turnoff: Sometimes, while playing AVI video file on any media player your system hangs and it will not take the shutdown command. In such case, without having any option you have to shut down the system forcefully. This kind of abrupt PC turnoff can ends up with unplayable AVI file.
  • Header file corruption:  Incorrect termination of your computer while AVI codec is in active mode can result in AVI file corruption. Thus, it becomes unplayable.
  • Codec issues: Codec are algorithms of file compression and decompression, which can make AVI file playable on media players. If it is not handled properly, then it affects the codec and file gets corrupted.
  • Virus attack: Downloading the AVI video file from insecure website can ends up with its corruption. The virus can severely corrupts that file due to which pictures gets pixilated.

You can avoid above said situations if you follow some measures like stop playing your AVI video on incompatible media players, avoiding removal of external storage device when a AVI video transfer is in progress and scanning your system on regular basis using updated antivirus tool to prevent virus attack. However, if you face any of mentioned AVI video corruption issues, then immediately employ this highly praised utility to large sized AVI files. It is an easy to use GUI which can be employed by anyone to fix AVI, DivX and XViD created by mobile phones and other digital devices. This economic tool can fix audio and video streams separately and then integrates them to generate an error free healthy pertinent file.

Corrupted AVI video from storage devices like hard drives, memory cards, external hard disks, iPods USB drives, etc. are repaired by this top rated software. Later, you can view playable AVI video on renowned camcorders such as Sony, Contour, Sanyo, GoPro, RePlay, etc. It is a read-only product because it never alters source code of .avi throughout the repair process. In addition, you can click on “Preview” option to check out its performance prior to actual repair process. It is totally a cost free demo edition, which is obtainable to satisfy the users before they purchase. As it does not need more memory space to install so, you can use it on all editions of Windows and Mac.