Exhilarating Tool to Fix 16 Bit PSD Files

Adobe Photoshop is the powerful tool for creating or editing photos in the field of cinematography. It offers commanding apps to edit images, which can help users to make graceful images. PSD is the Photoshop document file, which is created and modified using Adobe Photoshop application and is developed by Adobe systems. Many people are familiar with .psd and .pdd Photoshop file extensions. The maximum size of PSD files are 30,000×30,000 pixels and can be saved with 16 bits per color channel. These files when saved on computer are always resulting in reasons like PSD file corruption and display error message like “Cannot handle 16 bits per channel PSD files”, “Could not complete your request because the file is incompatible with this version of Photoshop”. If such situation happens with you means definitely it hurts a lot.

Nowadays, worrying about PSD file corruption is wastage of time because there are many tools have been developed in the market place to corrupted PSD files. Among those files, Remo Repair PSD tool is suggested by various expert professionals and is the first choice of global users. It can perform 16 bit PSD file repair with all its layers safely together without any problems. There are various PSD file corruption issues due to which users feel incapable to open 16 bit PSD files are listed below:

Virus infection: PSD files get infected by viruses if you have visited to third party sites like download programs and so on. As a result of this reason, 16 bit PSD files header gets corrupted and files become inaccessible.

Interrupted downloading: Interruption like abrupt system shutdown while downloading 16 bit PSD files from internet can result in PSD files corruption. In such case, if you try to access such files, you will get error messages.

Faulty application: If the application is faulty and gets crashed while editing 16 bit PSD file or improper installation of the application can severely damage the PSD file. This in turn makes PSD file unreadable.

While editing 16 bit PSD file on various versions of Photoshop would sometimes generate end of file errors.

Other scenarios like improper usage of the Adobe Photoshop, disk error, system crash, unauthorized antivirus edition, power failure while saving PSD file, etc. can result in 16 bit PSD files corruption.

Whatever might be reasons behind 16 bit PSD files corruption, you can easily fix those files with the assistance of this tool on Windows and Mac computers. This result oriented utility can also repair 1, 8 and 32 bit PSD files without any doubt. It can help you to repair Photoshop image, which has been damaged while using the RLE compression technique. It is embedded with layered repair procedure where it first separates each of the layers of 16 bit PSD file, diagnoses the errors and repairs them one by one. Later on, all the layers will be adjoined to create a healthy PSD file.

It is compatible with Adobe Photoshop versions like Adobe Photoshop 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS7. Even it is suited with several color modes like Indexed color, bitmap, gray scale, CMYK color, RGB color, multi-channel color, duotone, lab color, etc. It will retain other configuration settings after repairing the file. It can fix PSD and PDD files and allows you to preview them soon after repair process. It is the one stop solution to fix errors and opens the unreadable 16 bit PSD files in less period of time.

Precautionary steps:

Never try to edit a PSD file in virus infected Photoshop application

Avoid storage of Photoshop file in any virus attacked storage device

Before closing your system turn off all open files and apps and regularly update Photoshop

Powerful Software to Repair ZIP File Not Opening

Need to decompress a single Zip file; is there any possible way to repair it?

Nowadays, everyone would have seen Zip files at least for once in his/her computer. Zip files are compressed files which after decompression reveal the content of the file. Normally the file size is reduced during compression process. Consider what I had experience and why Zip file was not opening in my case? I downloaded Zip files via internet and tried to decompress it .But it was not at all opening. When asked the same problem to my friend. He said that it happened due to slow internet connection. While downloading Zip files over slow internet connection some key files would have missed which made it impossible to unlock it. Such a case of Zip file not getting opened is not at all desirable should be coped up using third party application. Choose good software to repair your Zip files.

Choosing good software:

While choosing impressively good software can sometimes be difficult for the user. So, those who feel difficulty in choosing should consider product user feedback parameters. The feedback is usually understood from the user’s rating and comment given by the product user itself. Remo Repair Zip is one such software of incredible caliber.

Trusted features:

Remo Repair Zip is software whose features are trusted by its users. This software is capable of repairing unable to repair Zip file out of various known scenarios like CRC error, corruption etc. This software helps in extracting file without even damaging the original content of the file. Zip file repairing using Remo Repair Zip is compatible with most of the versions of Windows 2003, XP, 7, 8 and others. Graphical user interface used in this software is quite user friendly for the beginner user s making then understand the recovery process in first hand. Zip files in all forms like audio, video, photo; document and application are recoverable using this software. All other versions of Zip file compatible with this software. Moreover, repaired Zip files can be password locked using this software, hence providing security.

Repairing cases:

Zip file can get corrupted due to various reasons. Suppose while compression or decompression process, user accidentally stops the process. This situation will be the key reason for file getting corrupted and will require repairing using Remo Repair Zip. Potentially dangerous programs called virus can also lead to file getting corrupted. If it happens with your files, then repairing is a must. Using applications which are unreliable in nature to operate Zip file can also lead to file corruption. Moreover, sudden power failure during usage of Zip file is also a major reason for Zip file getting corrupted.

Steps to open Zip file:

  • Install Remo Repair Zip in your computer.
  • Select a particular drive and browse for Zip file which got corrupted.
  • Once you find the file, initiate the repairing process and wait for few seconds.
  • After repairing save the file in appropriate location.

Undisputed Software to Fix Damaged Zip File

I received few Zipped files, but they are not decompressing. What is the problem?

Such problems can bring severe dissatisfaction with the application which is used to zip the file. But no need to blame the zip application because it might happen due to other possible reasons too. Let’s see the other possible reasons. Flawless internet connection is very required to perform complete transfer or receiving of files over the internet. Suppose, user is not using having a fast internet connection and the zipped file content is large which requires few mega bytes. If internally the original content is transferred but still some decompressing codes are remaining, then it can bring severe problem to the user. Because even if the sent and received zip file size matches file will not be decompressed, which will lead to more data loss and wastage of resources? Other popular reasons are explained next.

File damage:

As every computer works on power and UPS is used along with computer to have uninterrupted power supply in times of power loss. So, if user is not using such a device along with computer and power loss happens, then it can bring problems like file corruption. At that juncture, if user was using utilizing Zip file, then there are very much chances that such files will get corrupted. Moreover, if user is using untrustworthy application to compress file, then it is the direct cause of file getting corrupted. Even sudden closing of zip application can also lead to zip file damage. Other popular issues are virus attack. Virus spares no file in computer. Programs like Trojan is capable of damaging the most secure files, here zip file is no a special case.

Positive solution:

Once zip file gets corrupted, then the next thing which is required is to cope up with the issue. User would have made heavy search in internet, but still unable to get out of the damage scene. If you are the victim of such file damage issues, then its time to adopt positive solution like Remo Repair Zip which happens to be top class software for repairing file.

Highly rated features:

Remo Repair Zip is capable of fixing damaged zip files in corruption free manner. No matter how large is the zip file, repairing is always perfect; thanks to the efficient coding used in the software. Zip files of various natures are repairable using this software. It is compatible with most of the versions of Windows operating system like Windows 8, 7, XP and others. Almost all types of files with zip and zipx format are compatible with this software. Few of the features like file choosing option allows user to have a glimpse of file even prior to recovery. Use can save recovered file in any location as specified by the users themselves. Graphical user interface helps beginner user to accommodate with the early difficulty to learn the repairing method in a quick manner. Save recover session is better feature for busy users to want pause while repairing and then gain resume the session.


RAW partition is one of the most dreadful cases which any user can face for USB. To cope up with such situations do you know any method?

Drives in computer are partitioned for the efficient management of data in computer. All the partition created in computer is for useful purpose, but RAW partition in USB happens to be the most unwanted partition. This partition is created when it gets corrupted and it simply indicates that the file system is corrupted. So, how does it happen? It is mostly due to sudden collapse of file system in computer. This problem can bring severe problem to other files stored in USB drive too. The message which is shown in computer is practically related to losing files. The most common message indicates about formatting of USB. If user thinks that it can be helpful, then do remember that it can bring additional problems too. One of the most common problems which any user faces is losing all files from USB. There can be important files stored in computer too which can sometimes sound critical because losing important files is never in any one’s favor. To get out of such a mess use outstanding software like Remo Recover, this software is blessed with features which are desirable and worth to be part of on your desktop.

Trustworthy features:

Remo Recover has features which are direct synchronization to recover USB RAW partition. For a USB there are different partitions and all of those are recoverable using this software. USB of all popular brands are recoverable using this software, some of the brands are Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba from which recovery is possible using this software. Features like file preview and other options are very much helpful for those users who need individual recovery of RAW partition files. This software is compatible with most of the versions of Windows computer like Windows XP, 2003, 2010 and others. Save recovery session is way too helpful for those users who are want to pause the recovery session for a while and perform other important activity and later resume the recovery session.

RAW partition cases:

This type of partition can happen due to virus attack too. Virus attack happens due to downloading files attached with corrupt programs which trigger RAW partition creation. Another reason is connecting USB to computer which is already infested with virus. To avoid virus menace user should install antivirus software. Antivirus software removes virus infested programs from computer during the periodic scanning routine. This routine can be set by user for daily, weekly or even monthly basis.

Important measure:

USB data which seems to be important to the user should be kept as backup in external drives like memory card, pen drive and even in computer free of computer virus.

Steps to recover partition:

  • Download, install and start Remo Recover.
  • Choose “Recover Partitions/Drives” and choose “Partition Recovery”.
  • Next star recovery session and save recovered data in destined location.

Software for Good Buisness to Backup Outlook 2010 Contacts

Outlook 2010 contacts can get lost at any moment, have you taken proper measures to cope up with such problem?

Outlook contacts are crucial because it is the contacts only to which we perform email communication. Moreover it is crucial in a client based environment where contacts are the basis of commerce. Now, lets get into the detail of Outlook contact lose scenario. Flawless operating system is very crucial for successful establishment of email conversation. Now suppose user is about to send a large sized file to a contact who is important to the user. Now once send tab is clicked, then the next few seconds is the gap in which PST file in the form of data are transferred from computer in the form of data to the contact. Suppose, suddenly operating system crashes. So, when next time user boots computer and uses computer. He will find large number of things missing from computer applications. In this context it is the Outlook contacts. If such a problem erupts, then there are ways to get back the contacts at immediate effect. At this moment user would be confused that how can contacts be brought back to Outlook profile.

Software called Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate is the magical way to bring back your lost Outlook 2010 contacts back into Outlook profile. This software seeks the backed up content of the software which was done prior to losing Outlook 2010 contacts. This software is a proven software and has served large mass of people to backup Outlook contacts.

Variety of features:

Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate is a very convenient software for all those users who use Outlook profile in different platforms. Apart from backup of contacts migration of PST data is also provided by this software. User can also expect recovery of data from various PST backgrounds like reminder, notes, emails etc. Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate provides backup contacts from Outlook 2010 in an accurate manner. This software supports various versions of Microsoft Outlook some of them are Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 etc. It supports all versions of Windows operating system and thus provides flexibility.

How a contact gets lost?

Microsoft Outlook is the application supporting Outlook contacts. First, improper termination of Outlook application is the major reason for Outlook contacts getting lost. Out of hurry or by mistake, user may abruptly close the application without saving it. Another key reason which erupts us due to deletion, user would like to delete a specific Outlook contact but in reality would have selected a different contact and thus will face the grievances. Virus attack is also the major reason and can be sometimes horrifying for beginner Outlook users.

Key steps to back up contacts:

  • Start Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate in your computer.
  • Select backup option out of the two basic options.
  • Next, select all those important contacts for backup purpose.
  • Initiate the process and once it gets completed, then your contacts will be safe and backed up.

Professional Utility to Fix Word Document Error

Microsoft Word is called powerful text editor which is covered with utmost features. Its user-friendly design makes it popular and is used to save the files in both DOC and DOCX format. Furthermore, it can create documents with texts, font styles, visual effects, images and screen shots. Sometimes, while accessing Word documents many users encounter error messages like “Word cannot read the file, it might be corrupt” or “The document name is invalid” which makes them incapable to access such documents. As a result of this users lose their vital data.

Suppose you are getting error messages after trying to access Word document, then go with the option like “Open and Repair” in MS Word, which can be seen on Open drop-down list located in the bottom right corner. If this option fixes error messages then its fine or else, Open the file with the Text Recovery converter. In case, if it fails then proceed with third party software. The best third party software is Remo Repair Word, which can easily fix Word document error and retrieves lost text and other elements like formatting, OLE Objects, hyperlinks, tables, clip arts, headers, etc.

There are some error messages encountered by users while opening a Microsoft Word document:

  • “Writing to Word document is not possible”
  • “Word document cannot open, user does not have access privileges”
  • “pqr.doc file cannot be read”
  • “Microsoft Word has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for inconvenience, please tell Microsoft about this problem”.

Following scenarios make Word document to show error messages:

  • Virus invasion: Word document gets infected by virus and malware threats due to downloading it from unsecured website. As a result of this your document get corrupt and display error messages.
  • File header corruption: A file header plays an important role in editing or modifying a Word document, which contains file name, file type, date, size, etc. Word document header gets damaged due to abrupt system shutdown while editing or modifying the document. Hence, it displays error messages.
  • Abrupt termination of Word document: Sometimes, you may shutdown the computer while Word document was open. Due to this incidence, it refuses to open and show error messages.
  • Other scenarios like software conflicts, frequently altering file extension, improper file transfer, round tripping, improper downloading, etc. can result in error messages.

In all these cases, try to stop opening a Word document in any MS Word app because there might be possibilities of damaging Word document and you may the document permanently.

You can all types of error messages by making use of this applauded software. Apart from DOC and DOCX, it fixes all kinds of files like PST, ZIP and PPT. Employ it to repair password protected and compacted Word document without causing any damage to the original file. It simply scans and extracts the info from the damaged document, repairs the issues and saves it in a fresh healthy document. It comes with free evaluation copy to test the capacity of the software before purchasing. It is applicable for all versions of documents including Word 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. It repairs and opens any Word document irrespective of the file size. It is enriched with simple GUI, so even novice users can efficiently employ this smart application. With the assistance of this utility, you can fix severely corrupt Word documents on Windows OS of all platforms.

Steps to avoid MS Word document corruption:

  • Continuously update your antivirus tool and scan thoroughly to remove viruses
  • Ensure whether you have closed MS Word app properly before you shutdown the computer
  • To avoid unnecessary modification make important Word documents as “Read-only”.

Strategic Software to Fix Word Cannot Start the Converter MSWRD632.WPC Error

Got stuck with unknown error in Word application? No need to worry because there are options to fix such error.

There are many errors which a user may encounter while using Word application. But, the most annoying of all is “Word Cannot Start the Converter MSWRD632.WPC Error”. This error is most dangerous and can ruin your whole day by simply showing up on screen. User would have taken hours to complete a word document, but the illustration of above error message can waste a lot of user’s time. The first solution which user should consider taking is to unregister the error and edit the registry.

The various steps to unregister from registry are explained below:

  • Start run, type regedit and click OK.
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Text Converters\Import\MSWord6.wpc. This is the register sub key which you need to find and click upon.
  • Click delete in edit menu and click yes.
  • At last exit registry error.

The other way is to use third party application. While choosing software, user should be cautious about untrustworthy third party application coming in their way. By utilizing software like Remo Repair Word, one can avoid possibility of getting hooked to wrong software.

Faithful features:

Remo Repair Word is capable of fixing various errors in Word application in Microsoft Windows operating system. By using this software user can expect to fix word convertor error like MSWRD632 in a real fast manner. This is possible due to the efficient algorithm used in the software. Also this software can fix issues of DOC and DOCX format. Remo Recover has one of the most famous vivid graphical user interface used with respect to third party application standards. By using powerful GUI, beginner users can understand the method to fix the corruption errors within short period of time. This software is compatible with most of the version of Windows computer like Windows 2003, XP, 7 and 8.

Simple steps to fix Word application error:

  • Download, install and start the software in your computer.
  • Browse through various folders for corrupted Word document.
  • Click on “Repair” option to initiate the repairing process.
  • Once it gets completed and fixing is performed. Save the repaired Word file in destined location.

Various reasons which brings Word errors:

MSWRD632 is a famous error which can happen due to various reasons. Consider a user who is interested in downloading word file from internet. He downloads a word file of his requirement from internet. Next, it is the duty of Word application to make to make the content of the application visible to the user. If the content is different from what Microsoft Windows application can identify, it is highly feasible that the application show a error like “Word Cannot Start the Converter MSWRD632”. Another possible reason which results in displaying above message is when user tries to access Word files in incompatible Word application version. Suppose user is using Word 2003 and tries to access Word file from the latest version, then this is the direct reason for error.

Effective Software to Recover Mac HFS+ Volume

Have you sometimes felt that some files in computer have gone missing all of a sudden? If, yes then continue reading. Every computer has file system to manage the files in computer. There are a set of file system allocated to every computer to manage the files stored in it. So, if a particular file system gets lost, then the associated files may also get lost from the computer. Consider case of Mac computer having the exclusive HFS+ file system in it. Suppose user has created a particular volume full of files having file system HFS+ controlling it. Now, if the volume maintaining HFS+ files gets lost, then same is mandatory to the files contained in it. Taking example of the most common scenario by which one may lose the HFS+ volume is formatting. A user would like to format a particular volume in computer. But, may in actual have selected a different volume. This simple scenario may get aggravated if the files in HFS+ volume which got lost are crucial to user; like a seminar presentation in office, researched patented product formula or even personal bank account password. This all details if gets lost from HFS + volume may lead to distress in user. More scenarios are explained further: More scenarios: Another problem which a user may face is while creating new volumes in Mac computer. User would like to delete a particular volume of but while selecting for a volume may tend to accidentally delete a volume which is not intended to be deleted. This act of mistake is case of accidental deletion, leaving the user to repent for the deleted volume. Another case which leads to serious disruption is due to MBR corruption. MBR corruption can some times be a chief cause behind volume getting lost. MBR can get corruption can happen due to the drivers not getting loaded or installed properly for operating system of the computer or due to untrustworthy third party application menace. Moreover, user would like to upgrade the OS in Mac computer; say from Mountain Lion to Snow Leopard. If this is the case, then as we know there are some prerequisites before installing the new OS. One case is to format the hard disk. User would have given order to computer to format the hard disk and also installed the latest OS. But, later may find out that he/she may not at all have kept any active backup of files from different volumes. All these scenarios need practical solution. One such solution is Remo Recover. This software has been a serial winner for being the best software in recovery class for the past two years. This software has got some real mettle to battle the worst Mac HFS+ volume loss scenario. Basic features: • Remo Recover is Mac friendly software supported in almost all the version of Mac operating systems. • This software can recover other Mac volumes too like HFS X, FAT 32 etc. • By using Remo Recover, HFS+ volume recovery turns out to be perfect with respect to contained files and originality of recovered files. • This software provides features like save recovery session or file preview to provide more user convenience while recovering volumes.

Efficient Software to Repair Corrupted DivX Video File

Favorite DivX file is not working as required? The corrupted file is repairable!

This is one of the most common confusion faced by users whose DivX file gets corrupted. Once it gets corrupted it shows it by variety of illustrations. The distorted color blocks for short interval are most common. Another way is only sound track playing while the display not getting visible. These are some common scenarios. But, the scenario which was faced by me was non synchronization between the audio and video of DivX file. It was very annoying and impossible for me to find the reason behind the corruption of DivX file. I took expert help to find the reason behind corruption of the file. Expert checked for the possibility of virus in the computer. He installed the antivirus and using it found that there were ten active threats particularly harmful viruses which were most possibly the reason behind the video file corruption. Soon, it removed the virus and possibility of files; in general, getting corrupted. Along with suggesting the name of the software, he alerted me with top reasons for file getting corrupted.

Top reasons for Div X file getting corrupted:

Every media player does not support every type of video file. So, if user tries to play Div X file in media player which do not support the file, then such an act is the open invitation for the file to get corrupted. Other prominent reason is removing of USB drive all of a sudden while multimedia player is still playing the above mentioned video format files. This can happen when user has stored video file of the format discussed and plays directly from the USB drive without even copying the file to the computer and then playing. Another reason is header file corruption. Header file contains important details like file name, size, type, date of creation etc. All these details are essential and if any particular detail gets intervened by unwanted forces like corruption. Then, this can simply lead to whole DivX file getting corrupted.

The solution to all of these problems is third party software. The name of the software told by the technical expert is Remo Repair AVI. This outstanding software has proved itself in various file corruption scenarios and is trusted software.

Special features:

Remo Repair AVI is capable of repairing various video format files including AVI video files. The main principle behind repairing corrupted DivX file is that audio and video files are repaired separately and then combined together to make the complete file. The repairing process is error free and the repaired file is same as that of the original file, this is mainly due to the smart algorithm used in the software. Remo Repair AVI uses graphical user interface which is at par with best software in computer applications. For large sized DivX file it takes only few minutes of time to repair. Even if repairing takes larger time, one can use option like save recovery session to make a pause to the session and resume after some time. It is compatible with all major versions of Windows OS.

Incredible Software to make Corrupt Photoshop File Open

Looking for a real solution to make your favorite Photoshop file open? Then keep on reading!

A person will desperately look to open a corrupt PSD file, if that file is very important to the user. Now consider what happened to me. I had captured a very beautiful snap of a cloudy mountain sure shot to be part of a nature magazine. Though my manager was satisfied with the capture, so I decided to make some decent edit to it using Adobe Photoshop, I edited the photo in the best possible manner and it turned out to be awesome. But, alas! Photoshop file got corrupted. Can you guess the reason? It was a simple mistake performed by me. I forgot to save the edited file and after some time power failure corrupted the file. This was a real disaster and I required a quick way to recover back the corrupted photo. I was most ascertaining about finding a way to get back my file, soon I started searching. I got the hint that the file need to be repaired using third party application. While reading about the software I came across some of the precautionary measures which were worth following. Some of these are:

Basic precautionary measures:

The first measure which I read was very much related to my case. It said that using secondary power source for computer is very much helpful and it is very advisable one time investment to avoid PSD files from getting corrupted. The next advice was to use antivirus software. Antivirus software is known to remove virus from computer in its periodic scanning for viruses in computer. This periodic operation can also be set by the user in monthly, weekly or bi monthly basis to check on viruses. Next important measure is to check that the network connection is fast before downloading files to have flawless downloading of PSD files. This is mainly because incomplete download leads to corruption of Photoshop file.

Although measures are simple enough, but user may tend to forget it, so using third party application software is the best option left with the user to check on corrupted PSD file. Remo Repair PSD is a kind of software which never leaves user empty handed while repairing PSD file.

Better features:

Remo Repair PSD is capable of repairing files of all possible configuration and dimensions. This software has ability to repair Photoshop file not opening in different color modes like Indexed, CMYK, Gray-Scale, RGB Color etc. This software supports different versions of Adobe Photoshop. Different PSD file forms are repairable using this software like very large sized, compressed or highly corrupted files. Apart from this the graphical user interface sued in this software is simple enough to make event the most basic users understand about the repairing procedure in a grasping manner. By using Remo Repair PSD one even gets the option to make preview of files prior to repairing. This software is compatible with all the versions of Windows OS.

Acclaimed Software to Repair Unplayable AVI File

AVI stands for audio video interleave and it is a well-known video format introduced to play video clips in many media players. It is considered as standard for many audio and video apps which are used online. This file provides best option for users to edit or compress and is used to generate playable DVD’s. But the main problem of this file format is, it gets corrupted at anytime. There are several reasons responsible for AVI file corruption due to which it refuses to play and users may come across with problems like sound but no picture or picture but no sound or pictures freezes but sound goes on continue, etc.

In above mentioned situation every user gets upset and avoids trying to play that file repeatedly rather than keeping that file idle. Thus, file gets severely corrupted and ends up with permanent loss. In the event, if you are a such user and experiencing this drastic scenario then a question may arise in your mind that how to repair this file and is it possible to make that file as playable. No need to get upset, for this question, there is only a simple solution is usage of Remo Repair AVI software. With the aid of this result-oriented software, you can repair AVI file not playing on media players like VLC and QuickTime.

Situations in which your AVI file fails to play on media players:

  • Abrupt PC turnoff: Sometimes, while playing AVI video file on any media player your system hangs and it will not take the shutdown command. In such case, without having any option you have to shut down the system forcefully. This kind of abrupt PC turnoff can ends up with unplayable AVI file.
  • Header file corruption:  Incorrect termination of your computer while AVI codec is in active mode can result in AVI file corruption. Thus, it becomes unplayable.
  • Codec issues: Codec are algorithms of file compression and decompression, which can make AVI file playable on media players. If it is not handled properly, then it affects the codec and file gets corrupted.
  • Virus attack: Downloading the AVI video file from insecure website can ends up with its corruption. The virus can severely corrupts that file due to which pictures gets pixilated.

You can avoid above said situations if you follow some measures like stop playing your AVI video on incompatible media players, avoiding removal of external storage device when a AVI video transfer is in progress and scanning your system on regular basis using updated antivirus tool to prevent virus attack. However, if you face any of mentioned AVI video corruption issues, then immediately employ this highly praised utility to large sized AVI files. It is an easy to use GUI which can be employed by anyone to fix AVI, DivX and XViD created by mobile phones and other digital devices. This economic tool can fix audio and video streams separately and then integrates them to generate an error free healthy pertinent file.

Corrupted AVI video from storage devices like hard drives, memory cards, external hard disks, iPods USB drives, etc. are repaired by this top rated software. Later, you can view playable AVI video on renowned camcorders such as Sony, Contour, Sanyo, GoPro, RePlay, etc. It is a read-only product because it never alters source code of .avi throughout the repair process. In addition, you can click on “Preview” option to check out its performance prior to actual repair process. It is totally a cost free demo edition, which is obtainable to satisfy the users before they purchase. As it does not need more memory space to install so, you can use it on all editions of Windows and Mac.

Awesome Software to Recover Data after Reinstalling Mac

Reinstalled your Mac computer and now feeling guilty?

There are various Mac OS available in internet market today. So, if someone wants to upgrade the older version to the latest version. Then, what’s wrong in that? Any unknowledgeable computer can say that it will be no harmful but in reality it can be harmful too. This is essentially because prior to upgrading OS, one would like to reinstall the OS in order to make the hard disk freshen up to make smooth installation of new OS. This is the basic reason behind reinstallation of Mac OS. There is no problem with reinstallation unless and until you have maintained backup of data from Mac computer to another or in external storage device. If no backup of data is maintained user may feel horrifies of losing data and will have guilt feeling of his/her mistakes.

Stop worrying for what had happened because recovery of lost data out of reinstallation in Mac computer is possible using third party application. One of the prominent third party applications is Remo Recover. This software performs perfect recovery of lost files due to reinstallation. This software supports various data loss scenarios:

Various data loss scenarios:

Sometimes a fast Mac computer can also turn out to be slow. In such situation user may try different solutions. One of the most common one is to reinstall the OS. Most of the times this option of making Mac computer fasts works and even if doesn’t work out there is no loss to the user. Loss of data happens only when user forgets to take back up of data. Although Mac computers are virus free but some programs which are equivalent to a virus can result in slowdown of computer and can tend the user to reinstall the OS. Again prior to reinstallation, if user forgets to take back up of data, then it will result in data loss.

Various scenarios supported by Remo Recover are mentioned and some of its most wanted features are:

Features every third party application crave for:

Remo Recover is capable of recovering lost data of various file forms like documents, audios, photo etc. Recovered data can also be sorted out on the basis of file types, file name or file size. Remo Recover also supports various Mac products like Mac iPad, iPhone or iPod. The recovery of data after reinstallation of Mac hardly takes few minutes even if there is completely filled hard disk data is lost due to reinstallation. This software supports all major versions of Mac computers few of which are Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard. It also provides the user a very flexible feature to save the recovery session required by multi-tasking users.

Steps to recover:

  • Get Remo Recover in your Mac computer and launch it.
  • Select “Data Recovery” and then select “Lost Data Recovery”
  • Select the drive from which data got lost (if any one in particular) and initiate the recovery process.
  • Once process gets over, save the recovered files in destined location.

Specialized Software to Repair Unplayable MOV File

MOV is a multimedia file format developed by Apple Inc. for QuickTime media players. This media player supports movie or video files of .mov file extension. It supports only Mac operating System but with the increase in its popularity and wide usage it is then redesigned to be well-matched with Windows OS to help Windows PC users. Now, users started to use it in many cameras and camcorders to save both audio and videos in .mov format. Sometimes, users come across with situations where MOV file refuses to play due to corruption. This type of situation can happen at any instant of time.

It is not possible to estimate exact reasons behind MOV file corruption but it is very easy to assume some key reasons for unplayable MOV file. In such case, users try to get backup of that file or else the situation becomes even serious. If the necessary backup does not available means just Google out for user-friendly software to fix damaged MOV file. However, there are many tools available for repairing MOV file but not all are trusted. The selection of right tool among those is the headache for users. To overcome such kind of confusion, expert professionals have introduced the perfect software called Remo Repair MOV. It is best tool to repair broken MOV file corrupted due to improper compression, external threats, partial file transfer process, etc.

Scenarios end up with unplayable MOV file:

  • MOV file header corruption:  Header is said to be location in MOV file, which contains all the information associated with MOV file such as file size, time and date of file modification, date of file creation, etc. Thus, if any information from the MOV file header goes missing, then that file would go unidentified by any media player and becomes unplayable.
  • Improper downloading: The MOV file might get corrupt while downloading it from internet. This incidence happens due to the interruptions like network connection failure, sudden power surge, etc. during the download process.
  • Software errors: MOV file gets corrupted when user tries to play it using incompatible Codec or QuickTime player crash while playing the MOV file can result in its corruption.

Whatever might be scenarios behind MOV file corruption, employ this optimum tool to repair MOV file issues and makes it playable in couple of minutes. It works fine while fixing the broken MOV file, it first separates both the video and audio data stream, fixes them and adjoins them to make a relevant playable MOV file with ease. It not only repairs MOV file further it is capable to fix broken MP4 and AVI file playable on QuickTime player with ease. Employ this read-only utility to extract contents from the damaged MOV, fixes and saves it on a healthy MOV file without hampering the source MOV file.

It offers easy user interface to make sure smooth file repair process for both home and professional users. It is included with special feature to repair large sized MOV files which are corrupted due to faulty firmware. Its inbuilt preview option helps users to preview repaired MOV files before saving the end result that assists users to estimate its efficiency. Camcorders like Kodak, Replay, Sanyo, Contour, and Fujifilm are supported by this ideal tool. Both video and audio file codec’s like avc1, mp4v, mjpeg, sowt, RAW, mp4a, etc. are supported by this software.

Points to remember:

  • Never download MOV files from insecure network
  • Avoid using unreliable apps to play MOV files
  • Never close media player in a inappropriate way
  • Always keep media players updated
  • Do not attempt to play files which are stored in USB devices.

Fantastic Software to Fix Corrupt RAR File Header

RAR file not showing up, showing some message corruption in RAR header!

If a RAR header gets corrupted, then the compressed file in it will no longer be accessible. This may turn you off if the files which were kept for decompression in RAR are important and you were just looking to recover it back. RAR files are a great way to compress files and best for sending large sized files. But how file header gets corrupted?

Various reasons:

Header file can get corrupted due to virus attack in computer. One can expect virus getting into the computer from wide variety of sources like virus infected external memory drive connected to computer or via files downloaded from harmful internet sites. Moreover, while downloading if the downloaded RAR file is incompletely downloaded, then this can also result in header corruption. While transferring RAR files if the connection cable is removed, then this can also result in losing file due to header file corruption. Most importantly using non perfect third party application to mend RAR files can also result in damage of header file in RAR. Also, if user is trying to extract files from non corrupted RAR file, then while extracting files if user accidentally switches off the mains power of computer. Eventually this will result in header file getting corrupted. All these scenarios need fixing of RAR header. This can be performed by using appropriate third party application. While choosing a good repair software can be a confusing task and a beginner user will need some proper assistance to choose the right software.

All worries gone!

The chosen software should be such that it makes all worries related to repair of RAR headers go away. Remo Repair RAR is the software which you should look in forward to get your RAR files repaired in a clean manner.

Five star features:

Remo Repair RAR brags various features which no other repair software can provide. This software is capable of fixing corrupt RAR file header even after going through most gruesome damage scenarios. This software is capable of repairing even the most highly secured password protected RAR files. It hardly takes few minutes to repair the most complex RAR headers using this awesome software. Remo Recover supports most of the versions of RAR applications like RAR 2.0, 5.0 etc. This software is compatible with all major versions of Windows computer. GUI used in this software is incredible and understandable due its good visuals and intelligent interfacing techniques.

Steps to repair RAR header:

  • Download, install and initiate this small sized software in your personal computer.
  • Browse and select corrupt RAR files from personal computer.
  • Next, click on “Repair” tab to start the repair process.
  • Make a preview and save the repaired files in desired location.

Important measures:

Always use proper internet connection while downloading RAR files. Good internet connection allows download of fault free RAR files. Use good antivirus software to remove any virus which may in future corrupt the RAR header.

Recover JPG Files Deleted from Your Sandisk Cruzer Mini on Mac

Bought a new SanDisk Cruzer pen drive and photo files got deleted on Mac?

This can be irritating if you are a first time pen drive and don’t have any clue about how to get back the lost file. You may try to forget the crucial photo file like JPG file which got deleted on Mac computer. This act would be completely opposite to what I am going to suggest you right now. But, before the suggestion, consider how JPG file may get deleted on Mac. Suppose user has stored two JPG file in SanDisk Cruzer pen drive. One is important and other is to be deleted after some time. If user wants to delete the unwanted file and actually happens to delete that file which was important to the user using Shift + Delete key combination, then this can make the user repent about what he/she had done. Also, consider if the user wants to transfer files from this pen drive to Mac computer. While transferring if the user abruptly removes the pen drive, this can possibly be a case of deletion and may delete all those files which got deleted. Some useful actions are mentioned below:

What can a user do?

Best action in this regard would be to save important JPG files in external storage device like hard drive, memory card or even in computer. So, once important JPG files get deleted, user can always seek these devices to get back the deleted files. Second, important action is to follow proper ejection procedure while every time removing the pen drives from Mac computer. User sometime may just forget to follow these simple scenarios, if this happens to you too, then it is always advisable to go for recovery software.

Way to recovery!

Recovery software is the way to get back your crucial photos soon after deletion. In internet market you may confront variety of recovery software, but the one which is most popular and best in performance is Remo Recover. This software has huge number of downloads and likes given by its very own users.

Features which every user look forward to:

Remo Recover performs recovery of deleted jpg files from sandisk cruzer mini on mac using the efficient coding and strong algorithm which leaves no doubt for purity of the recovered content. Various kind of file can be recovered using this software. Photos, audios, videos, document etc. are recoverable using this software in a short duration of time. Even different photo files like GIP, PNG etc. can be retrieved using this software. Remo Recover provides user to save the recovered file in any destination location immediately after recovery. The graphical user interface used is very much conceptualized to make the unfamiliar users get familiarized in a quick manner. All possible standardized brands of pen drive are recoverable using this software. Mac OS like Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard are very much compatible with this incredible software.